Truth Library Alternative Review – # 2 – False Flag in Syria with a link to Israel, FBI tapped Trump and Is Israel Guilty of Genocide

Written by Bernie Smith


The Truth Library Alternative Review

# 2 – 13 April 2018


The latest on the Syrian War, a possible Skripal Link and the Involvement of Israel

As the Truth Library recently reported in this post, Syria has been accused of using chemical weapons on a rebel stronghold in their country. As we reported recently, it appears as Syria would not have any reasoning to commit this crime against humanity. On the contrary, Assad and Syria are on the winning hand and their conventional tactics are working fine. On the other hand, the US and its allies do need a new plan. They are losing their war and especially Israel is worried.

Over the last few days, a few reports have come out of Syria stating and at times showing that the mainstream narrative might not be what is going on. Photos have emerged of chemical weapons. Not as the media likes you to think from Russia or Syria. No weapons that were made by the pharmaceutical giant Merck. Made in the West. In Germany. These chemical weapons are going around Syria and at least that is raising questions. The West never had a large event like communism failing and a whole country falling apart. Russia did and in that process, some weapons were displaced and disappeared. This is a plausible explanation if you see Russian weaponry anywhere in the world. As large swats of their military were sold off in the early 90’s to the highest bidder. Finding German chemical weapons and English ones from Salisbury there might be the real story.

Everyone knows about the Salisbury attack on the double spy Skripal and his daughter. Salisbury happens to be the place where England produces a large amount of its chemical arsenal. Could that whole case have to do with Syria? Could it be that Skripal’s involvement had to do with the proxy war that US, UK, and Russia are conducting in Syria? Could it be that Skripal had proof that either side was doing something wrong in Syria? And the fact that the attack happened to happen in the town where England holds it chemical arsenal might just be a coincidence. It might not be either.

According to this article in Sputnik News, the knowledge that these weapons were produced in Europe should be telling. Because that’s the way England is holding Russia accountable for the Salisbury attack.

In the article, a Syrian researcher, Somar Saleh,  claims that the weapons used in Syria have a direct link to Germany and England and these links are according to England and France enough proof to blame Russia for the Skripal poisoning. However when the roes are reversed the media and governments of the west are still trying to blame the Russians and Syrians.

“The [alleged] use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun is again being discussed in order to force Russia to take retaliatory measures,” Saleh opined. “Britain, France and the US insist that Russia should support the initiative to conduct a special investigation in Syria.”
“The investigation into the chemical weapons incident in Syria is inseparable from the incident with Sergei Skripal,” Saleh opined. “The examination [of the chemical substance] in London showed that it is impossible to find out where exactly the toxic agent A-232 was produced. However, it is clear that many [in the West] want to pin the blame on Russia. Now let’s return to Syria. It is known that all stocks of chemical weapons have been destroyed in Syria. Then where did the chemical agents come from? According to the British plan, they want to blame Russia for it.”


Here are some of the pictures from an article in Veterans Today.

Chlorine gas-filled shell from Porton Down, Salisbury, found in East Ghouta with al Qaeda

Photos of Chlorine gas canisters found in Syria that are directly linked to Merck in Germany.

These videos show some more insight into these findings in Syria:

Other publications have quoted top UN weapons inspectors stating that Syria is not responsible for this chemical attack. As can be seen in this transcript taken from the Friends of Syria Blog. reports: However, according to chemical weapons expert Åke Sellström, who investigated the use of chemical weapons in both Iraq and Syria, it is unlikely that Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian Army were responsible for the attack in Eastern Ghouta.
“With great criticism from the international community, Assad and Russians bombard Ghouta bit by bit, and that they would add the opportunity to be criticised for using chemicals – it feels strange. They do not need it, their tactics are already successful,” said Sellström, adding that there could be numerous “other explanations” for the attack.
Sellström added that if the United Nations was to investigate the attack, recordings and testimony would not be enough to ascertain what happened.
“We would have to meet people and doctors themselves and, in particular, need samples from the environment and poisoned persons,” said Sellström, adding that it would be difficult to measure chlorine exposure “because it evaporates quickly and does not leave any clear markers in the body”.


So if this is the case. Could it be true that this is a false flag? Could it be that Israel has been the one that orchestrated this chemical attack so they could have a reason to go in and bomb Syria? Something Israel did according to all reports without the ok from their allies or informing them at all. It appears as if Israel might be rogue and working against the international attempts to create peace in the region. After all, of Israel, it is much more appealing to have a large scale conflict in the region. One that will ensure the US, France, UK and the rest of NATO to be heavily invested in their backyard. For Israel that is a much better option than having to deal with a strong Hezbollah on their own.



