LIVE BLOG – The Chase Saga Continues – Medical Kidnapping in Australia – Information and Facebook Lives – Follow the Events Unfold

Chase has been missing for over a week now. Chase has not any familiar people around him. Stuck in a hospital with strangers, pumped full of pharmaceuticals and fed a chemical formula. This poor boy was thriving on his natural diet and natural medicine.

We need to stay strong and together. We can’t let this continue. Chase will die in the care of the State!

Follow the events through Facebook Live Videos. The tyrannical medical establishment is chasing Chase again.

Thanks to all the people coming together today and sharing and being involved with this story. Thanks to the wonderful people that have come out on a cold night in Newcastle to stand outside the hospital! Thanks to the beautiful people driving Graeme to the airport across Melbourne and the people driving him from Sydney to Newcastle. We are a beautiful community and together we stand strong. Together we will stop this evil in its tracks!

We need to stand up and make sure he is not drugged. They will kill him if they get a chance.

Please support this family and their struggles by donating money into Chase’s business account.
BSB: 084 134
Account: 393950209

For background information about Chase and his story please read the following story here.


Unfortenately Chase is of today (12 June 2017) still in a hospital room by himself. Chase has been medically kidnapped and there is nothing anyoneca do. Including his loving, caring parents who haven’t seen him since he was taken. We hope to have more and better news soon. However for now there isn’t much to post on this blog. The people involved in the court cases have all been gagged and are not allowed to comment on the case.

Please keep on supporting the family and Chase in their gruesome experience with the child protection system in Australia.


Another night Chase is not home with his family. Another night that this poor kid is left by himself inaan cold and lonely hospital bed. Something will have to happen.

An update from the court in Newcastle. All the people engaged in this case have been gagged and threatened to be put in prison if they speak out. So at this point, there is NO NEW INFORMATION. 



Today the team is back in court. We will update this blog as soon as new information comes out and is available.


– Wednesday 31 May  –


In the last few days not much news has happened. Everyone is working hard behind the scenes to gte Chase home. The team is currently engaged in 2 court cases spread out over 2 states. It is a hard task but everyone close to the team has great confidence in them and their ability to bring Chase home as soon possible.

The post below gives a statement from Cini and Marc and hopes people will keep on fighting to bring Chase home.

– Tuesday 30 May  –

Every day since Chase was kidnapped Karen Burge and the people at the Church of Ubuntu in Newcastle hold daily meetings and prayers to return Chase home.

Cini posted some links in regards to the Channel 7 Sunday Night show that aired tonight. You can find the page with the full show here.

Real News Australia did a great job in putting the Brisbane rally into an 4 minute video. Thanks guys!

Bring Chase Home!!! Bring Chase Home!!!

Some videos of the rally in Brisbane:

Rallies for freedom of medical choices are on their way nationwide. Shout out to all the people and organisers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane!

– Sunday 28 May  –

A Facebook Live from the rotunda in Newcastle from Karen Burge. If you are in Newcastle please join them by the candlelight to get Chase home!

Graeme Live tonight talking about a new whistleblower who told him kids like Chase are worth $5 million to a NGO..

Peter ‘Graeme’ Little Live from Newcastle.

Cini asked people to report the media for breaking their code of conduct. Find out how to do this easily in the post below:

Fake News Stories in the Media – Hold the Media Accountable – HERE IS HOW TO REPORT THEM!


Cini on a Facebook Live in regards to the media’s false reporting.

A beautiful video with music to raise the positive vibrations.



– Saturday 27 May  –

Justine Christerson was Live talking about some of the wishes of Cini and Marc and asked the people involved to refrain from questioning them and to stay positive and focus on getting Chase home.

An update was posted by Justine Christerson today about a photo circulating on social media that has been leaked without permission of the family.



– Friday 26 May  –

 Karen Burge’s Facebook Live from Thursday evening.

Marc and Cini have asked for people to please stop sharing and posting the photo of Chase that was released by accident today. This is the black and white photo of him in the hospital.

Thanks for your consideration.


