The Science Party Australia. The Anti- Science, Science Denying, Lying Bunch of Evil

By Bernie Smith

A little obscure micro party in Australia called the Science Party has started a campaign against the Health Australia Party. (See the article here). Stating that being against freedom of choice and informed consent as well as rallying for more natural remedies in medicine is a danger to our society. The fact that this rhetoric was swiftly copied by the Murdoch controlled Sydney Morning Herald (See this article here) and that the way this article was written would suggest a “Friends of Science” and/or “Australian Skeptics” connection. Read the brilliant response from Dr. Isaac Golden, who is running for the Senate for Health Australia Party here.


But lets start with the main points of both these “Scientific” articles. Natural remedies are dangerous and we should all just listen to the doctor and blindly follow the “science”. History has shown us that science and medicine in particular have been very wrong on numerous occasions. Especially when it comes to lucrative substance that might be dangerous for humanity and/or nature. Up to a few years ago there was nothing wrong with Glyphosate and Monsanto’s take-over of the world. Science has changed it’s stance since then. Science has evolved. Lets not even start about doctor’s prescribing menthol cigarettes for throat pain, because sales reps from tobacco companies had told them this worked. Or other harmful things like agent orange, DPT and asbestos. Doctors have historically shown to not really have a backbone and just do what the consensus tells them to do. Could it be that the consensus is telling them that vaccines are safe. Could it be that vaccines are killing us like tobacco is and was. Could it be that the medical world is owned and ruled by pharmaceutical companies which make billions of vaccines profits every year. Could it be that they have already calculated their risk if the truth comes out and could it be that they have decided that making money and ruining our children is more important then wellness and health of all of us.


Science is just that a science. No one knows the real outcomes and the definition of science states:

“the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”
Lets think about this for a second. Science is supposed to be studied through observation and experiment. Is this really what is happening at this time. When we have politicians and health professionals state that the “science is in”. Isn’t that statement in itself anti-science? How can science ever be in if science i supposed to be derived from observation and experiment. As soon as we stop observing, we stop testing, studying and experimenting. We admit that we have bad science.
This is the science the Science Party calls science. This is the science that the “Friends of Science” and the “Australian Skeptics” use to stop any debate from happening. This is the science that is quoted over and over again in the media and especially the Murdoch owned ones. Nothing to do with research and studies being expensive and the only thing that could happen is that administering certain medications and vaccines could be delayed or pulled altogether. Nothing to do with many influential people and Murdoch in particular having major interests in pharmaceutical companies. Nothing to do with many politicians having the same interests. Our lives are sold for profit. Our wellbeing is thrown out for some quick cash. Some quick cash for a few to become filthy, filthy rich.
Science nowadays is about cherry picking results. About pushing for certain outcomes and getting those outcomes. As explained in a great way by John Oliver in Last Week Tonight here.
Why do people think that doctors, scientists and politicians won’t lie to us. This is all they have done to us for the last 100 years or more. Every time profits have been more important than health and wellbeing and many of these cases have come out in to the light over time.
Back to the “Science Party”. In their article they stated that chemtrails are not real.
Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.25.17 PM
Funnily enough written while the whole media in Australia started reporting on cloud seeding and weather modification being very real in Australia and widespread in some areas. ( See some articles here and here and here). Weather modification by seeding in the air being the quintessential chemtrailing makes this claim just laughable. A party that calls themselves the “Science Party” will deny something like this existing shows what science really is. Science is not science anymore and if we just believe things because they are science we will all end up dead quite soon.
The “Science Party” has shown with this article that they are the opposite of what science stands for. Just like the “Friends of Science” and the “Australian Skeptics” have done for years. They show that all they want is to stop debate and studies and make people believe what the multinationals want them to believe.
Stop believing the bullshit and don’t just think because they say they are “Science” that they must be right. Science nowadays is nothing more than another way for corporations to control us all. Read the statements from the Health Australia Party and think about what they are saying. Don’t just read the propaganda fed to you by the Murdoch led media.


