Doctors must adhere to party line on vaccines

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  1. The doctor says:

    I understand your concern especially about the fact that we don’t know where vaccines go like in mitochondria or brain etc. perhaps this should be the focus of new studies . However we live in an era where smallpox is not killing thousands , where polio is not crippling millions and diphtheria is a rarity . All thanks to vaccines

    • Well that again is open for debate. Studies/articles that are also published on this page say the it might have to do with better and cleaner living circumstances.

      • The doctor says:

        Ok man though I don’t agree with the sanitation myth since vaccines saved lives even in parts of the world which are still not clean I get your point. You are trying to be fox mulder and that’s a compliment btw. I didn’t know you couldn’t sue vaccine maker in us. That’s a little too far

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