Please keep on sharing and promoting this petition to Malcolm Turnbull. We are over 80.000 now!!!


Due to everyone who attended court today ending up gagged and unable to talk about the outcome, there will be no update forthcoming. It seems that they had to gag certain people to make sure that the masses won’t see the absolute corruption and tyranny going on in our medical system.

Please use the hashtag #WHEREISCHASEGREG and let’s put the pressure on Greg Hunt to return Chase to his loving family.


It appears as Chase WILL NOT BE RETURNING HOME today. The system is keeping a firm hold on him. Cini and Marc will be allowed to see Chase but he won’t be released into their care as of yet.


Update from Newcastle from Paul Robert Burton of the Church of Ubuntu.


Live Facebook video from Karen Burge outside the Broadmeadows courthouse.

Today Cini and Marc are due in court again. This time to fight guardianship claims of the NSW government!
If you are in the Newcastle area please consider supporting Cini and Marc at the Broadmeadows Court today at 9 am!



 – Thursday 25 May  –

A complete and utter misrepresentation of Chase, his family and the people helping him. How many lies of the mainstream media will it take before they tell and represent the truth?

Post from the AVN on Cini and Marc and the rallies being organised all around Australia on Sunday.

The saga of Chase Walker-Steven and his appalling treatment at the hands of Children’s Services and the media…

Please share far and wide people. We need Greg to understand it his ass on the line here!


Peter “Graeme” Little’s status update putting the pressure on Australian health minister Greg Hunt!


Peter “Graeme” Little’s post showing that he just was issued his practicing certificate and will now be able to represent people in court.


Support Cini and Marc tomorrow at the Broadmeadows Children’s Court in Newcastle!


Peter “Graeme” Little this morning on the HUNT for CHASE. Let’s all #HUNTCHASE today!!

Another day with Chase alone without support for him. Without his family or advocates present. We will not stop until Chase is returned to his family and the parents’ treatment options approved!


 – Wednesday 24 May  –

A status update from Marc tonight. Asking people to not go and advocate for the family without their explicit consent.

On Thursday there will be a court hearing in New South Wales. The court order that is holding Chase ends on Wednesday. This would mean that Chase might be back with his loving parents and family by Wednesday or Thursday.

Stay tuned!

A video showing Cini talking about her concerns in regard to Chase’s abduction.

This article was published on Australia National review today. It is about a “certain” 4-year-old disabled boy.

4 Year-Old Disabled Boy Stolen From His Parents – Latest Update – 23 May 2017

Peter ‘Graeme’ Little Live from the courthouse in Beenleigh.

Live from the protest outside the Beenleigh Courthouse today.

The court case at Beenleigh Court today was adjourned for 2 weeks. This case has nothing to do wit Chase not currently being home and is a separate custody battle from the one currently holding Chase in New South Wales.
At this point, Chase is still being kidnapped by the authorities without anyone in his family or support team having any idea of his whereabouts.

Another day without Chase being home with his family. At 9 am today Chase’s family is due to be in court in Beenleigh in the Brisbane area. Updates to follow!


  – Tuesday 23 May  –

Tomorrow 23 May there will be a protest / gathering at the Beenleigh Court in Brisbane. Please support if you are able.


Crazzfiles Truth Hammer Podcast on the Chase story.

Truth Hammer Podcast With Adam & Bernie (Chasing Home)

For everyone in the Brisbane area. Would be great if you could show your support at the Beenleigh Court tomorrow morning. Show them we support the family! #BringChasehome #ISTANDWITHCHASE (and obviously it is Tuesday 23 May!)



Justine Christerson from a roundabout in Brisbane. Making people aware of Chase and his kidnapping. With an amazing testimony of a Gardasil vaccination injury. Who was dragged through the system as a result of that.

Justine Christerson Live

Peter Little Live from John Hunter Hospital.

Karen Burge Live from John Hunter Hospital.

Facebook Live from John Hunter Hospital with Peter Little and Karen Burge. Trying to get the blood results for the court case tomorrow in Brisbane!

