The “Deadly” Measles Used to Incite Hate and Create Fear – The Story of the Outbreak That Isn’t a Outbreak

By Bernie Smith

The measles “outbreak” in Sydney is not an “outbreak”. The media and medical establishment have used this story to incite hate towards parents and families who ask questions. They have used this story to scare the population into vaccinating. But when you look at the facts these 2 things have nothing to do with each other. 

Has everyone in Sydney ran for the hills yet? Four confirmed cases of the measles and some of them might have used public transport. The mainstream media is quick to write fearful stories of infected people on busses and trains and they name the suburbs they frequented. It’s almost like they want you to think the zombie apocalypse is here. Are we all dying of fear yet? It seems that fear killing us might be a bigger probability than the actual measles.

Let’s face it Sydney has 4.3 million inhabitants and a lot more tourists walking around this time of year. The first case of the measles was confirmed on December 6. Or at least this is when the media started fear mongering the public about a possible “deadly” outbreak. Since then 3 people have been infected. That’s 3 people in more than 3 weeks. Three confirmed cases in a population of 4 million plus. Does the media coverage about the “deadly measles” seem a bit excessive? Really, when does something become a deadly outbreak? Well, let’s just start with the first word. Deadly. The measles has not been deadly in Australia since 1995. And even in the early 90’s the disease only killed a few people a year. The statistics don’t show if any of these deaths were already compromised by other diseases.

According to the CDC no one has died from the measles in the US in the 10 years between 2004 and 2015. Taking the VAERS data on adverse reaction with the vaccine it has been recorded that in the same period 108 people died from adverse reactions after taking the vaccine. It is an easy conclusion to make that the vaccine seems to be a lot more deadly than the actual disease.

Might all this media attention for the measles have anything to do with the VaxXed Film being screened around the country? When the story of the CDC whistleblower first broke in the US. The Disneyland measles outbreak was the big news story there. Is the media in Australia simply following the handbook on how to use their influence and create fear so no one will act on the worrying revelations of VaxXed. VaxXed shows without a doubt that the CDC committed fraud in regards to the MMR vaccine. The only measles vaccine available in Australia after the single measles vaccine was pulled and the manufacturer stopped producing it. Many studies have been done in regards to multiple dose vaccine like the MMR and MMRV that are being used in Australia. These studies show increased risks of adverse reactions when compared to single dose vaccines.

The mainstream media has taken on the role to make sure that the Australian public knows exactly how dangerous the measles is. Getting the occasional help from bloggers, Skeptics and friends of science in medicine. But yesterday the Australian Medical Association’s president, Micheal Gannon, put in his 2 cents. Spreading the fear that there are now 4 cases of measles in Sydney! But he casually mentions the fact that measles is a killer disease killing over a 100.000 people every year. This is true. According to the World Health Organisation, 134.200 deaths of measles were reported globally in 2015.

Just some facts from the WHO website:

  • The overwhelming majority of measles deaths (95%+) occur in countries with weak health infrastructure.
  • In 2015 85% of children had received at least 1 dose of the measles vaccine by their second birthday.
  • 160 countries around the world have adopted a second dose to their routine immunisation schedule. 61% of children worldwide have received the second dose as part of their countries immunisation recommendations.

The following quote is from the UNICEF website:

“Measles, for instance, rarely kills in industrial countries but can cause up to 40 percent mortality among infected children in dire and overcrowded situations which may occur following earthquakes, floods or when populations are displaced by conflict.”

These statistics show a clear picture. Even if the vaccine works and there is a case that it might. The reason people are dying from measles is because of war and natural disasters. Could this have anything to do with the fact that when war and natural disasters occur there is a lack of health care, a lack of good sanitation and a lack of hygienic living circumstances? The mortality rate in Australia is apparently 1 to 2 in 1000 from measles. I don’t know where these numbers are derived from when no one has died from the disease in more than 2 decades. Obviously, the mortality rate being 40%  in areas with displaced populations shows that not necessarily the vaccine but living circumstances contribute to the high number of measles deaths worldwide. Could we get rid of the measles by creating higher living standards in large parts of Africa and Asia? Could we get rid of the measles without actually needing the vaccine?

Could we say that Dr. Micheal Gannon’s tweet is misleading?  I think so. I think that having 4 measles cases on a population of 4.3 million is not an outbreak. Especially when the cases are more than 3 weeks apart. Having the president of the Australian Medical Association so blatantly involved with fear mongering is a worry. It shows that these people are completely indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical narrative of health care. It shows that the whole system from the top down has been infiltrated by the pharmaceutical companies.

This measles saga has once again shown what a completely fascist and tyrannic state Australia has become. The media can go around and pretend that 4 people infected on a population of 4.3 million are a dangerous and potentially deadly outbreak. They get supported by the bought medical establishment who should all know better. Can’t we expect some common sense from our doctors? Measles wasn’t a large problem in the 50’s and has only become easier to manage. When taking care of the symptoms in the right way the only thing that measles will give you is lifelong immunity from the disease. Something the vaccine can’t do. Don’t get me wrong. People do die from the measles this is a fact. But they don’t just die from the disease. They die from other health problems in accordance with the measles.

It seems that this whole measles saga has been completely fabricated. Four cases of the measles in a population of 4 million plus over 3 weeks doesn’t seem like an outbreak. If anything it seems that it might actually be a normal rate.

This is a quote from the Health Australia website:

“The WHO has verified that Australia has no local strain of measles circulating in the community and that we have well-performing surveillance systems to rapidly detect and respond to measles cases.”

The first infected person came from overseas. Brought the measles. The system worked well. It was detected and the next few people that got the disease were also quickly found. No need for panic if you ask me. No need for the hateful rhetoric towards “anti-vax” parents. The health system in Australia did exactly what it was supposed to do and the “outbreak” has been stopped in its tracks.

But instead of telling people in a healthy way that the measles have been detected in Sydney. Ask people to be vigilant for signs of the disease and get medical attention as soon as the symptoms show up. Instead of doing this the media and the medical establishment used it to put the fear into the population. They used it to incite hate towards parents and families that just want to have informed consent. Who have seen what vaccines can do to their children and are scared of the adverse reactions.

We need to start thinking for ourselves. This latest saga shows that the media and the medical professionals in Australia don’t care about the truth. We have to use our own common sense as the medical establishment and the mainstream media have shown they don’t have any. They don’t want people to use their common sense. They want people to be scared and hateful of each other. To divide and conquer. Because when we fight each other we won’t be fighting them. When we think the “anti-vaxxers” are responsible for all the medical problems we won’t attack the medical professionals who should be taking responsibility. We need to maintain strong and see through the misinformation.

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    Thanks for this informative article, from someone living in the US.

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