When the Government Refuses to Step Up – The Community Has To!

By Bernie Smith

Chase and his family had a rough 4 years. Imagine taking care of a child like Chase. Imagine not receiving much support from the community and government. Imagine not knowing if your kid will make it through the next seizure. I was there with Chase when he had one of his seizures. I saw with my own eyes the pain and suffering this child has to endure everyday. Not to mention the pain and suffering his family endures everyday knowing that every seizure could be his last. That everyday could be the last time Chase could be with them.

See the video of Cini, Marc and Chase talking to Peter Little and watch Chase during the screening of VaxXed in Maroochydore. 

Chase started having seizures only hours after his birth. Chase was deprived of oxygen, had negligent staff working in the hospital at the time of his birth and he and his parents are paying for it everyday. Chase has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, has brain damage and according to doctors this was all genetic. Despite the gene that is associated with these genetic conditions not being present in his body. Chase potentially got 2 Hepatitis B shots shortly after birth, but due to negligence of hospital staff the paperwork is messy and the immunisation department wants him to get the shot again. This story has so many flaws and moments where the life of Chase could have been improved, but instead the medical establishment denies Chase of a fair treatment for his conditions.

His mum never received informed consent when she was in hospital giving birth. No one ever told her about the possible side effects of the vaccines that were administered to him. And now no one wants to admit the events that occurred shortly after birth might have had an impact on little Chase’s life.

I talked to parents, Cini and Marc. I saw how they know what Chase needs at different times during his seizures and fits. I saw how without hesitation Cini knew he needed to stretch his legs and I saw Chase relax after we helped him stretch them. I saw how they applied cannabis oil to his feet and how it visibly relaxed Chase. I saw the support they are getting from people in the natural health community and I spoke to the parents about how important this is to them. I heard how since they have been treating him naturally his condition has improved and his seizure activity has slowed down.

Cini and Marc explained that they are being manipulated into vaccinating their beautiful boy. Vaccinate him with shots that have warnings on their labels. Warnings of seizures. To administer their son with this poison that could give him a seizure. A boy that already deals with seizure after seizure after seizure. Day in, day out. Everyday of his short life. To coerce and manipulate parents like Cini and Marc into vaccinating their vaccine damaged son is something that I can only describe as evil. To have parents choose between money and the wellbeing of their kid is a cruel and evil way to go about and it makes this legislation evil.

Cini and Marc have 2 other children. Marc works full time. Cini stays at home and takes care of Chase day in, day out. For more than 4 years now. They don’t have a car with a ramp for them to ride Chase’s chair into the car. They have to physically carry him into his baby seat in the car. This causes Chase to have seizures and it makes socialising and getting out of the house almost impossible for the family. They asked for assistance from the government, but they are knocked back all the time. They even threaten taking their payments away next year if they don’t start vaccinating Chase. Payments that will cause them to become homeless. Why would the government push this so far? Someone must have a heart, somewhere in Centerlink. Somewhere in the department of human services.

Shouldn’t we expect that a country like Australia takes care of families like this? Shouldn’t we demand that our taxes are being used to create a state where welfare and wellbeing is held in high regard. Why is it that families like Chase’s can be discriminated against just because they are asking questions? Just because they are trying to stop their experience from happening to other families?

We need to come together and realise that stories like these aren’t rare. There are Chase’s all over Australia. Children and adults that live in a nightmare everyday because the pharmaceutical companies rather make profit then take precautions against this happening again.

Chase is just one story. Chase is a big story though. His parents are well informed after years of research. They know what they are talking about. They are living with him everyday. They know what helps him, what relaxes him and what starts the seizures. Why aren’t doctors talking to the parents and taking their advice and knowledge into account? This story needs to be known. This story should be known. Ask yourself why the mainstream media is refusing to listen to this family. Why are they not helping them fight for justice? Could it be that Chase’s story shows without doubt that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Does this mean Chase was unavoidable? When parents do the right thing for the community as asked by the health departments. Shouldn’t there be a system in place to help families like Chase’s. Is this family losing out on compassion and help because of the greed of the pharmaceutical companies, politicians and policy makers. Is that fair? Would you want to bet treated like this if it were your family?

The government isn’t supporting this family, but we have to show that the community spirit is stronger. We as a community have to come together and help out. Show that we are willing to help each other and come together to fight injustice.

Please consider supporting this beautiful family. Follow their story on their Facebook Page, Chasing Hope Fundraiser.

Watch videos of what happened during the VaxXed screening in Maroochydore.

Watch Peter Little’s Facebook Lives that he did when he spend the night at their family home. 

Please share and spread this story around Australia. Stories like this one from Cini, Marc, Chase and the rest of their family is what could happen to every newborn around the world nowadays, And it happens a lot. Let’s make people aware. Let’s make people ask questions. Share, share, share!!


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