A post posted by Graeme “Peter” Little at 2.10pm. Which has information about the case:

TRANSCRIPT –  I relocated myself to a safe place this morning when the heat escalated – to be as highly productive as possible today to get Chase back. There is an unusual frenzy of confusion today because our enemies are panicking as they realise their spiderweb game might be up. THEIR tactics with Cini Walker are a regular feature of these tug of wars between CHEMICAL SATANISTIC PATHOLOGICAL FORCES and those of us who pursue NATURAL HEALTH LIVING.

I have been told by a whistleblower where Chase has been kept and I think he is still there. In the circumstances you will understand the irony and the inevitably of the participants in the first class action for the deceit behind the Vitamin K injection which greeted Chase in his first 18 minutes of life nearly five years ago.

I am absolutely certain a kind nurse is looking over Chase albeit way too scared to tell me now. We will inevitably meet one day when Chase is safely back in the arms of his mother Cini Walker, before she was brutally assaulted by police JUST DOING THE DIRTY WORK FOR A CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANT.

Every minute of every day is a horror movie for me since I have been acting as a health politics advocate on a pro bono basis for both bullied natural health praccies and extraordinary mums and dads like Cini Walker and Marc Alexander Steven- trust me that the number of heads to roll over the #huntchase saga is escalating as each hour of illegality passes.

I pray, like all of you on the pro Natural Health team and maybe a fair chunk of those of you who TRUST YOUR DRUG COCKTAIL DOCTOR, that Chase is being sensitively cared for right now at the John Hunter Hospital. One non evidenced based move administering a drug not approved for a four year old will land that paediatrician in the fight for his medical career. I can be quite persistent, resilient and focused.

Plus a RED ALERT WARNING to all of the DOCTORS IN CHARGE of Chase at the John Hunter Hospital – all the staff are watching you and every nurse has a mandatory legal obligation to report any of those doctors to AHPRA for professional misconduct. I spent 55 days assisting in a 2013 professional misconduct case so I know my way around the AHPRA code and standards of conduct.

Rest assured every nurse treating Chase RIGHT NOW will be as critically examined in the aftermath of this fraudulent satanic theft of a disabled boy, AS ANY NURSE IN HISTORY HAS EVER BEEN HELD TO ACCOUNT. If that statement borders upon intimidation or blackmail, I will tender the No JAB NO PAY legislation in my defence. #huntchase #turnthebullin#fightpharmacorruption ????

Whistleblowers unite – let me know of any mother who has given birth in the John Hunter since 18 May 2017 – the day before the #huntchase assault and theft ? WHY – just got a question or two about the day one jabs – Vit K and Hep B.

Contact me on 0402 904749 or [email protected]

Love as always for Chase, Cini, Marc, Neveah and Summer – sure we will be having the longest hugs of all time real soon. Trust me – I am about to put the turbocharger on – and it will not be pretty for our enemies. I repeat, I am in the perfect spot today to churn out what we need to support all the obvious legal remedies being pursued by the top GUN QCs as we speak. What are they? You will find out soon. And for all the doubters, I confirm I have focused this morning on the NO 1 legal strategy being driven by the Church of Ubuntu warrior heads.

#Goodjobchase – you get the biggest hug of all tonight. C u back at the Church tonight for the celebrations.

Off to buy some cheap clothes at BIG W – only had my bike gear on when I travelled to Newcastle. Better still, where is Vinnies – hope they have a nice tight fitting blue suit and white shirt and red tie – getting pretty swampy.

Oh, and where was I at 4.30pm on Friday 19th May when police rocked up with a warrant to seize Chase outside the Church of Ubuntu in Newcastle – ironically and hopefully karmicly, I was with Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt’s electoral gun at Hastings, having travelled by pushbike and public transport down from Melbourne – TOPIC – my complaint to the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner lodged last Thursday 18 May AGAINST the ROYAL WOMENS HOSPITAL in Melbourne relating to the VIT K cover up of the ACUTE LEUKAEMIA RISK consistently shown in multiple studies in the 1990’S. Plus I also foreshadowed what my next complaint would be – a link with the Hep B injection routinely given also on day one of our newborn’s life – wait for it – a nine times greater increase in neurological disorders . #huntchase


Graeme “Peter” Little’s facebook Live from around 2pm.


