Antibiotics affects on spinal discs

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Research Study

Antibiotic affects on Discs


“Effects of very high antibiotic concentrations on human intervertebral disc cell proliferation, viability, and metabolism in vitro.”

A study was carried out analysing the effect of antibiotics on spinal intervertebral discs. According to this report published in the respected journal Spine in 2000 antibiotic drugs may affect intervertebral disc health


From the authors: “These findings show that high doses of antibiotics can have direct, deleterious effects on cultured disc cell survival, cell proliferation and metabolic rates”.

Hoelscher GL, Gruber HE, Coldham G, Grigsby JH, Hanley EN Jr. Spine. 2000; 25(15):1871-7.

    This study demonstrates how antibiotic use may affect the health of spinal discs.

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