Jill Hennessy – Minister of Health Has Outdone herself Again – 100.000 Vaccines At Once Are Safe!

Written by Bernie Smith

Jill Hennessy, the health minister for Victoria in Australia, has done it yet again. She has opened herself up to a large liability claim once again. She stated that “there are no risks in vaccinating your children” earlier in the year. She then came out with “tweets “ of “vile anti-vaxxers” tin an attempt to show she had been attacked, which have since been debunked in this article. But Jill wasn’t done yet. Jill didn’t learn her lesson. She has now outdone herself by having her Health Department spreading this flyer that states that it is safe to inject 100.000 vaccines at once. You can find the original flyer here on the health.vic.gov.au website.


Yes. You read that right. The Victorian Ministry of Health is publicly and blatantly proclaiming that children can safely manage 100.000 vaccines at once!!!

Where do they get this information from you might ask? It is referenced back to a statement made by the infamous Dr. Paul Offit. You can meet Dr. Offit in this video. He stated that any child could handle 10.000 vaccine antigens at once. And yes you read that right again 10.000 not 100.000. And he added a word. So what does the word antigen mean:

This is what the definition of an antigen is:

“a toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.”

This what a vaccine antigen is described as at the ScienceDirect Website. 

“Vaccine antigens include whole live pathogens (modified to reduce their virulence), individual pathogen components (eg protein or polysaccharides) and the genetic material of the pathogen (ie ‘naked’ DNA/RNA) which can direct the production of the vaccine antigen in the recipient.”

The antigens are apparently the working components of the vaccine. But this is not what the Victorian Health Department Pamphlet claims. It says that 100.000 vaccines at once are safe. So this would include all the adjuvants. This would include substances like thimerosal, aluminium, formaldehyde and mercury. All substances that have been proven to be poison. Only allowed in vaccines because the amount is, according to the vaccines gods, safe. So do Jill Hennessy and her health department know more about these poisonous substances or did they just make an outrageous claim?

They made an outrageous claim. Jill Hennessy’s department misquoted the quote made by Dr. Paul Offit. He never stated that 100.000 times the amount of the adjuvants are safe. He said 10.000 and added antigens to the word vaccine. The adjuvants are proven unsafe in those amounts. Let’s take aluminium for example. Aluminium is in most vaccines as an adjuvant. According to the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. The hospital Dr. Offit is working for. The amount of aluminium in a children’s Hep. B. is between 0.225 and 0.5mg. Let’s just multiply the smallest amount by 100.000. That would make 22.5mg of aluminium. According to the FDA (which is the department that Dr. Offit would have worked with if the claim was not misquoted) the safe limit for aluminium is between 0.85 and 1.25mg. Let’s just take the high amount there. This would mean that Jill Hennessy’s Health Department is publicly stating that injecting 18 times the safe limit for aluminium is safe! And not just that, they are stating that it is safe to do so for a baby that is a couple of hours old as the Hep.B vaccine is given at birth. I won’t go into the list of other adjuvants that are found in the Australian Vaccination Schedule.

Let’s focus on the link that Jill Hennessy and her department provided on her poster. The link for this outrageous claim refers to a book called Vaccines, 6th Edition. Written by Dr. Offit and 2 other authors. The book never claims that there are any studies done. It is based on a purely theoretical calculation with no relation to reality and it should have been dismissed as having no practical application. Yes, you read that right. No clinical studies were ever done to make these claims. It’s merely a calculation. Not very scientific if you ask me.

As our “friend” Reasonable Hank pointed out in 2011, according to this website, Dr. Offit never made these claims in the first place. According to the blogger, it was Reasonable Hank who actually claimed that it was Meryl Dorey who made these claims. So if this is true. Is the Victorian Health department quoting the ex-president of the AVN? Or is it like so many references in the immunisation handbook, not really a reference. Is it like so many references in the vaccine literature a reference to something that was never actually stated.

Let me just finish by pointing out the conflicts of interests that surround Dr. Offit. Dr. Offit made millions by being part of the rotavirus vaccine and cemented himself into the medical world as the guardian of the vaccine manufacture mantra. Dr. Offit forgets that the supreme court in the US has ruled that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. He has been outed as having many conflicts of interests with vaccine manufacturers as can be read in this article by mainstream news outlet CBS news. Is this really the kind of “science” that Jill Hennessy and her Health Department support. Is this the kind of “The Science is In” that has been mentioned over and over again by Jill and her boss Premier Andrews.

Think again and let’s give Jill Hennessy a chance to debunk us. Let’s give her the challenge that Dr. Offit refused to take. Take the 100.000 shots that you say are safe for a newborn Jill !! Take a 100.000 doses of the Hep. B. Why not a 100.000 of the MMR as well. And then after you taken those. You can take another round of a 100.000 shots a couple of months later. Just like the vaccine schedule that you think is safe!

I won’t hold my breath. You have proven to be a liar and an inciter of hate. But this time you have misquoted a quote that never existed. A pamphlet has been spread that contains deadly information. How many lethal mistakes does it take for a health minister to resign, Jill? 

Below is the Facebook Live from Peter Little that he did at the Victorian Health Department after this flyer was discovered.

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  1. Paula says:

    At the least it is misleading, and should be corrected. I’ve watched many videos of people stating a nurse or Dr double dosed on one if not more of the vaccinations, and serious damage occurring. This could result in parents not being vigilant about how many needles their kids get jabbed with, or checking they are getting appropriate vaccines. This woman is an idiot, but it seems standard for state health ministers from what I’ve heard.

  2. Rach says:

    Ok let’s test her claim give me 100,000 vaccine needles and lets inject Jill with all of them at the same time
    Let’s see what happens to jill
    Anyone wanna give me a hand?
    CMON JILL if it’s so damn safe you should be willing to put your money where your mouth is right?
    Ready when you are!!!!