Graeme “Peter” Little has not been sacked nor does the family has any concerns WHATSOEVER in his handling of this case! Graeme is an integral part of the family’s support team.

Great and heartbreaking video. Showing the story in a short 6 minute video. Please share far and wide people!

Cini and Marc have asked us for our help! They need people to show their support today in both Brisbane and Newcastle. If you have time and are willing please join one of these events today!

Request by Cini and Marc, parents of Chase Walker-Smith:

Could those who support this family in the Newcastle area please do the following.

They have asked that people assemble at 9 AM outside of the Newcastle Courthouse. From there, the assemblage can move to the FACS office and from there, to the John Hunter Hospital where the assembled members of the public can peacefully enter the Hospital chapel to pray for the safe return of Chase to his family.

Cini has requested we all contact police to report a missing child, she asked we issue our own amber alert.

Contact FaCS and reporter a child’s emotional and physical needs are not being met.

Cini has requested others in QLD to also do the same thing at Browns Plains child protection office, the Lady Cilento Hospital, Etc.

It is also requested that wherever you are in Australia, you visit your local hospital’s chapel and pray for Chase’s quick return. Write his name on the papers provided and put them into the boxes available at the chapels. Take a picture of yourselves doing this and post them to facebook with the hastags #bringchasehome #istandforchase #chasinghope and any other hashtags that will come up in searches for his name.


 – Monday 22 May  –

A status update from Marc the father of Chase. You don’t need to thank us, Marc! We are fighting for way more than just Chase! And this is why we will not go away!


Over the last few hours information has been appearing about a doctor/researcher at the Lady Cilento Hospital. There are no confirmed connections to this doctor. The Truth Library will publish all relevant information. Judge for yourself!

In the following screenshot the ‘evidence’ is laid out:

TRANSCRIPT – Following on from (WITHELD) post in I Stand With Chase, I have started to dig a little and have found some disturbing things.

I don’t know if this woman is involved in any way in Chase’s case, but if she is, this will be important info.

Roslyn Boyd is doing trials on children with cerebral palsy. She works at Lady Cilento and is a researcher who has received many grants.

I found this trial of hers: “Identifying red flags for feeding difficulties and nutritional status in children and young people with cerebral palsy. (2017–2018)”

It is funded by Nutricia B.V. They are a company who make nutritional supplements e.g. PEG formula that Cini is being hounded to use.

I want to find out the name of the formula being recommended for Chase. If it’s Nutricia and if Roslyn is part of this case, there is a MASSIVE conflict of interest as she is being paid by Nutricia.

Does that make sense? More digging required.

Someone else found a screenshot which seems to indicate Chase was indeed being fed the nutritional formula talked about in the above post.
This screenshot was taken from an article first published by Australia national review

Some more people found these screenshots:

Again. Don’t know if it has anything to do with where Chase might be at this time. Or who and what might be involved. Worth sharing and for people to make up their own mind!

Brilliant video showing the massive support for Chase and his family!

PLEASE CALL POLICE AND ASK THEM WHY THIS KID WAS KIDNAPPED. Watch Cini’s appeal to everyone on the Peter Little’s Facebook Live below!

Help this family!!

Cini needs us all to call 132 111! NSW Child Services after hours!!!

We need everyone to call 132 111 and ask the people at CHILD SERVICES AFTER HOURS WHY CHASE”S RIGHTS AREN’T MET??!!
Call and ask why Chase is not with his family. Why they are denying this child his rights!!!!

Graeme “Peter” Little Live today with an update on the Chase for Chase! Calling Child Services After Hours Hotline!

Please share and sign the following petition! LINK

The Chase for Chase continues today. The family and their warriors are locating Chase and making sure he will return home as soon as possible.

Please stay tuned to this live feed for new breaking stories.

Chase and his family are grateful for your continuing support and ask you to share and get this story out there.


