I started the Truth Library because for years I have been getting astounded with the information I came across. Many disturbing stories and facts on social media and other online outlets. The extent of the illusion and scam that we all know as “the system”  is taking on apocalyptic proportions. We need to use the information that we can get and try and inform the masses of the scam they are being sucked into. We have to set up networks and groups to counter the forces that are trying to destroy humanity.

The Truth Library will hopefully be a platform that can help inform and try and win souls for our fight. The Truth Library aims to be an open source platform and will take on suggestions for links from everyone. I don’t say that the Truth Library is always right or always knows the answers. However, I try and show a different perspective than that of the mainstream media. We have a brought range of interests from vaccines and health to aboriginal rights. From corporate greed and government corruption to the power of humanity and power of the people. We are focussed on natural and organic solutions and believe in people having a choice in life.


I do not write these posts. The only ones I write are the blog posts. All the other articles are merely just links from websites and blogs that I find interesting and important enough to post on here. The reason I copy them on here is so anyone that is looking for some quick facts or an article that they might have seen can come to the Truth Library and find it easily. The aim is to educate by spreading information. All the posts have the link to the original article at the top of the post.

The Truth Library is a self-funded initiative.If you want to help me out with server cost and our day-to-day operations you can donate money through PayPal.

Due to censorship by Google and others, I have been forced to stop advertising on my website. I rather post what I want without being told to remove it.  This means that I fund everything out of my own pocket. Which I do with pleasure. But if you are in a position to help. Please donate through the tab below.

If you have any feedback or ideas. Please let us know on here or through Facebook and Twitter.

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