Video: Truth Library – Eye Opener Episode 3 – The Crumbling Foundations of Our Society


Hi. I’m Bernie Smith founder of the Truth Library.

Welcome to episode 3 of the Truth Library Eye Opener Videos.

Today we I’ll try and explain why our western democracies are no longer democracies.

We are losing our foundations of democracy quickly around the free world. There are many reasons for this. However one of the main ones has to do with the foundation, the pillars of our democratic system. 

Let me start with habit of history into the old estate pyramids.

As far back as there has been a monetary system there has been a estate system. A system we still see in the background of our society nowadays.

In the middle ages you had the royals at the top. The Nobles just below. And then below them, slightly above the rest were the knights and dames. After that, on the bottom, we find the peasants. They were the ones paying for most and owned the least. Does this remind you of something or somebody in our current system?

In France they looked at it a bit different. Before the revolution there were 3 estates. The first being the church, the second the royals and nobility and the 3rd everyone else. The French revolution came about because the 3rd estate took power. The French revolution is also the birth place of the 3 pillars of democracy. A democratic system that values the people at the bottom. A system that values their rights and voices.

In this more detailed version you can see that after a while they added more estates to the pyramid. They added the 4th, 5th and 6th estates. Growing with the changing society. You can see that the press and business started getting more and more power in our society taking a prominent place into the estate pyramids.

Let’s have a look at the 4 main pillars of society. And I’ll try and keep it simple.

The 1st one is the executive. These are the people in cabinet elected by us to manage and run our countries. Their job is to come up with plans and implement them. They are the ministers, secretaries, premiers, presidents and prime ministers of the world.

The 2nd pillar is the legislature. They are the people in parliament who are also elected by the people. The senators, the representatives, members of parliament and lower and higher house members.  They are supposed to check that the laws and systems implemented by the executives are what the people want. They are a second level of security build in to our society to make sure that the voters get what they voted for.

The third pillar is the judiciary system. These are our judges and courts. They are there to make sure that whatever the first 2 pillars decide is lawful and constitutional. Everyone in society has a chance, or should have a chance to fight what they find unjust in the court of law. The judiciary is supposed to be completely independent from all other arms of government.

These were the 3 main pillars of government which were created after the French revolution. The French thought that with this system there would be enough fail safes to stop corruption and the old estate system returning. The US copied this system completely when they wrote their constitution and became independent.

A fourth pillar started to become part of this system in the 19th century. The Press. They media was making headway and asking the questions about the 3 other pillars when they started to go in the wrong direction. The press are supposed to ask questions. Report on problems, fraud and corruption. Make sure that the people who make up the first 3 pillars are ethical and working with the best for their constituents in mind.

Can we see a problem yet?

So lets have a look at what is really happening.

The executives aren’t really working for the people. They work for the corporate interest. Which gets them elected. X

The legislatures aren’t really checking them either because they report to the same corporate interests as the executives. They are all getting their money from the same corporations and interests. X

Even the judicial system has been infiltrated and many laws are favoured towards the corporate interests. Once a law passes it takes away the ability from judges to be partial and fight for the people. As they are supposed to follow the law and can’t make the laws themselves. However they can set precedents that can make it harder for the people in control.  X

Now we have a fail safe for this to stop. It’s called the press. But they have been taken over by the same corporations as well. Using advertising money and straight out buying the businesses we have lost our fourth pillar as well. X

X This is a big problem as this stops our democracy from functioning. It stops our democracy from being a democracy and creates a society that resembles fascism more and more.

Lets have a look at why this is happening.  X  The Corporate influence in our Democracy.

  • The corporate powers participate in the consultation of new ideas and laws with the lawmakers.
  • They provide their experts for testimony so the lawmakers will follow their agenda.
  • And they control some of the people that have to draft the legislation in the end as well.
  • They influence courts by courting judges and lawyers. Wining and dining you might say.
  • They delay and sabotage laws they don’t want implemented. Money is no object to them.
  • And they can get the government to amend laws they don’t like.
  • They have access to government committees and think tanks.
  • They can influence politicians and hold power of their positions.
  • They do this by funding individual and party campaigns. They throw parties and offer trips. They indirectly buy the whole system. And it works.
  • The corporations hold lots of power over the 4 pillars due to their dominance over consumers and the amount of money they generate in the economy.
  • They sponsor scientific research and will suppress information that isn’t profitable or beneficial to them.
  • They have vast amounts of money. They influence the politicians and change the believes of a large amount of the populations through their media influences and control. 

What can we do about this control? How do we stop the greed? HOW DO WE FIX THIS?

We need to take the greed out of the system. We need to understand that not everything should be profitable. Our health and wellbeing should not be something that some people get enriched by. Pharmaceutical companies should be funded by governments to create a healthy society and population. Not a greedy drug pushing system that we have now.

Our food system should be fair so that farmers and consumers get the best deal. Not the corporations in the middle. It’s time to stop the corporate greed!

What we need is for the 4th estate. The media, the journalists, the press to do their job. To do what they are supposed to do. To make sure that our politicians govern with our best interests in mind. To make sure we aren’t lied too. And when there is any doubt about politicians and corporations not functioning as well as they should. They have to report on it. Without bias, Without being afraid of the corporate and government retributions. All these corporately influenced media corporations need to be put out with the trash!

If we don’t change our ways we will end up in fascist and enslaved society. Where only the privileged few will have access to all what we what we all need.

But if we fight if we use our power we can get what we need. A society where there is plenty for all and we divide in a fairer way. What we need is true freedom where questions can be asked, debate can be held and science can be questioned!

If we want a truly functioning democracy. If we want a democracy which is ran the way it was intended we need to fight and stand up. What we have now is getting very close to completely controlled corporate fascist police state.

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