VaxXed Documentary in Australia – Immunisation Bombshell in Australia – Australia is worse than USA!

By Bernie Smith

Australia has finally got VaxXed rolling out around Australia. VaxXed shows without a doubt that there are some major concerns with safety testing at the CDC. The main issue this film highlights is that there is a major increase of risk of autism associated with the timing of administering MMR (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine). This film shows that the earlier children are administered with the MMR vaccine. The larger the risk of autism.

The data shown in this film is not information that is up for debate. The CDC Whistleblower William Thompson is a senior scientist at the CDC and has admitted to fraud. He has official whistleblowing status and as of today remains employed by the CDC. He is willing to testify but has not been subpoenaed to the US congress as of yet. Why don’t they subpoena him if he is wrong and lying? The only reason politicians and their pharmaceutical donors could have for not letting Dr. Thompson testify is that he telling the truth.

Now we get to the Australian bombshell. Australia uses CDC research to justify the efficiency and safety of their vaccination program. As can be seen below Australia recommends an MMR vaccine at 12 months and another one at 18 months. This goes squarely against the testimony of Dr. Thompson, who stated that the largest risk for autism is between 18 months and 3 years.

You can see a screenshot of the Australian schedule here and you can find the whole Australian schedule at this link.

The CDC is the organisation that does the recommendations for the schedule in the USA. The CDC schedule does not recommend a second shot at 18 months. The CDC has the second shot from at 4 years of age.

You can see a screenshot of the USA schedule here and you can find the whole CDC schedule at the link here.

Why does Australia still recommend the second shot at 18 months? What is the potential damage that might be done at this time? Every child has an increased chance of getting autism of 164% according to the CDC Whistleblower data.

Please get your friends and family to watch this film. Make them aware of the reasons why this film is so important for Australia. We have to make the immunisation department see that what they are doing is wrong. That what they are doing could potential harm and kill children all over the country.

The great people at the AVN are the ones bringing this movie to all corners of Australia and you can follow the screenings and find out where to buy tickets at the link below.

You can follow the VaxXed story around Australia at this website.

Please support the VaxXed team around the world and talk to your politicians and tell them to watch this movie. Ask then ask why we in Australia put safety aside? Why does the immunisation department not want to look at safety concerns?

4 Responses

  1. John noname says:

    Why do pages with the word truth in their name never have any in the content?

    You’re right, it isn’t up for debate. The CDC didn’t lie and this fraudumentary is lying when they say otherwise.
    Mr Andrew Wakefield is an unethical, immoral fraud and charlatan.
    Del bigtree is an opportunistic parasite.

    • admin says:

      No John. The question is why Australia gives this vaccine at 12 and 18 months. When there ARE NO SAFETY STUDIES WHATSOEVER to say this is safe! Is this the “safe and effective” immunization program politicians and medical professionals push? You need to do your homework. Even if you think the VAxXed docu and all the people involved are fraudsters. Why would Australia push vaccines against the ‘normal schedule’? Why is it that these concerns don’t matter? Would it not be safe to say that if there was ANY DOUBT, it should be investigated? Especially when it comes to our children’s safety and well-being… The question is why Australia is doing this without any safety studies. And even if Vaxxed is wrong and it is all lies. Shouldn’t this be investigated just to make sure? Because if they are right it would be the biggest genocide in the world ever. And Australia is doing exactly what the film says is the most damaging. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that we need a safety test on this? See what is the truth… No, people like you will just blindly follow the status quo. That’s easier. But what if your child, grandchild or close one is next?

    • admin says:

      Maybe read the post before you comment. But that is the usual problem with people like you. Just blindly follow the status quo. Don’t question. Be a sheep…. The truth is not meant for you and your likes…

  2. What you don’t realise John is that the pharmaceutical companies, the government and the media have formed a cartel to make billions and billions of dollars from vaccines. The US government exempted vaccine companies from all liability in 1986 and promote vaccines (free advertising) because of the enormous donations they receive from the pharma companies. The media get about 80% of their revenue from pharma advertising. That is why they repeat the mantra that vaccination is safe and effective. It is neither. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe – as defined in USA law. The secretive vaccine court in the USA have paid out 3.5 billion + in compensation from tax-payer money. This is just the tip of the iceberg because most doctors don’t report adverse reactions and most people don’t have the time, the energy or the money to endure the 8 or 9 years it usually takes to gain compensation, if they’re very lucky.
    Vaccines are fast-tracked (adverse effects are studied for a very short time) and other medications cause ongoing, lifelong, chronic illness which is hard to trace back to the source and which requires more medication and medical treatment. It is win win win for them and they are laughing all the way to the bank. The perfect crime.
    About half of all children in the US now have a chronic illness. Do you think this is normal?
    The cartel suppress and cover up all studies and evidence that show damage because if they are ever exposed for the grievous genocide they are causing all hell would break lose and they would be exposed as the criminals and murderers they are.
    Dr Wakefield was setup by a Rupert Murdoch reporter and used as a scapegoat to show any would-be whistleblowers what the consequences would be if they even question the dogma. Those doctors, medical professionals, scientists and lawyers who are brave enough to speak up risk being ‘Wakefielded’.
    If you want evidence go to Robert F Kennedy’s website to view the studies linking vaccines to autism and many other chronic illnesses. Watch Vaxxed to see the corruption in the CDC and the government agencies which are supposed to oversee it. Watch the excellent series Vaccines Revealed or the Truth About Vaccines available online free from time to time. Read Dr Suzanne Humphries book Dissolving Illusions. Go to to see the historical graphs that show how most diseases were almost eliminated long before vaccines were introduced – Let the Evidence Speak: Did Vaccines Save Us?
    Do you homework away from the MSM and don’t make ignorant abusive comments about people you know nothing about.
    Andy Wakefield and Del Bigtree are honourable, decent men with big hearts who look at all the evidence, think critically. and speak up for truth.
    What do you do?

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