THE CHASE FOR JUSTICE – Peter Little’s Chase for Chase’s Order Papers – The Medical Tyrannical Corruption Exposed!!

The day after the chase for Chase! Peter Little is tirelessly running around Brisbane. Trying to uncover the truth about the Care and Treatment Order that doesn’t seem to exist and showing the blatant corruption going on. Harassment, intimidation, manipulation and defamation are just a few of the terms that come to mind when you start realising the true extent of this story!

See the family having a day at the beach. Ask yourself does Chase look like a kid that needs to be in the hospital? Watch Cini’s Facebook Live.

Watch the revelations about Vitamin K and the Queensland Health Act.

Revelations that would the police have known, the Amber Alert would have never been issued.
Who is responsible for this complete screw-up? Someone will have to pay!

Read all about this story and see all the revelations from the day of the amber alert. Watch for yourself and see the corruption and tyrannical medical system in action in this post from 28 April 2017.

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  1. Keith Reply

    These parents have been screwed over by the incompetent, misguided, ineffective medical system who are backed up by a self serving, money/power hungry government with huge vested interest. Both of these systems have very little regard for the citizens of this country. IT’S TIME THAT PEOPLE STARTED REALIZING THAT.

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