Media Recap – The Irrefutable Evidence of Health Minister Hennessy Lying

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Evidence Jill Hennessy and/or her staff fabricated the abusive tweet story

1. Wawasonqo Tweet – A private message from Irene Beune via facebook who is the owner of this twitter username confirms she has never sent a tweet, never heard of Jill and that she is a medical doctor from the Netherlands who supports vaccination. Google search also indicates her account has never been cached which means no activity on her account since she set it up on Friday 11th March, 2011 at 9:08am. Irene has since deactivated her account.

2. Ausfreedom21 – Google cache history reveals no account has existed on twitter with this username. We were also able to register the account on Sat 22nd Oct 2016 at 7:39am – 2 days after the allegations broke. Twitter does not allow for an existing username to be registered unless the account has been deactivated for more than 30 days. You’ll also note the person who registered the account just tweeted Jill (12:17pm)

The following screen shots were found thanks to Reasonable Hank (aka Peter Tierney) who tweeted them WITHOUT hiding surnames of any of the individuals on 21/10/16 as evidence that these “tweets” from “anti-vaxxers” were real. This is who we believe provided Jill with the screen shots so that she could use it as evidence that our community were harassing her.

3. A half quoted “tweet” from Donna missing crucial info including Jills’ censorship of the documentary Vaxxed – from cover up to catastrophe which provides irrefutable evidence that the Centre for Disease Control have known for at least 14 years that vaccines do cause autism. You’ll note this “tweet” was also a post made in a closed Facebook group called Anti-Vaccination Australia – not directed at Jill.

4. More screenshots proving these “tweets” were never sent to Jill but were comments made in a closed Facebook group called Unvaccinated Australia by parents of vaccine injured children following Jills ridiculous claim that “There are no risks in vaccinating your children” – a statement NOT supported by the vaccine manufacturer.



5. The following could not be found on Facebook, backs tweets, Google cache search or Twitters advanced search tool option that allows you to search for keywords in tweets sent to a specific individual. Here is the link to verify the tweets don’t exist


– 2 x twitter usernames provided are either fake accounts or belong to a doctor in the Netherlands who has never sent a tweet in her life.
– 8 of the 14 “tweets” were real comments made by “anti-vaxxers” in closed Facebook groups and never directed at Jill following two major events involving Jill which sent our community into uproar (censoring Vaxxed documentary due to play at Castlemaine Film Festival & Jill irresponsibly stating that there are no risks to vaccination). Would this be the equivalent of Pauline Hanson infiltrating Islamic groups to find out what they thought of her so she could cry foul to the media about being abused online?
– 9 of the alleged “tweets” were addressing Jill as ‘her’ indicating they were comments made about Jill but not to Jill. The remaining 5, the ones that leave no online foot print anywhere, address Jill as ‘you’, indicating they were comments made direct to her. Note these comments are the most inflammatory comments made, calling her a whore, criminal, pedophile and wishing cancer on her. – If any of the missing “tweets” were emails sent to Jill or comments made elsewhere, why were they represented as tweets (note the twitter logo beside each image in the video) by the Herald Sun? Their article headline breaking the story was “Jill Hennessy gets abusive tweets from anti-vaccine campaigners” and they have since removed the article and now represent it as social media comments instead.
– If the abusive comments were as unrelenting as Jill claimed, why was there a need to make up even a single tweet?

A full investigation into the story can be found here


8 Responses

  1. JP-PF says:

    The Facebook messages WERE directed at the Minister. If you think they weren’t then you really need a frontal lobotomy.

    • admin says:

      So when people talk in a closed group about a certain person it is abuse? The person is not privy to the conversation so it can never be abuse of that person. If the person goes ot of her way to turn these people into abusers it kind of takes away from the abuse don’t you think. Or should Pauline Hanson start monitoring anti-racist and islamic groups for what they say about her? Should Clinton start suing Trump supporters for what they say about her? Not a chance.

    • John says:

      You need only go to the pro-side, it’s no different, loads of hate and abuse. Go talk to the CLIFF organisers, they got heaps of abuse. The HAP page had people daily checking in to hurl hate. The behaviour is beyond childish. People have a right to express alternative science views, it is a dangerous society when we do not allow for differing opinions. Book burning anyone?

    • John says:

      And then there are the people who stalk others of different opinions trying to shut down their opinions – some day when I see all this hatred I just want to leave this world. The cruelty, small mindedness, and the rest breaks my heart.

  2. John says:

    I’m over how awful everyone is to each other. Over the past three months I have never been so horrified by human behaviour.

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