The Diabetes Vaccine – Medication Branded As Vaccines – More Corruption From the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Bernie Smith

I have written an article in the past about the “gluten vaccine”. I spoke about the branding of medication as vaccines. I was afraid that we would all be forced to take this vaccine in the future. But it seems that there is more to it. The reasons behind vaccine branding are most likley much more sinister. The article about the gluten vaccine can be read here.

Today I came across another great “vaccine”. A vaccine for diabetes. Just watch the below video and tell me if you think, like me, that this is not a vaccine. But nothing more than another medication branded as a vaccine.

The “vaccine” goes after the T-cells in the body and this makes it possible for people with diabetes to retain their insulin better or in some cases even start producing their own insulin again. Brilliant you might say. And it seems that way. But the video forgets to mention 2 big problems with this “vaccine”.

The first problem is just a small problem they forget to mention. The vaccines destroy T-cells. T-cells that do something quite important in the body. The T-cells have an”extraordinary capability to kill cancer cells” according to a study mentioned in this article. I won’t go into to the technical aspects of this too much. But this “vaccine” kills white blood cells that appear to be very important in our bodies ability to fight cancer. Is it, therefore, fair to say that the scientists who created this vaccine have merely found a way to substitute diabetes for cancer?

For the second problem, we will start with the definition of vaccines.

“A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins.”

 Does this definition in any way, shape or form describe the working of this new diabetes “vaccine”? Does it provide “active acquired immunity”? Does it contain a “disease-causing microorganism”? Does it create immunity? Could it be that this new “vaccine” is really a new medication? And if this is the case. Why does the pharmaceutical industry want to label this medication as vaccines?

I think they have some very disturbing reasons. If they label something as a vaccine it will make people think it isn’t medication. It takes away from the stigma of drugs and will make people more likely to take the drug. If the pharmaceutical industry labels a medication as a vaccine it will even open the door for preventable inoculation in the future. An obvious goldmine. Why not vaccinate the whole country against diabetes? Not that it will work. It will merely create an artificial state in the body which will stop the symptoms of diabetes to show. Not to forget it might create a whole new wave of people that will need to engage in chemotherapy when they are diagnosed with cancer due to their T-cell count being down. It seems pretty obvious to me it is a scam to make more money!

But the scam doesn’t end there. The real scam hasn’t even been mentioned yet. The real scam has to do with vaccines being exempted from liability. So when a pharmaceutical company creates a vaccine there is no liability and the government (read the tax payers) assume the liability. Vaccines are also exempt from stringent testing before they go to market. There are tests but the testing process is a lot cheaper and easier to pass than when the drug is marketed as a medication instead of a vaccine. Average profit margins on vaccines are around 15% while medication has profit margins of around 5%.

It seems that money is a major drive to market medication as vaccines. It seems that money is much more important to the pharmaceutical industry than health and wellbeing of the people. Money is more important than life in general. They create a drug that by helping one problem creates a much bigger one. A problem that has much more potential to make money for the pharmaceutical industry. They label the drug as a vaccine which stops them from having any liability and triples their profit margin.

The fact that the government and politicians blindly follow this scam without asking questions or seeing that this is a scam shows they are in on it. The politicians, government, and the whole health system are so indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical industry that most people in places of influence can’t see that we are being scammed. Some will see it and choose to be a part of the scam willingly. To enrich themselves and their colleagues and friends. These are the real evil ones, but this a whole different post.

We are being scammed and not just for money. We are being scammed out of our right to live a healthy and fulfilling life! All to enrich a few people behind the pharmaceutical industry. Be aware of the 300+ “vaccines” that are currently being tested and created! Ask questions and know your facts. Vaccines aren’t always vaccines!!!

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  1. angela coral eisenhauer Reply

    So the vaccines destroy our immune response, then they try to kill off what is LEFT of our immune response? And wow, if we all die, doesnt matter, cant sue them!

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