The Rigged Game we all play – The Illusion of Democracy

By Bernie Smith

As Australia and the USA are preparing for an election. There are some questions we have to ask ourselves about the democracy we live in. Not just in Australia but in many western countries the process of democracy has been replaced by something much more sinister.

Politicians have become something completely different from what they are supposed to be. They are supposed to be our representatives. To be our voices and listen to what the people want. In the past 2 decades we have seen this is not the case. Especially in Western Europe where the politicians pushed through the European Union and the Euro. There were referendums and votes in many countries. Most of them telling the politicians that the people didn’t want it. But the politicians did it anyway. They did what they said was best for the country. But was it? I think time has shown us that the many of these decisions weren’t made with the best for the people in mind. There are more powerful forces working behind the scenes. Forces that own our politicians.

We have all seen it. Politicians. When election time comes around. They come out of their offices. Start handing out flyers on the street and kissing babies. They make promise after promise. They bash their opponents and will take any opportunity to show that they are better then the rest. They will say and promise what will get them votes. This is where it gets dangerous. Because in our day and age the people don’t know what they want. The people are being told what they want through our media. The media has become a big machine that can decide what direction a country can go. The media and the people behind it are not dumb though. They give you a choice. They give you an illusion. An illusion of having a say. But have you ever looked at the choice. isn’t the choice just two different eggs in the same basket. Isn’t the choice between to pieces of wood from the same tree.

We have been taught to believe that we have a choice. And we believe. We believe that we are so much better then the dictator in some third world country. But are we? At least those people know what they are dealing with. We don’t know. All we do know is that the political game is rigged. We don’t get a choice and the media and the corporations that rule the world with them make us think that this is ok. That we are free. That we should be happy.

imagesWhy is it that politicians. Our representatives get away with election fraud. Why is it that you can just say whatever you want and make false promises to get yourself into office. Why are these people not held accountable. They should be. They should be held accountable and they should be tried for treason. As lying to your people when you are supposed to be their representative is the essence of voter fraud. It’s the worst of the worst a politician can do. But they all do. May be an exception here or there. But most of them do. And they get away with it. Occasionally one gets thrown under the bus for spending too much or having a mistress. But never has a politician been held accountable for his or hers election promises.

It’s time we stand up for our rights. It’s time the people show we do not want to listen to lying politicians anymore, It’s time we have debates. It’s time we have referendums. Politicians hate these ideas. They want to pretend they are better than us. They want to pretend they know more than us and should be the ones deciding. But this again is fraud. We should be allowed to know the facts. We should be allowed to make informed decisions. And with the internet nowadays we could easily have referendums for a fraction of the price that politician say it would cost.

We could have a country where the people decide. We could have a country where if you care you get a vote. And if you don’t. You don’t have to. We could have a country where politicians are held accountable for their promises. A country where a politician could possibly go to jail if he or she lies too much to the people. That’s what democracy should be all about.

We have a chance to change the system. But we need the people to wake up. To see we are playing a rigged game. We will never be the winner. It’s like a casino. You might win a bit sometimes. But in the end the house always wins. Overall we will always lose. And this is why we need to stand up and demand a better system. A change of the way our countries are ran.

Having elections coming up in the USA and Australia will give us a chance to vote away from the status quo. Have a look at what you could vote for that isn’t established political power. Don’t just vote for something because you think it’s the better of 2 evils. Don’t just vote because you want to have a say. Vote with your brain and spirit. Vote for a change. Demand a change. It won’t come overnight but we are the people. We have the power…..


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