GlaxoSmithKlein Removes Cervarix HPV Vaccine From American Market and CDC Lowers Gardasil from 3 To 2 Doses

Translated from Dutch:

The HPV vaccine designed to protect women against cervical cancer, appears to be a fiasco.Because of declining revenues has drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has decided to pick up the US market Cervarix. And the government organization Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US RIVM), the vaccination program only remaining HPV vaccine Gardasil (Merck), reduced from three to two vaccinations.
Last August, GSK his last match turned out the door. The English company announced the recall of the vaccine from the market because of the “very low demand. The vaccine had only raised almost € 4 million in 2015 in the US.
When the two vaccines came on the market, analysts predicted in the drug annual sales of $ 10 billion. But worried about the security that acceptance among teenage girls was low, and the vaccines reached only 40 percent of the market.
The CDC announced the new lower number of vaccinations after a committee had given advice. This change is being promoted by a new public campaign, in which parents are urged to vaccinate their teenage daughters.
The vaccine is designed to protect them against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that cause cervical cancer.

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