 – Sunday 21 May  –

Although it might seem quiet. Many people are working hard on getting Chase back to his family!

Please share the following petition and keep on posting, sharing and talking about Chase and his families ordeal.

There will be a vigil outside of Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane today please join us! The address is 501 Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

I will be there by noon – others will be there sooner because they are closer. Come and spend an hour there supporting Chase, Cini and Mark!

If anyone wants to call me, they can do so by using the Call Now button on this page but please be aware that I will be in the car driving and won’t answer the phone if that’s the case

Meryl Dorey

Dan DeBurriate and family member of Marc Stevens spoke to hospital staff at lady Cilento. They deny Chase being there or having anything to do with the medical kidnapping.

Hospital staff to talk to some protesters.

3.05pm – Will there be answers in Brisbane this afternoon? Will someone from the hospital come and talk to the protesters.

2.40pm – Protesters outside the Lady Cilento Hospital in moving towards the entrance of the hospital. Interference by security.

2.20pm – Peter ‘Graeme’ Little Live from Newcastle.

Meryl Dorey was live again from the park across from the Lady Cilento Hospital. Please go an join the protest in the next few hours!

Email sent to Cini and Marc before this whole saga unfolded. Notifying them of an appointment on 23 May. Obviously, they didn’t have any immediate issues at the time of this email being written.

Some still shots of the 2 DOCS (child services) workers and the sergeant, responsible enforcing this horrible, tyrannical medical kidnap.


Live video from Meryl Dorey from outside the Lady Cilento Hospital.

Groups of people have gathered at the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane as well as the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. We will keep you updated on any events unfolding throughout the day.
If you are in the vicinity of either of these hospitals please join these peaceful protests and show our support for this family.
If you aren’t able to join the protests. Please keep on sharing this story. We need the people of Australia and the world to see and understand what is really happening here!

 – Saturday 20 May  –

4.44am Graeme (Peter Little) Live on Facebook with an update. Chase taken by the government and they HAVE NOT TAKEN his medication that will stop him from having seizures.

Cini is bruised all over her arm and hand from police brutality. Despicable.

The documents that have Chase kidnapped from his family! Lies and outrageous claims. Corruption of the tyrannical, medical establishment in Australia!

Justine Christerson. Human rights activist in Queensland and a strong supporter of Cini, Marc, and Chase and the rest of the family!

Graeme had a shock getting off the plane. Live from the car on his way to Newcastle.

TRASH ALERT – The media lies continue!!! Murdoch’s Telegraph spreading the propaganda!

Chase has been taken away from his parents. Cini was beaten and roughed up by the police while trying to hold on to her boy. There is no medical basis for this intervention and Cini and Marc have consistently won their right to take care of Chase as his parents. This is a medical tyranny showing its face!

Marc was locked in a bathroom so they could take Chase away!!! Watch him live!!

Chase in the hospital without anyone looking out for him! Under the control of DOCS (Child Services)!!

Paul Robert Burton Live with an update from John Hunter Hospital.

Update on Cini getting arrested from Karen Burge at John Hospital:

 “The doctor said Chase was not in any medical danger and was able to go home but had to ask docs, 5 mins later we heard Cini screaming and being dragged from
Emergency by police every one that went to her aid was sprayed with pepper spray ?”

Cini arrested by the police. Doctor confirmed he is not in medical danger. They are still taking Chase!!!! Child Services are the devil!! Protesters capsicum sprayed!

Karen Burge’s live from the protest outside of John Hunter Hospital!
#IstandwithChase – Make it go VIRAL!!!

Karen Burge’s and Paul Robert Burton’s live of the moment the police and child services are trying to take Chase away from his loving family!

Graeme’s plane is set to leave Melbourne at 9.20pm. He is due to arrive in Sydney at 10.45pm. A beautiful person has stood up and is willing to take him to Newcastle by car. Graeme should be at John Hunter Hospital around 1 am!

Graeme made it the airport on time and is waiting for his plane to leave!

Cini was assaulted.

Graeme frantically trying to get to the airport on time!

