OFFICIAL PROOF 9-11 Was an inside job – Coincidence that we have terrorism and a coup to stop media from reporting on it?

By Bernie Smith

Come on Steeple. 9-11 happened the day after we heard trillions were missing from the US budget. Now we see proof that it was an inside job or at least orchestrated from Saudi Arabia. But nothing happens…. Coincidence we had Nice and a Turkish coup??



This is big news. The 28 suppressed pages from the 911 report have finally been released. They show a direct link between the attack and the US no. 1 ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

There just happens to be real no media coverage for it. Coincidence that the Nice attack happened the day before and the day it was released the military in Turkey try and over throw the government.

Who believes in coincidences…..

9-11 Was an Inside Job!!!


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