While Left Fights Right …. …. Liberty is Replaced by Tyranny

Written by Bernie Smith

Left and right. Fascists and communists. Republicans and Democrats. Labour and liberal. They are all terms given to people on either end of the political scale. The left-right paradigm. A tool of the controlling forces to make us feel and believe we have a say in our ‘democratic’ political processes.

We go to the election booth and vote for what we believe in. The media hypes the differences. They ramp up the hate between the groups. It’s like we are all part of a major sports event. Where everyone is associated with a team and will stick with that team no matter what. But really, we are all part of a major illusion. An illusion of grand proportions. An illusion that affects all of us. Are we really voting for different entities? Are the differences really that great when we look at the bigger scale? Does it matter if we have a left or a right party leading the way? Does it matter for the general outcomes in freedom depletion, war effort and the way corporations influence our political leaders?

Since the last presidential election in the US. We have seen the media ramp up their dividing tactics. All the major mainstream news outlets have taken sides and are reporting from their side of the paradigm. CNN is a leftist, liberal, progressive outlet and FoxNews is a right wing Republican broadcaster. This is all part of the illusion. Most people will want to listen to what they agree with. So a right wing voter will stir away from CNN and watch FoxNews and the opposite goes for the left progressive person.

But is this really what we should be focussing on. Our political system has another ax. There isn’t just the left and the right. There is one that goes up and down. This ax has nothing to do with the political idealism that the left-right paradigm stands for. The up-down paradigm tells us where we are between complete freedom and a totalitarian regime that will dictate all aspects of its people’s lives.

At the top of the ax, we have total freedom. And when we move down the scale we see more and more government control. Where dictatorships and totalitarian regimes find their home. The worrying part about the up-down paradigm is that we don’t seem to understand that we are sliding down that scale very quickly. We are fighting on the wrong ax. We have all been duped. It doesn’t matter if we have left or right in power. At this point in time, we as a society are just moving down towards a totalitarian ‘1984-like’ regime. Nothing elections and democratic processes are going to be changing about that.

We are losing freedoms all over the world. One after the other. But we are pointing the fingers at each other. With help from the establishment controlled media, we are being duped into believing that we need to be fighting for our freedoms on this left-right axes. But this is not where the fight is. The fight is in another dimension and requires us to come together. To see that we aren’t that different and start fighting together against the real evil of the world.

Think about it. Take a left and right extremist. Think about how they act out. What rhetoric they use and how they present themselves. Take their hate for each other away and we can see that they are not different at all. If you start looking at this axes really close. You realize that this ax is actually a circle. A circle that is setting all of us up to fight each other and create a world where no one realises where the real fight needs to be fought.

The only part where they really differ is at the message level. This is ok. People are allowed to have an opinion. A choice to believe what they want. They can even express it. Most of the media have taken it upon themselves to tell the world that the left is the “good” side and the right are just racists. Not realising that they are all the same. Hate is hate. Exclusion is exclusion. Whatever motives you use to get to those is not important in the big scheme of things.

We have to realise that ANTIFA and neo-nazi groups are very much the same. Not to mention that it appears that wealthy elite billionaires might be behind the rise and growth of some of the leftist groups. We need to stop focussing on the left-right paradigm. We need to start realising that we are all being duped. That we are living in a perception. A perception of reality where we believe to have rights, we believe to have a choice. But do we really?

Think about it…. Do we really have a choice… Do we really do with our lives what we want? Or are we just living in a perceived reality…. We need to start fighting before it is too late….

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