Graeme first talking about this story from in front of Greg Hunt’s office in hastings!

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  1. Sarah Sumner says:

    Typo Not grahame… peter

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    This is so appalling, how dare they do this to such a beautiful child, and loving family. And the Murdoch news story is already pre written, weird that one?

  3. Mel says:

    I cannot believe what unfolded before my eyes on live feeds on Facebook tonight! And then I was led here:/ That poor little boy 🙁 This is so so wrong! The Government, Family Services…I’ve lost all faith in you like many others…this is unjust. God Bless you and your family Chase xxx

  4. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    Peter Devlin
    @peterlancealot twitter

  5. kristyduley says:

    Alison MAHER /,MARR ..OR ALISON MAREE ON FACE BOOK … 3 kids of her. Own 2 sons 1 daughter ….ABBY OLLIE AND MAYBY JAXON OR SOMETHING like that anyhow I have EVERY DETAIL YOU CAN THINK OF ABOUT THIS EVIL LYING KIDNAPPING ALCHOHOLIC ICNCOMPENDENT POWER TRIPING COLD HEARTLESS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN From her home address to where her kids go to school at there ages countless photos of her family and ignorant c9 workers and scumb she hangs with I have proof she faulsifies files and robotically writes report after report with unkenny simualaliit ies of anyone would like to have a look at any of this just inbox me ..PS all my love to all of u guys and preys to make this right i SOO WISH I COULD COME TO HOSPITAL WITH YOU GUYS IF I HAD A CAR IDE BE THERE IN A HEART BEAT TO STAND UP AND BESIDE YOUR BEATIFUL FAMILY XX

    • monika milka says:

      Kristy Duley trying to find you to in box you. Could you please inbox me as I can not find you on Facebook, or i do not know what your profil pic is to know which is you. Cheers monika

  6. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:
    News reporter @DailyMailAU [email protected]
    Peter Devlin @peterlancealot (twitter)
    News reporter @DailyMailAU [email protected]

  7. Jean Byrne says:

    The Sun newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch who would even believe the lies then that would come out of the Telegraph owned by him. All you have to do is look up Justice for the 96 or the The Hillsborough disaster, the Sun lied for decades blaming the fans and only recently was it found in an inquest to be a lie. For years people have banned buying the Sun newspaper

  8. Kathy Allwell says:

    Watched this all happening I am so disgusting so shocking to traumatise a child & his family who are already going through so much & they are doing everything they can for Chase for the love of their son??? my thoughts & prayers are with you all

  9. julie Miller says:

    First Do no Harm – The only people in this situation that “HAVE NO HARMED CHASE” are his parents Cini and Marc Walker-Stevens. All other parties involved are harming Chase. Child Protective Services should only take a child who is at high risk of abuse. It has already been acknowledged by numerous Doctors (again last night at the hospital) and a court magistrate; that Cini and Marc have the best interest of their child first and foremost within how they Care for their vaccine damaged son Chase. The tynarry in Australia is UNACCEPTABLE. #IstandwithChase #BringChaseHome

  10. Patricia says:

    OMG this has really hit me. I am stunned, grieved and too shocked to be angry. I had my suspicions about disappearing kids, but this is the most sinister I can imagine. I would have thought I was paranoid to think this, even though I am aware of the selling of body parts. Medical Professions who we depend on to care for the health of our children, not to mention get rich from keeping us sick with pills. A yearning, primal roar is screaming inside me to get Chase back to his parents. Demand to know WHERE IS CHASE, his supporters want to know and won’t stop until we do. Please everyone post this, make it go viral. The house of cards are falling and this is just the beginning of awareness of the powers that be can do.

  11. Rachealruth says:

    Doc’s government courts have been doing this to families over 20 years here in Australia it needs too stop break the cycle of destroying family’s and therefore too there own families because of immunisation damaged children as my boys where both affected too immunisation damaged .. we are not against immunation if we where our kids wouldn’t be immunised. But they are that’s how they’ve been affected. Peter Little. Cindi walker Meryl dorey rachealruth

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