VaxXed Down Under – Media Lies and Pharma Corruption – Will This Be The Wake Up Call for the Lucky Country?


By Bernie Smith

Australia has been at the forefront of the medical tyrannic establishment’s plans to take over the world. Australia has been a testing ground for many of their ideas and plans over the years.

Australia is, in a lot of ways, worse off than many of the other countries in the world. For some reason, we have a childhood immunization schedule that is pushing more vaccines at younger ages than the rest of the world. Without safety testing and with actual proof and many signs that these earlier vaccinations can have devastating effects on the population. (LINK)

Although I have been disillusioned by the Australian “anti-vaccine” movement and have been disappointed by the inability of some of their leaders to actually give people they disagree with the same choice as they say they advocate for. I’m also still very much aware of the grave danger that we are in. We need to fight for our rights of medical freedom and the freedom of choice in this country before it is too late and we lose our rights forever.

I’m by no means just an “anti-vax” activist. If anything I believe in choice and the freedom that goes with that word. I believe that the “anti-vax” debate although very important and detrimental to the population, is only a small part of what we should be fighting for. We are fighting an evil that is so large that it is hard to comprehend. We are fighting a system that is constructed to enslave the population into debt. A system that, by creating illusions of choice, has enslaved and become the controlling factor in most of the world. We are being told that anyone not being part of this system is the evil. Media outlets and press agencies all controlled by the same entities controlling our information and over the last 50 to 60 years the world has been slowly brainwashed into an alternative universe. A universe where up is down and left is right. But no one knows because the people that are supposed to tell us what is what, are in on the lies.

This same media has been labeling the Vaxxed documentary a film of lies and fabrications. Forgetting to mention that no one in power in the US will actually do the one thing that will discredit this movie immediately if this was true. Subpoena William Thompson in front of congress so he can once and for all speak the truth about this topic. The fact that this hasn’t happened shows that there is something to hide. Why not just shut everyone up and have this leading CDC scientist tell the world it was all lies. Or is there the chance that it might not be? Is there a chance that this documentary is actually showing the biggest fraud in history. A genocide of children. Well, the media in Australia doesn’t care. They just follow the line they have been told to follow by the big pharmaceutical corporations. They rather vilify a school for showing the film than actually do some real journalism into the maiming and killing of children…

The medical establishment (the pharmaceutical companies) has a hold of our health and well-being. They made our health a profitable enterprise. A business where healthy people aren’t profitable. It is all about creating customers and making people come back for more and more. There is no incentive to create cures for many of the diseases in the world. Especially when the large pharmaceutical companies controlling the medical journals, universities, and research are the ones profiting from treatments and not cures. This is why chiropractors, naturopaths, and homeopaths are all being attacked by these corporations. Natural doesn’t work. Only the patentable, profitable chemical medications created by the pharmaceutical companies work. Believe them or be at risk of being attacked, ostracized or even worse when you are a medical professional. They will kill and ruin your career. Make you look like a quack and get the help they need from media, press and the online troll community they control to make your life a living hell. 

Are vaccines just another way to create life-long customers? Or are they as they are promoted the life-saving medicine that we are told them to be? The truth doesn’t really matter. Because as long as the large pharmaceutical companies control the information and research on this matter we will never know if what we know is the truth. Would we trust Coca-Cola to tell us that sugar is harmless? Would we believe Shell or Exxon to tell us that climate change isn’t real?

The problem is the system and we need to start changing the perception of people. This is why it is great to see the Vaxxed tour going around Australia. Seeing the many Facebook Lives and YouTube videos coming out from the Vaxxed team. Seeing Brian Hooker, Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey taking on the Australian media is a delight. The media in Australia has been nothing but biased about this issue. Not reporting, reporting false information or misleading the public completely.  These tactics have worked for them for so long that they probably have forgotten how to be real journalists.

Hopefully, this tour and these people can change the perception of Australians. Hopefully, we can see a change happening soon. Because we need the public, the masses, to wake up. We need the average not-knowing Australian to open their eyes. Realize what is happening and saying: ‘Enough is enough’. We need to see some real studies. No longer do we need some politician to come out and say what no doctor would ever say. Because no vaccine will ever be 100% safe and effective. But even if they were. Why do we have this campaign of fear and anger towards people that question vaccinations? Wouldn’t it be easily proven that they work? That they don’t cause injury? Why is it that when it comes to our children. We let large multinational corporations rule the safety testing. Why do we let corrupt institutions like the CDC and the FDA tell us what is safe and isn’t. Many examples of the CDC and FDA putting the corporate interest in front of the publics. These aren’t isolated anymore. These are common. But as long as the media plays the game to cover up and refuses to report on these massive frauds it is as if it never happened.

So let’s hope that despite all the problems the “anti-vax” movement in Australia faces that we can start making changes to the public perception. That people will start to see the bigger picture and realize that all is connected. The money system, the food, and consumption system and our health and well-being. Everything is connected and at the moment the connection is an evil money making machine. Follow the money. See for yourself……


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