The Coeliac Vaccine – If you just want to keep on eating…

 By Bernie Smith

Do we need a vaccine for something that isn’t contagious and is simply fixed by changing ones diet. Are we really at that point? 

A professor from Melbourne. Dr. Bob Anderson. The new hero in the vaccine world. A world of finding ways to keep us unhealthy.

Melbone’s Lord Mayor stating “it was rewarding the fellowship had been able to turn Dr Anderson’s vision into a vaccine that would change many peoples’ lives for the better.”’s Grant McArthur stating: “VICTORIANS will be among the first in the world offered a vaccine hoped to cure coeliac disease. The world’s first coeliac disease vaccine is expected to enter full trials later this year, giving Australian patients a chance to overcome their immune reaction to the gluten found in products containing wheat, rye and barley.”


Dr. Bob Anderson who relocated from Melbourne to Boston to further his research into this “much needed” vaccine. He worked in Boston with biotech company ImmunsanT on the Nexvax2 vaccine. Giving him worldwide notoriety.

Now let’s have a look at the facts. Has there been a vaccine ever, that has been able to cure anything. Is being coeliac in anyway contagious? Why would any vaccine have the ability to cure something like this. According to many health professionals gluten are a real problem for the human body. Gluten are in essence a poison and like many poisons that we ingest it becomes a problem when we have too much. Gluten are more harmful to certain people which we then call gluten intolerant. But I have been told that we are all by definition gluten intolerant. Some just more then others.

So now we have a new vaccine. It is being called a vaccine. This is frightening. Why not call it medication? If it was called medication it would mean that people who suffer from coeliac disease would be able to do exactly as Grant McArthur implied in his comments.

But they call it a vaccine. Thus implying that they will give this too everyone. Thus implying that it might be made compulsory. And again I ask the question? Do we need a vaccine for coeliac disease? Do we need a vaccine for something that isn’t contagious and is simply fixed by changing ones diet. Are we really at that point? It just sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

So this just shows again that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing disease and keeping people healthy. 


But I guess this is where we are at now. “Curing” diseases that don’t need curing because we already know the cure. What is next a vaccine for CO2 poisoning. Because it just might be easier to keep on burning fossil fuels. A vaccine for asbestos. Because why take the asbestos out of our environment when we can just have a vaccine. Why not a vaccine for stupidity. Because that’s probably easier then educating people. Although they probably would need that one already.

So this just shows again that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing disease and keeping people healthy. They are all about coming up with new ways of maintaining the status quo. You can’t tell me that they don’t know that in the long term this will still cause trouble. You might stop the immediate immune reaction, but are you stopping the poisoning of the body? Do we know that gluten intolerant people eating gluten aren’t going to suffer some longterm affects from this vaccine.

We know one thing for sure and that is that whatever happens the pharmaceutical companies will make money. In the short term by selling people vaccines and in the longterm by making them more unhealthy.

Seriously. Gluten intolerant people of the world. Just don’t eat gluten. I know it isn’t easy. I love my bread. But hey, we are talking the longterm health of your body. Your temple…..

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  1. ebolainfo says:

    Another basis for rejecting the vaccine paradigm. Ever increasing shedule for every possible ailment/disease.

    • Crystal Gibbs says:

      I hope your child catches whooping cough.
      People like you kill others.

      • admin says:

        That’s very nice. I don’t wish anything on any child to be honest. I just want the world to be a free and fair place for everyone. It’s people like you that just swallow mainstream lies and take on the hatred that are the problem in the world. Stop hating, start loving…

  2. Paul says:

    You have NEVER been on a gluten free diet……………for life. No bread, no pasta………..the alternatives are genuinely CRAP. Bring on the cure whatever it is called!

    • admin says:

      Thats an opinion. And if you rather change your biology to eat something you like. Ok, your choice. Vaccines are not a cure. Vaccines are a treatment and just a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry. And once they have the “vaccine” label affixed they don’t have any liability anymore either…

  3. brent says:

    From experience, having coeliac is not a joyous diease. If you can get away with a few crumbs on a plate and not get sick, I get why you wouldn’t bother with a vaccine. Getting glutened is not a great experience and makes me wanna die, it would great to get some kind of cure or at least a shield from getting glutened would change my life for the better. Just my opinion.

  4. Crystal Gibbs says:

    I believe the writer is uneducated. A vaccine indicates the mechanism of action of the medication. By stimulating an immune response. People with coeliac disease have a constant battle with food being contaminated. It would be nice not to get sick by eating products that are not supposed to contain gluten. Also yes society is glued together by gluten, maybe in general our food products should contain less chemicals. Yes it is riddiculus that jelly snakes, gourmet garden herbs, soy sauce, bacon, sausages etc contain gluten, if it was just a matter of getting away from cardboard tasting bread or pasta that is easy. Only people who can’t cook eat plates of that. But it is also a problem with any corn products, as well as dairy, they contain damaging molecules that react as well. Perhaps if the rest of the world didn’t eat shit and contaminate most foods we wouldn’t be worried about a cure.
    I’d like to buy the writer of this article a shipping container of cigarettes. Because they don’t cause cancer. Haha.
    That’s how intelligent this person is, what they are saying is equivalent.
    I wouldn’t read anything else on this website if this is the quality of their research.

    • admin says:

      I have done years and years of research both online and offline. I have made a conscious decision in regards to medical treatment. This is a fundamental right in a free society. Please don’t read anything on this website. You are probable;ly to far gone in the web of mainstream brainwashing to ever be awoken. Please just stay in your bubble and feed yourself with the lies that were created to enrich a few….

  5. Michelle says:

    To the author of this article…you have no idea what you are talking about with regards to Celiac Disease. It is not as simple as changing the diet. Gluten is everywhere and food is constantly being contaminated. As a result, It is impossible to avoid gluten completely, so Celiac will lead to many other health issues. Do some research before opening your mouth.

    • admin says:

      Your email address makes me think you are a troll. But just in case your not… My article is about the ridiculous situation we are in in regards to vaccines. Even if we do have a cure for intolerance of gluten why market it as a vaccine? That’s the point of the article. Fortunately I don’t write my blog for steeple like you. I write my blog for people that see that there are forces out there that don’t have the best for us in mind. Those people will find it interesting. You can just go back to your bubble and watch mainstream news. My website is way above your level if you don’t want to open up…..

  6. Mike says:

    I’d like to see you try and follow a strict gluten free diet for a couple of weeks,let alone for the rest of your life.
    You’d find it very enlightening, and not a positive one.
    There’s nothing at all “simple” about it, and it’s offensive to suggest otherwise.

    Try talking to a few mothers who LITERALLY have to turn their child’s dietary intake upside down and inside out (tearing their hair out in the process, trying to find appetising or even edible alternatives) and shut down many, maybe most of the everyday “fun” as well as entirely normal choices that “all the other kids” can have. Boy, do you have a lot to learn!

    • admin says:

      Don’t want to offend anyone. But the facts is that this is medication. Not a vaccine. It is a something that can b stopped by changing your intake. SO why take something that could potentially cause more problems when you can just change your diet. Yeah too hard! Shut up. It’s too hard to change diet!! That’s what’s wrong with us… Instead of doing the thing we need to do. we say too hard. Shut up you being insensitive. No let’s just take the medication. That’s the easy way. Choose medication for the rest pf your life over real healing, the real cure…. Too hard…

  7. Josh says:

    As someone who has switched over to a paleo, low fodmap diet and still having symptoms I think this is a necessary treatment that needs to be expedited as fast as possible. I don’t care how it’s marketed just make sure it’s safe.

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