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  1. Sarah Sumner says:

    Typo Not grahame… peter

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    This is so appalling, how dare they do this to such a beautiful child, and loving family. And the Murdoch news story is already pre written, weird that one?

  3. Mel says:

    I cannot believe what unfolded before my eyes on live feeds on Facebook tonight! And then I was led here:/ That poor little boy 🙁 This is so so wrong! The Government, Family Services…I’ve lost all faith in you like many others…this is unjust. God Bless you and your family Chase xxx

  4. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    Peter Devlin
    @peterlancealot twitter

  5. kristyduley says:

    Alison MAHER /,MARR ..OR ALISON MAREE ON FACE BOOK … 3 kids of her. Own 2 sons 1 daughter ….ABBY OLLIE AND MAYBY JAXON OR SOMETHING like that anyhow I have EVERY DETAIL YOU CAN THINK OF ABOUT THIS EVIL LYING KIDNAPPING ALCHOHOLIC ICNCOMPENDENT POWER TRIPING COLD HEARTLESS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN From her home address to where her kids go to school at there ages countless photos of her family and ignorant c9 workers and scumb she hangs with I have proof she faulsifies files and robotically writes report after report with unkenny simualaliit ies of anyone would like to have a look at any of this just inbox me ..PS all my love to all of u guys and preys to make this right i SOO WISH I COULD COME TO HOSPITAL WITH YOU GUYS IF I HAD A CAR IDE BE THERE IN A HEART BEAT TO STAND UP AND BESIDE YOUR BEATIFUL FAMILY XX

    • monika milka says:

      Kristy Duley trying to find you to in box you. Could you please inbox me as I can not find you on Facebook, or i do not know what your profil pic is to know which is you. Cheers monika

  6. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:
    News reporter @DailyMailAU [email protected]
    Peter Devlin @peterlancealot (twitter)
    News reporter @DailyMailAU [email protected]

  7. Jean Byrne says:

    The Sun newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch who would even believe the lies then that would come out of the Telegraph owned by him. All you have to do is look up Justice for the 96 or the The Hillsborough disaster, the Sun lied for decades blaming the fans and only recently was it found in an inquest to be a lie. For years people have banned buying the Sun newspaper

  8. Kathy Allwell says:

    Watched this all happening I am so disgusting so shocking to traumatise a child & his family who are already going through so much & they are doing everything they can for Chase for the love of their son??? my thoughts & prayers are with you all

  9. julie Miller says:

    First Do no Harm – The only people in this situation that “HAVE NO HARMED CHASE” are his parents Cini and Marc Walker-Stevens. All other parties involved are harming Chase. Child Protective Services should only take a child who is at high risk of abuse. It has already been acknowledged by numerous Doctors (again last night at the hospital) and a court magistrate; that Cini and Marc have the best interest of their child first and foremost within how they Care for their vaccine damaged son Chase. The tynarry in Australia is UNACCEPTABLE. #IstandwithChase #BringChaseHome

  10. Patricia says:

    OMG this has really hit me. I am stunned, grieved and too shocked to be angry. I had my suspicions about disappearing kids, but this is the most sinister I can imagine. I would have thought I was paranoid to think this, even though I am aware of the selling of body parts. Medical Professions who we depend on to care for the health of our children, not to mention get rich from keeping us sick with pills. A yearning, primal roar is screaming inside me to get Chase back to his parents. Demand to know WHERE IS CHASE, his supporters want to know and won’t stop until we do. Please everyone post this, make it go viral. The house of cards are falling and this is just the beginning of awareness of the powers that be can do.

  11. Rachealruth says:

    Doc’s government courts have been doing this to families over 20 years here in Australia it needs too stop break the cycle of destroying family’s and therefore too there own families because of immunisation damaged children as my boys where both affected too immunisation damaged .. we are not against immunation if we where our kids wouldn’t be immunised. But they are that’s how they’ve been affected. Peter Little. Cindi walker Meryl dorey rachealruth

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