Obama and FBI implicated in Trump Tapping Scandal

President Trump has been clear about him being targeted by certain elements of the US government. He was called a liar when he stated that he thought some people in the Obama administration had been tapping his phone in Trump Tower. Lately, there have been reports coming out that would suggest that the FBI has been involved in a large plot to at least pick the president.That the stories around wiretapping and the Obama administration supply of information to the Clinton campaign might all be true. According to this article in the New York Post, the FBI has been probed and is failing completely in answering questions in regard to the wiretapping and probing of the Trump campaign. Information has been leaked that showed that FBI was favoring Clinton and was trying to help her campaign to be successful. One of the smoking guns is a text message from Peter Strzok, the lead investigator on the Trump case. He stated in this text to his fellow FBI agent and mistress, Lisa Page that Trump is an idiot and is quoted here colluding to get “an insurance policy” in case he does get elected.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 . . .,” Strzok wrote.

At the moment congress and the house of representatives are stonewalling these documents from going public. But we know that the FBI is hiding something and that they don’t want the truth to come out. A movement to release the memo has been active in trying Congress to release these documents. However, it appears that this might take weeks if it ever happens.


Is Israel Guilty of Genocide?

A point can be made about Israel being the perpetrator of genocide. The way the Israeli government has treated the Palestinian population is nothing but disgusting. Terms like occupied territories and settlements and settlers are things from the 19th century. Not something that a 21st-century country should be proud of. Colonising and settling in areas that aren’t yours is one thing. But when Israel does it people get moved. Houses get bulldozered to the ground and orchards and farmland that sometimes has been used for centuries is being destroyed.

This is how Israel treats its Palestinian neighbors. According to many documents. This one from the UN and this one from AL Jazeera talk about the issues facing Palestinians and especially the violence they have to deal with from Israeli settlers. These documents show pages and pages of wrongdoing by Israeli settlers and often killing or maiming Palestinians for life. And when an Israeli settler kills a Palestinian for no reason. There is no justice in many cases. The army will defend the settlement and the settler can hide inside his or her house and won’t have to worry about the Palestinians getting to them. The Israeli army will shoot them before they do.

Earlier this year the UN security council was told that the world should stop “managing” the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The UN envoy to the Middle East expressed his opinion of the world stepping back from the conflict and letting Israel and Palestine work it out for themselves. This is disgusting and will only help Israel. It’s like having a bully in school. He is strong and popular. He is bullying a small, weak and sick kid. Pushing him around and telling him how to live his life. When the bullied kid tries and get attention or step up for his rights he is slaughtered by the bully.. Now imagine that the school says that this is a situation between the bully and the bullied kid. Nothing to see. Let them manage it themselves. Imagine that.

But this is exactly what is happening here. Israel is breaking the Hague treaty every day and there are many UN resolutions they will never look at. Let alone listen to. In the Hague regulations, it is stated clearly that Israel “must prevent any acts of violence and attacks against civilians and their property.” Acts of violence and attacks that target civilians run contrary to the spirit of articles 43 and 46 of the Hague Regulations.The list of problems is long and impossible to go through everything. The hatred and issues between the Israeli and Palestinian populations are at boiling point.

Israel has steadily taken away the land of Palestine and slowly taken over. As the map below will show there really aren’t many places left in Palestine. In effect, Palestine has been destructed by Israel. And the destruction of land is part of the definition of genocide.

Now we have two videos below. Both from the last two weeks. Showing killing of unarmed supporters at the border between Israel and Palestine. These disturbing videos show that Israeli soldiers are being trained and conditioned to hate the Palestinians. They are meant to shoot them and will shoot a non-moving unarmed man. Just for the sport. And if you don’t believe me. Listen to the video’s audio and judge for yourself. The only kind of person that could be that cheerful about killing an unarmed man is a psychopath. And that is what the Israeli army is. They can’t say that this an isolated incident. Because it isn’t The Israeli Defence Force wants its soldiers to kill Palestinians. They are the enemy after all.


Now let’s look at the definition of genocide and see why Israel might be guilty of genocide of the Palestinian people.

The definition of genocide includes the following:

“Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group such as:

(a)        Killing members of the group;

(b)        Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c)        Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”


I think that we can safely assume that Israel is doing the top 2. Just look at the videos. If this is something that is accepted and done frequently it would be considered genocide. So let’s move on to the third. Israel is “directly inflicting conditions” that could cause “physical destruction” of the Palestinian people. Just look at the wall build on the Westbank and the way Israel closes down and bombs the Gaza strips at their will.

The full legal definition of genocide as set out by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in 1948. Can be seen below. Many of the definitions and signs of genocide are clearly visible in Israel today.


I think there is a case that can be made against Israel for genocide. If anything there should be an international discussion about Israel’s conduct and clear violations of international law. But until the Israeli military starts treating the Palestinians like people, genocide is a definite term I would use.

And if you are thinking. Why isn’t this in the news. This is something that is newsworthy. You are right and only 15 to 20 years ago this would have been news all over the mainstream media. Israel would have been condemned by the international community and would have had to take a step back. Nowadays this isn’t there anymore. Israel is getting away with murder! Watch the video below to see how Israel invests in making sure that their story and narrative is the only one that is being used. How they use money, power and plain old bully techniques to keep their story going.

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