Study: Chronic headaches in young people

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Research Study

Drug Rebound Headache


“Successful withdrawal from analgesic abuse in a group of youngsters with chronic daily headache.”

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The study looked at 26 adolescents with chronic headache. Those who reported headaches 25 days out of each month also reported taking aspirin, acetaminophen or codeine on a daily or near daily basis (average of 28 pills each week).


When these youths stopped taking their ‘medication’, their headache frequency dropped to fewer than 3 days per month.

Hering-Hanit R, Cohen A, Horev Z. J Child Neurol. 2001;16(6):448-9.

    This research supports what doctors of chiropractic have long suspected: pain medication often does more harm then good. 

Chiropractic… the natural drug free alternative.

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