  1. Rock Reply

    I think you may have missed the point somewhere. The science party is making policy based on science as in policy based on what has been observed. If that observation where to change so would the policy. The health australia party are renamed from the natural medicine party. Who dont seem to make their policy from scientific evidence. But way to go and spread some more shit into the world

    • admin Post authorReply

      I don’t think you get my point. The science party cherry picks their “science”. The Health Australia Party wants natural medicine to become a more acknowledged part of society. Why is the pharmaceutical, chemical, artificial way the only way? Might it be that people make a lot of money? Might it be that natural remedies don’t have options for patenting, might it be that they won’t get filthy, filthy rich. And if this is not the problem. Why not let people use it. Why attack it so viciously? What would be the reason….
      Don’t we live in a free country where people can choose? Where people don’t get told what is best for them without options and choice? Or is this the country you like? Are you a fascist?

  2. Kate, happily alive because my parents were educated and intelligent Reply

    You have serious grammatical errors in this article. These errors show a lack of education or the simple patience to use Microsoft Word to proofread for you.

    At least this is a clear indicator of the intelligence of your argument.

    • admin Post authorReply

      You just completely verified my article. Thanks for that. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Going after grammar mistakes and attacking my intelligence because of that. Very mature. You think that gets you out of addressing the real issues raised in my article. You are a troll…

    • May Tricks Reply

      Hi Kate.
      I died.
      A vaccine-targeted disease killed me because my parents were uneducated and stupid.
      My parents made lots of grammatical errors on my eulogy too.

  3. punter Reply

    Here you go Kate and Rock.

    Find some grammar errors in the following and then tell me all about how “SCIENCE!!!” proves me wrong.

    Point 1)
    Since the widespread use of vaccines, childhood disability rates in the US have risen ten fold, healthcare expenditure has increased to be four times what it was as a per cent of GDP and currently one in two children have a chronic illness. and publications/sipp2010.html (Table A-4) (for disability rates)

    and spending –

    Chronic disease:

    Deaths due to so-called vaccine preventable diseases had all but disappeared before their vaccines came along – (government sourced data)
    This is corroborated by life expectancy data trends (the trend was upwards before the widespread use of vaccination c1950 and this upward trend slowed down afterwards). And the same story is true for smallpox. In those countries that actually counted smallpox deaths it is clear from their data that the vaccine didn’t save lives. Specifically, in countries such as the UK, deaths due to smallpox in the 19th century fell at roughly the same rate as deaths due to other infectious diseases even though those other infectious diseases didn’t have a vaccine for them.

  4. punter Reply

    Point 2)

    The purpose of the polio vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of non-trauma paralysis and crippling. It failed.

    The purpose of the rubella vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of congenital defects. It failed.

    The purpose of the measles vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of encephalitis and deafness. It failed.

    The purpose of the Hep B vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of liver cancer/disease. It failed.

    The purpose of the Hib and Prevenar vaccines was to bring about a reduction in total rates of meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis. They failed.

    The purpose of the diphtheria/pertussis vaccines was to bring about a reduction in acute respiratory infections. They failed.

    The purpose of the mumps vaccine was to reduce sterility. It failed.

    The purpose of the rotavirus vaccine was to reduce gastro deaths. It failed.


    Rubella and congenital defects:

    Polio and paralysis/crippling: (before you say “but this is just a facebook site” it uses the following WHO data) and (see data for total AFP in India and other developing countries in 1996 and again in 2014) as well as and publications/sipp2010.html (Table A-4) (for disability rates). And (Around one in 50 Americans have some paralysis and around 40 per cent of those cases are due to disease).

    Diphtheria/pertussis and acute respiratory disease: and

    Hep B vaccine and liver cancer/disease: and

    Hib vaccine and meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis.… (look at meningococcal disease (invasive) and pneumococcal disease (invasive)) and because of the dismal failure of this vaccine it was inevitably followed by further attempts to vaccinate people against meningitis supposedly caused by other strains (eg Prevenar) showing that abject lunacy (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result) is the standard procedure for vaccination policy experts. Further information here

    Measles vaccine and encephalitis/deafness. and

    Rotavirus vaccine and gastro deaths:

    From 1985-1991, pediatric deaths in the US from diarrhea from ALL causes numbered around 300 per year: ALL causes. Total in 2010: 520 pediatric deaths due to intestinal issues that cause diarrhea

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