Sore throat and penicillin research


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Research Study

Sore Throats and Penicillin


“Penicillin for acute sore throat in children: randomised, double blind trial.”

According to a study in the British Medical Journal 2003, prescribing penicillin for children with throat infections will rarely help relieve the child’s symptoms and it can put the children at risk of serious side effects and may cause an increase in antibiotic resistance.

Dutch researchers identified 156 children aged from four to fifteen who visited their family doctor with a severe sore throat. The children were randomly assigned to one of three groups:

Penicillin for seven days,

Penicillin for three days followed by placebo for four days, or

Placebo for seven days.


Penicillin did not reduce the duration of symptoms, nor did it affect school attendance or recurrences of sore throat.

The authors recommended that medical doctors should use penicillin to treat children with an acute sore throat only when they are severely ill or are at high risk of developing serious complications.

Dr. Sjoerd Zwart, et. al., BMJ, December 6, 2003

    This study clearly demonstrates that penicillin for an acute sore throat DOES NOT WORK.

 It also highlights the potential risks associated with this drug.

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