Q-Anon and the War with the Deep State – I Want to Believe, I Just Can’t Believe It Yet!

Written by Bernie Smith


The Trump-Deep State War

So many stories are going around about the Syrian airstrikes. It is hard to see what is really going on. The chemical weapon attack that appeared to be a false flag. The retaliation by the USA, UK and France and the warmongering toward Russia. I think many people had hoped that Trump would stop these wars for oil, money, and power. But there might be another side to this story altogether. And maybe Trump is fighting for our best interest after all. I can’t say that I believe it. But I really want to believe it.

The rumours that say that President Trump’s administration is at war with the deep state. The intelligence state that controls the world behind the scenes. This would be a great scenario for a movie and it appears that we are binge-watching a real-time House of Cards. People get fired, sometimes killed. There are the drama and the accusations. If true it is truly unbelievable and will be the story of many movies, TV shows, and books for decades to come.

The mainstream media plays a large role in getting the script out there. Just pushing the narratives that need to be pushed to keep most of the population unaware of what is really happening. Lately, I have been following the posts from Q or Q-Anon. It has been very interesting and the things that we can verify appear to be all true. According to people that have closely followed and researched Q. He is a military intelligence operative. Or maybe a group of some or many of them. No one really knows and there is no way to really confirm any of this.

Q always writes in riddles. Making people do their own research. Trying to educate people. People have suggested that this is because if he would just dump the real information he would be doing something illegal as he has the “Q” Security Clearnace level. The following video from December 2017 tries to dissect who Q is or are.

This video goes through his earlier post at the end of 2017 and early 2018. Giving a great summary in 20 minutes.


World War 3 and the Russians

Are we really on the brink of all-out war? Do the US and Russia really have that many issues? Or could it be that some theories that Q has amplified be the truth? What if Russia is helping Trump go after the deep state. A theory that could have legitimacy as Russia would benefit from a less powerful and more domestically focussed US. What if the US is really run by some psychopaths who have billions or even trillions and use their money and power. To make more money and get more and more power?

What if Trump saw what was going on. That he is “the chosen one “to take down the deep state? Wouldn’t that be the plot of a movie or even the main storyline in 10 seasons of a TV show? We are watching a script being played out here. Again if true it defies believe?

The question is if the script has Trump written in there. Or is he the one going off script? Objectively looking at this theory it could be easily a dividing tactic from the deep state to keep us occupied and move forward with their plan of taking over the world. But if he isn’t part of the deep state, what’s happening? Well, that’s where it becomes really hard to follow. He is trying to take down Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. He has been going after big pharma and vaccines. Since he has been in office many high-level government officials have been arrested for child pornography and sex trafficking charges. Could it be that Pizzagate and Pedogate are true? That we are being led by an evil cult of child molesting psychopaths? We would need a very strong person with the ability to not get compromised or not care to take down something like that.

While the Democrats are throwing everything at Trump to get him impeached and out of office it becomes clearer that something must be going on. Although I don’t think any of these democrat, Trump-hating, people realize that Mike Pence. The Vice President. Would be much worse. A radical extremist Christian is not going to do anything good for the USA. I just don’t believe we should have any extremes running the country.

The issue, however, is that if Trump and the deep state are involved in this war it would be fought outside America as well. European leaders who are loyal to the globalist and the deep state would be trying to undermine trump as well. Which is something that we see snippets off when the European Union pushes for strikes on Syria and also refuse to wait for evidence on things that Syria or Russia supposedly did?

This is where the theory gets credibility again. The deep state appears to be really pushing to undermine Trump. They use every media outlet and the tech giants like YouTube, Google, and Facebook to smear and attack trump. It has been a constant attack since around the time of his nomination as the Republican candidate. This gives credibility to the theory that Trump is this outsider who is doing things the globalist don’t like. And that gives credit Q. Because if there would ever be a time to stop this evil plan of world domination. Now is the time.


The Syrian Lies

Syria. The chemical attacks that appear to be a false flag. Take away all the evidence pointing in that direction and you still left with Assad being in a winning position. Days away from defeating his opponents. Why would he attack with chemical weapons and jeopardise being attacked by the US? The whole thing just doesn’t seem to make too much sense.

In this video below President Assad denies that he is the one using the chemical weapons.

And in this video, a child gives evidence of a false flag attack.

Through the riddles, Q has sent out since October. It has been clear that Russia and the USA might be a lot closer and less hostile then the mainstream media is portraying. According to one theory, the strike by the USA, UK, and France was a strike to shut the media up after the so-called chemical attack. According to this theory, the Russians and Syrians were warned and they got given time to bring their people and weapons to a safe place. A theory that is even been confirmed by mainstream media analysts after Trump tweeted the following message. Apparently warning Russia of the impending missiles.

This video below goes into the Syrian airstrikes and the messages from both President Trump and Q.

Imagine a war going on within the US government. A war that will determine if we are going to end up enslaved and part of one world government that is set on making us poorer and them richer. Or are we on the brink of the awakening where a group of people will expose the corruption and fraud. Where the masses get to see, without a doubt, how we are literally enslaved in this system. A world where we get a second chance to do it better for everyone. Not just a few. How amazing would that be? That’s the potential if these theories turn out to be true.

I want to believe. I just can’t believe it until it happens. I follow the Q posts and will do my own research as Q intended people to do from the start. In the end, these theories make too much sense. There are too many coincidences.

I have never been a massive Trump fan. But I can’t wait for him to finish this path he is on. I don’t know if we can trust him if he does win. But what I do know is that he is by far our best bet to stop this world from sliding into an evil oblivion.

If you want to see all the posts for yourself. You can find them here (https://qanon.pub/)

Or alternatively you can see the extensive documentaries below called the Book of Q.

The Book of Q – Video Documentary


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