The US Election is Completely Rigged – There is not much we can do about that..

By Bernie Smith

If they can rig an election in the United States. Imagine what else they can do and have done…..

rigged-elections-1Wikileaks has come out with some very revealing emails in the last week. These emails not only show Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi and the Syrian conflict. The show that Hillary has lied to her voters about her intentions in regards to big banks and trade agreements.

But now all of this seems trivial. Now the emails have revealed that Hillary has been rigging this election from the get-go. Emails revealed that Hillary made agreements with journalists and threw parties to wine and dine them. The media was going to make Hillary win one way or the other.

They proof read articles. They created a list of questions for Trump if he called in for an interview. They controlled the time of release of stories. They utilised “friendly” reporters. They were given debate questions beforehand. They colluded with mainstream media outlets to make their policies look better. And on top of all this Hillary hosted a cocktail party which was organised to “frame the race”. Reporters from all major news networks were there to help her frame the race.

This all shows that the mainstream media is rigging this election and this is election fraud in every sense. When Trump states this election is rigged and mentions the mainstream media he has a point. But he gets vilified in the same mainstream media for spreading “dangerous” lies. CNN took it to a whole new level when they told people not to listen to the “lies” from Wikileaks and just take their word for it.rigged-elections

We have to ask ourselves the question why. Why is it so important for these powers to have Hillary as president. Is it the events that are planned in this next term will need a president they can control. When Florida was rigged in 2000 to get Bush in the White House it didn’t make much sense. But now knowing everything that happened after 9-11 we are very aware it was of the upmost importance to have Cheney and his hawks in power a year later. We should all be very weary of the events to come. World War 3 is a definite possibility in a Hillary presidency.

If this is all true we probably don’t stand a chance. Trump won’t stand a chance. he will loose and the media will support whatever comes out in favour of Hillary and put down anything that says the opposite. The alternative media will be put way as “conspiracy theorists” and “fear mongers” and the world will burn.

We need to know what is going on though. And the more people that see through the lies and deceit the harder it will get for them to get away with their evil plans.

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