Whooping Cough Vaccine Responsible for the Increase in Whooping Cough Cases – BOMBSHELL

By Bernie Smith with some great help from our community!

Wanted to share the following 2 pictures with you. The first one is from the CDC data and the second is from Australian data. Both are from 2013.

What these pictures show is numbers that without doubt show that the more shots of the whooping cough vaccine someone had. The more chance they have of contracting the disease. If this isn’t proof that this vaccine is absolute rubbish and does not what it is supposed to do, I don’t know what is.

Here is the first screenshot from the CDC found here.

As you can see there were 710 people that contracted whooping cough after receiving no vaccine. The problem for the vaccine pushers is people who had 3 or more doses of the vaccine contracted the disease 3038 times.

In Australia, the same thing seems to be happening. 190 people contracted the disease who didn’t have any shots. 737 people had the disease after receiving 3 or more doses of the vaccine. You can find this graph here.

I think it’s time for some research into its vaccine and its effectiveness. I think these numbers warrant that.



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  1. Peter Lines Reply

    A very interesting table of results. Although there were many more cases of childhood pertussis in the vaccinated group we do not know the actual numbers of children who have received how many shots e.g. of 10,000 children who have never been vaccinated the number of cases of whooping cough was 710 (7.1%), whereas the 10,000,000 number of children fully vaccinated 3038 got whooping cough (.03%) I think CDC should clarify this point.

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