What Will Happen When Only Mainstream Media is Allowed to Tell the Truth – Just have a look at Australia

By Bernie Smith

We have now entered the next level of oppression in the world. The US election showed that the mainstream media has lost his grip on vast amounts of people in the US and the rest of the world. The mainstream media which is a pivotal part of the master plan to enslave us all into the controlled society we are moving into faster and faster. A society where wellbeing, individual rights and health are no longer of any importance. The only thing that this society is measured and ruled by will be the amounts of money that can be made of our backs. The money that can be made for the elites of this world.

The elite forces in this world felt their power slipping and they have gone into overdrive to save their position. Instead of coming to terms with the fact that their lies are being exposed they are attacking the truth tellers and lying to the world about them spreading the “fake news”.

imagesWhen Obama stated that “fake news” had cost the US their election in Peru a few days ago, it showed where we are going. The world is moving faster and faster towards a full-blown totalitarian regime and the masses don’t see or don’t want to see it.  Obama forgot to mention it was the “trusted” mainstream media that lied when it was time to attack Iraq. It was the mainstream media who regurgitated the government lies without any fact checking. Starting a conflict that is still raging and devastated the lives of millions of people. It was the mainstream media that reported on the Gulf of Tonkin incident which never happened and happened to start the Vietnam war. It was the mainstream media reporting on the uprising in Bahrain and completely missing the boat on facts. It was the mainstream media that has been suppressing the facts on marijuana and it’s healing qualities for years to advance the war on drugs and devastate millions of lives in the meantime,

The mainstream media has the worst track record for telling “fake news”. And they never even apologise. Did the mainstream media demand the prosecution of Blair and Bush jr. after the facts around WMD’s in Iraq came clear? Did they apologise to all the families that lost loved ones in a  conflict that should have never been a conflict in the first place? Did they have internal investigations into the processes of fact checking government information? No,,they just stayed the same and are completely fine with the way they conduct their business.

But when it backfires and people stop listening, they still don’t see that they might have done something wrong. They still believe that lying to the public is fine and they maintain the biggest lie of them all. The mainstream media is always telling the truth. Anyone saying differently is telling lies and is publishing “fake news”.

When Obama spoke to the world about stopping these “fake news websites” he showed that the media conspiracy is much larger than we could ever imagine. The media conspiracy is an integral part of the controlled society we are all living in. The controlled society that is the “free and democratic” system we are living in. Obama showed that he himself is just a puppet of the mainstream media and its masters behind the scenes. Talking about sore losers. They tried to play the people and they lost.

The US might be on the brink of losing all rights in regards to freedom of the press. In Australia, the media has been compromised for a long time. This is best explained when looking at health policies in Australia. The mainstreagainst-censorship-640x441am media in Australia doesn’t have an alternative media of any importance to counter their lies. People in Australia are getting brainwashed on a daily base and it is almost impossible to get away from it if you want to follow the news through easy to find channels.

A minister can blatantly lie and incite hate against a group of people without any mainstream media outlet taking the story on. The facts are that she lied, she invented a story and used it to incite hate. But in Australia, a story as juicy as that is just not newsworthy for the mainstream media. The same minister was responsible for a flyer being distributed that stated that children (newborns) can manage up to 100.000 vaccines at once. A claim that has absolutely no scientific research behind it and has even been misquoted from the original quote of Dr. Paul Offit. Wouldn’t this be newsworthy? Wouldn’t spreading potentiallyaustralian-censorshipy deadly information by the health department be a very good story for a free and independent media? Obviously, that’s not the case in Australia. The media has chosen to ignore these stories even after press releases were sent out and read. Even after complaints were made to the corruption commission. A commission which just decided there was no corruption going on. Nothing to see here people…

The elderly getting killed with the drug Rispardel. Even after the drug was blacklisted in the US was not newsworthy either. The media in Australia has been compinternet-censorship-vpn-mapletly compromised by the richest woman in the country and the infamous Rupert Murdoch. The financial market and economy have been compromised by a system that is controlled by four major banks with ties into every level of government. The same ties that help the mining, oil and gas giants to destroy native land and kill the environment. The same ties that get the most ridiculous propaganda spread for the pharmaceutical industry.

If anyone is wondering what might happen if we let Obama and the mainstream media get away with these blatant lies. Just have a look at Australia. Have a look at the discriminating vaccinations laws, which exclude children from education. Have a look at the massive bubble that is the Australian housing market only upheld because of the massive corruption going on in the financial sector. If we are going to give up our freedoms to express our opinions. If we are not allowed to have a different opinion from the mainstream media we can just as well sign away our freedoms now. There shouldn’t be a grey area in freedom of speech. As long as you don’t incite hate it should be allowed.

It’s almost laughable that the ones inciting the hate are the ones that want to restrict the freedoms. The propaganda has taken full control. we need to wake up before it is too late for the rest of the world. Because right now the only hope that Australia has is that the rest of the world shows the people Down Under that there is another way. A better way.


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