Mainstream Media – Pathological Liars Unable to Change Direction

Donald Trump against all odds won the election. Why did he win and why was it such a surprise to so many people. Why was it that every mainstream media channel was completely on the side of the Clinton’s? Why was it that no “respected” journalist working for a mainstream outlet saw this coming and stopped the bias reporting from happening.

Hillary lost the election, but in her wake, there were a lot more losers. Wall Street, big pharma, the war machine and last but definitely not least, the mainstream “lamestream” media. If one thing came out of this election. It will be the establishment panicking. The mainstream media lost all their credibility. If one thing was proven this election than it is that not many people take their “truth and facts” from mainstream news anymore. And fair enough. The media apparatus has been lying and throwing us curve balls for decades. From CNN covering the first Gulf War to the media pushing for the invasion of Iraq, not asking questions about 9-11 and now this absolute bias reporting on the last presidential election.

imagesThe media and most of its journalists have lost their credibility and it is time that they did something about it. Come to terms with your mistakes and try and salvage what you have left. But this is not what is happening. The media has been attacking every alternative media outlet in the world by stating that they are the only ones reporting the truth. An absolute proven lie, I might add. Time and time again the mainstream media establishment has shown that they do not care about telling the truth. They don’t even come clean and own up to their mistakes when they are proven wrong. Which creates the narrative of them never being wrong. Exactly what they go for I reckon.

The media had a choice to make when Trump got elected. They could have gone and decided that the time had come to own up to their mistakes and start telling the truth. To become the journalistic arm that every democratic society needs to ensure true democratic process. But they didn’t. They went into defensive mode. Trump bashing mode and to cover that slightly, they would occasionally say that everyone would have to give him a chance. But the media is not giving him a chance. They want to maintain control. And the way the establishment is trying to save face at the moment shows me that they don’t control him.

screen-shot-2016-07-29-at-09-33-50So after the sour taste of the election and the people coming to terms with Trump being the elected president, the media came with their plan to stop this from happening again. The media establishment understands that the reason they lost this election is because of people going online and listening, reading and viewing alternative media sites. Sites that sometimes make the established media channels look like amateurs when taking into account the views they get. So they came up with a plan and the plan is to stop alternative media. The rhetoric is: If we don’t say it, it is not true.

The New York Times attacked Alex Jones and his Infowars network that receives millions of views. Something that the mainstream media can only dream off. The NYT stated that Alex Jones lied and spread misinformation. Calling his talks about globalist powers trying to take over the world a conspiracy theory. Well NYT, as Alex Jones showed in his show this is not up for debate. The one-world government is real. There are enough world leaders who have stated this in public over the years. Not something you can accuse someone being a conspiracy nut with. But the NYT says it so it is truth. No debate, no reasoning. That’s it.

Now the media has taken control of the internet. Facebook, Twitter and Google will ensure that only their truth will come out on the internet and it will get harder and harder for alternative news to spread when these new plans go into effect. As this, this and this article show. This new alliance shows what an attack we are enduring as citizens of the world. The American and western push for cgpzgrbuaaa4qncfreedom and democracy is a farce and will only see the world getting more and more enslaved.

People will need to understand the war we are actually fighting at this moment. Because the free flow of information is an important right. If we lose our ability to see both sides of the stories  and just get indoctrinated with the mainstream narrative we will be done. It will mean that every imagesplan that the elite will want to implement will be implemented. It will be the end of any freedom anyone ever thought they had.

We need to get more politicians into power that see through the lies and deceit. Instead of having politicians that will lie and deceive to keep the narrative going. This is why I will support Trump and I hope he will do what he said he would. We need a fresh wind in Washington and in world politics. Hopefully, Trump will be this wind of change. But I will have to see to believe.

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