The chase for Chase – The Tyrannical Medical Establishment Showed Their Real Ugly Face in Australia

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  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    sorry been blocked again, will try and repost this to both twitter and facebook tomorrow.

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    twitter worked, facebook still blocking, god bless you all, never give up…….. Well done.

  3. This is much more than ‘anti vax’ and medical cannabis, this happens to parents of seriously ill children at LCCH very frequently, parents who vaccinate their kids and parents who use prescribed meds and even have their children fed ‘nutritional liquid’.
    This is nothing new and something that our Govt and opposition have turned a blind eye to in Qld.
    Multitudes of parents are investigated just for being an advocate for their child.
    This is the core of the root problem, this hospital has staff who are authorised by a mefical degree to inflict intimidation and fear into parents who disagree with a prescribed treatment. It occurs when parents want a second opinion or further investigation, not just to those wanting medical cannabis or refuse vaccinations because of the vaccination injury.
    I walked the journey with too many parents, have reassured too many parents while talking on the phone that they are not alone that sadly there are many in the same situation.
    Our only public children’s hospital is a Government in it’s own right, it has the power to write to GP’s, Specialists and other hospitals to influence health workers to not treat the child, prescribe medications or refer for further testing.
    It stopped being about ‘in the best interest of the child’ and became ‘in the protection of the hospital’ a long time ago.
    Meanwhile there are seriously sick kids who are not able to obtain any healthcare outside of this hospital because someone decided this.
    There are children deteriorating while parents experience mental and emotional anguish as they watch their child suffer because of such decisions.
    The people who are making these orders are the ones neglecting and harmong the child and for that reason it must be acted upon and no longer annoyed.
    Perhaps QPS could have written in the amber alert ‘ Parents of 4 yr old child refusing medical treatment are fleeing the state because advocating for your child in Qld can cause you to be considered dangerous to your child’

    Join me and many other parents that can say this has happened to them –

    • Karren says:

      So true these parents are doing what they see is bwst fir their child who knows a child better then the parents

  4. Amandarose says:

    I would stick with facts in this case, about the poor support from the QLD health services, the heavy handed approach of th hospital and the benefits of canabis.
    The reality is most kids with CP will never know what caused it and saying it was vitamin k or vaccines is a stretch.
    I can also see why the hospital may have initially been concerned as he lost over half his body weight in a very short period of time. I just think a better approach would have been to address her concerns and support her homemade Feds so they get it right. I wouldn’t say allergic is the correct term either for th food. Overfeding most likely caused the symptoms but if the ingredients irritated him and made him feel yuck, why not try a lactose free one? This is an intollerance not an allergy – but they can still cause seizures. Her claims he was puffed up due to inflammation is incorrect- puffed up by too many calories and fluid retention from medication more likely.
    As for poly pharmacy- legitamate issue and sometimes I think doctors do get it wrong and mess up people’s quality of life by being blinkered to the real and present issues with many medications. I don’t think they do it deliberately as all doctors do it to help people but some are just not very good at it or underconfident with ceasing medications.
    This is not so much a story of corruption as arrogance and poor communication and people skills at the hospital. Clearly Cini could see issues with her son and they were not listening.
    Doctors are not paid off by drug companies- a few decades ago they we definatley coerced to prescribe with bribes like overseas holidays etc but that has been stamped out. The reps still twist their words to make drugs look better then they really are though- ie presenting things as reducing risk by 90% when the risk of almost zero is a mute point. I say ban reps and they do manipulate doctors inadvertently with their samples and spin.
    I support pro choice with vaccines and unbiased information but their seems to be conspiracy theories on one side and and arrogant ” their is no debate on vaccines ” from the other. Their is a middle ground and not all vaccines are equal.
    I think Cini is a awesome Mum and was very impressive on MMM. Best of luck with decent support in NSW. I hope services get off your back and you get the help you need managing your sons food. I would also suggest while using real food where you can being a little bit more lenient on your self. You won’t always be able to get organic and the reality is that’s ok, any additives will not cause seizures. Buy home grown food, often not labeled organic as they are not certified but still grown with those principles and much cheaper at local co-ops etc. Have the odd can of formula for when you really don’t have the stamina to home cook. They make some without as many additives and lactose and crap and hopefully you can trial it with the new hospital. The Medical marijuana is clearly wonderful – hopefully better access son for more kids.
    I was so hearted broken listening to her story of Facebook live. A wonderful fierce mother fighting for her son.

  5. Lynne says:

    May God be with you and your son and in your fight for justice. Loving wishes to you.

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