Spinal Conditions in children

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Research Study

Spinal Conditions in Children


“Are radiographic changes in the thoracic and lumbar spine of adolescent’s risk factors for low back pain in adults. A 25-year prospective cohort study of 640 school children”.


This is the study of 640 fourteen year old children who were followed from 1965 through until 1990.

The study was performed with the purpose of determining risk factors for the development of low back pain in adulthood.


Low back pain which occurred during the growth period of the adolescent as well as a family history were both associated with an increased risk.

The presence of radiographic abnormalities was associated with an increased incidence of back pain in adulthood.

(Interestingly, the investigators did find an increased incidence of mental problems such as fear or depression in the group of patients with radiographic changes in the T11-L2 area).

Spine. 1995;20:2,298-302

    This research study found that the risk factors for the development of low back pain for adults included low back pain during the growth period, as well as changes on x-rays of that adolescent.

Surely further evidence of the importance of an early chiropractic check up for children.

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