Why I Will Be Voting YES! Despite All the Worrying Signs!

This is purely an opinion.
Written by Bernie Smith

The diversion techniques of political Australia are once again in full force. The marriage equality question raising tension and hatred between ordinary Australians.

Why is this though? The question is simple. Is gay marriage something you want to support and do you think this should be allowed? Well, to me personally, this is an easy answer. YES! Why wouldn’t I support this? What is it to me if gay people could get married. My ‘traditional’ marriage will not lose credibility. My life won’t change. It will merely create an opportunity for gay people to celebrate their love and make it official. Like many of us have done since the start of marriages.

The no-campaign has been pointing out that by voting yes the marriage definition and gender definitions will be changed by law. The way people speak will have to be changed and we will all have to get used to talking about ‘ze’s’ instead of he or she. I’m not ready for that. I’m not ready for my children being taught about gay sex or sex in general in early high school. Let alone when they are in primary school. But is this true? Or is this propaganda spread to discredit the yes-campaign? There is much misinformation and for some reason, the government doesn’t want people to actually know what we are voting about. All and all there seems to be plenty of reason for concern.

Many supporters of the no-campaign point out disturbing links between the marriage equality bill and the Safe Schools Coalition. The Safe Schools Coalition is definitely a worry and something I do not support at all. Educating children in primary schools on gender fluidity and sex is not what I see as fit for my children. But even more worrisome is the way the yes-campaign seems to have been hijacked by people trying to normalize pedophilia. The ‘Love is Love’ slogan is a great slogan and should be about people of different genders, races, and religions being able t


o share their love without prejudice. This slogan being hijacked by pedophiles to claim that pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation is disgusting and disturbing. How anyone can claim that consenting sex between adult human beings is the same as sex between an adult and a child is beyond me. Children are vulnerable and in many cases unable to make well-balanced informed choices. Our society should be making sure that we protect our children from this.

I personally feel that this whole postal vote is a farce. If the government wanted to legalize same-sex marriage they would have done it already. But this is the thing. If the government wants to implement safe schools programs this vote won’t change anything either. This vote won’t change the fact that the yes-campaign in Australia is hijacked by pedophiles. That is worrying and what we really should be asking ourselves is if these people that are pushing for marriage equality in Australia are the people we want to have to fight for equality. Might there be much more at stake behind the scenes? Initiatives like Agenda 2030 by the United Nations seem to have hidden goals that will undermine the family values we live by now. Bringing in a new standard of a family which is controlled by the government. We have seen the shift already in Australia. For example in the health sector where parents are losing rights on how to treat and/or what goes into their children.


The question on the vote is asking if I support marriage equality. And I do. And all the other evils surrounding this vote like Gary Dowsett and his Safe Schools Coalition are things I will be fighting. I won’t just let these people take away the freedoms of every Australian. Depleting the liberty and choice that families should have. Many people including myself have a hard time trusting the government and media in this country. They have proven to push agendas that are not necessarily beneficial for the majority of Australians. And it appears they are all heavily in favor of marriage equality. But are these reasons to vote no? Not for me. I understand that people are confused. I understand that people are thinking about voting no. I am confused myself. But the question is should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. And my answer to that question is a definite YES!!

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  1. Lynette Hunter Reply

    Marriage was created for children who need a mother and a father for optimal growth and development. Gay people can celebrate their love in many different ways but they have no right to marriage which is specifically a union between a man and a woman.
    This push for gay marriage is political; the thin end of the wedge to destroy families, the backbone of our society, and further the demise of Western societies. Agenda 21 – yes! Beware!

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