  3. Reginald says:


    (updated version)

    Let’s work it out…..
    I will utilise the two following sources, the Australian Immunisation Handbook,


    rear cover showing the official version of the risk comparison, very misleading. The authors, the National Health and Medical Research Council, provide no citation for these risk statistics.

    And the World Health Organisation incidence of vaccine preventable diseases in Australia.


    I will use the average number of cases per year of each disease over the 10 years from 2006 to 2015 inclusive.

    Diphtheria = 1
    Japanese enchephalitis = 1
    Measles = 121
    Mumps = 249
    Pertussis = 19,220
    Polio = 0
    Rubella = 30
    Rubella (CRS) = 1
    Tetanus (neonatal) = 0
    Tetanus (total) = 3
    Yellow fever = 0

    Not many Australians getting these disease any more, are there? Except for pertussis……see below.

    Now i will calculate the average number of “serious” cases of each disease per year, based upon the rate of serious complications arising from each disease as stated on the rear cover of the Australian Immunisation Handbook (10th Edition). This coincides with the accepted definition of “serious” by the VAERS in the U.S.A. and the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. For example, the most common serious complication of measles is pneumonia, which can lead on to further complications in rare cases. The Handbook states that “1 in 15 children with measles develops pneumonia”. And so forth for each disease.
    Diphtheria = 0 serious
    Japanese encephalitis = 0
    Measles = 8
    Mumps = 0
    Pertussis = ??
    Polio = 0
    Rubella = 0
    Tetanus = 0
    Yellow fever = 0

    So we have an average grand total of 8 serious cases of measles each year. Usually pneumonia.

    Pertussis is an anomaly for various reasons. It seems that 85% of whooping cough (pertussis) cases are a strain that is not covered by the vaccine.
    And this article:


    states that 70% of those catching whooping cough are vaccinated.

    The deaths Australia has suffered from pertussis have all been children under 2 months of age, before the first vaccine is administered. These children may have been better protected if their mothers had caught pertussis previously, and were therefore able to pass on antibodies via their breastmilk. If modern day mothers have failed to build natural immunity due to being vaccinated, this may be a further explanation for such high numbers of whooping cough.

    So, at this stage the Handbook provides no statistics to enable a meaningful calculation of risk for whooping cough (pertussis). I believe we could even justify categorising MANY cases of whooping cough as a SIDE EFFECT OF THE VACCINE.

    (Please read point #4 in the following link:

    Taken together, these factors cause me to leave pertussis out of the equation. It appears that it is NOT a vaccine-preventable disease in 85% of cases. The vaccine can make you MORE susceptible. The vaccine, like all vaccines, can prevent a mother from building and passing on natural immunity to her newborn baby. Most deaths from whooping cough occur prior to vaccination (2 months old). And 70% of those catching whooping cough are vaccinated.

    The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration does not have a vaccine injury compensation scheme, like the U.S. does. Both the U.S. and Australia have a voluntary adverse event reporting program which may or may not be accurate, for many reasons.

    The following TGA report shows in Table 6 that 90 Australians aged 0-7 in 2013 suffered a SERIOUS adverse reaction following vaccines. Including 4 deaths.


    “Serious” vaccine injury is defined as “hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening illness, or death”.

    Out of 3,937,876 vaccine doses administered during 2013 to 0-7 year olds, that means 1 in 43,754 doses inflicts a serious injury.
    (3,937,876 / 90 = 43,754)

    The highest risk year is your child’s first year, when they are supposed to receive 12 doses of vaccine. Therefore, your child has a 12 times worse chance of suffering a SERIOUS vaccine injury (hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening injury, or death), in their first year. Most vaccines and also most serious vaccine injuries occur in a child’s first year of life.

    If your child is vaccine-damaged, don’t expect much help from the government. The vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability, and so is your doctor, so you just have to hire a lawyer and fight it through the courts.

    IN COMPARISON, Australia has only 8 serious cases of the measles each year on average. They are probably not all children, but even if they were, that would equate to 8 out of approx. 2.1 million children under 7 years old.

    That is a 1 in 262,500 chance of a serious case of the measles.
    (2,100,000 / 8 = 262,500)

    In 2014, 62 of the 340 measles cases were in children 0-7 years old. ie. 18%. So perhaps only 1.44 serious cases are in kids 0-7?
    (18% of 8 serious cases)

    In addition, it is widely known that only a fraction of adverse vaccine events are ever reported to these authorities. Also 12% of reported adverse vaccine reactions were of unknown severity in 2013, due to insufficient information…! How many of those were also serious?





    To vaccinate, or NOT to vaccinate.
    That is the question.

    SO, ONE DOSE of vaccine is 6 times more dangerous than the vaccine-targeted diseases are over the entire first 7 years of life !!!

    Your newborn child, during their first year, faces this 6-times-higher-risk 12 times, since a fully vaccinated child receives 12 doses up to their first birthday. We are talking about the risk of suffering a SERIOUS vaccine injury, compared to a serious case of measles, polio, mumps, rubella, tetanus, yellow fever, diphtheria, or Japanese encephalitis. Can we say that your child faces a 70 times greater danger in their first year from vaccines, than they would face from the vaccine-targeted diseases in their entire first 7 years? I think we can.

    Instead of calculating the risk per dose, we could calculate it per child.
    We have 2,100,000 children in Australia aged 0-7. Divide by 90 SERIOUS adverse vaccine reactions in a year (2013).
    Equals 1 in 23,333 children get a serious vaccine injury each year.

    Let’s compare that risk of vaccine injury, to the risk of getting a serious case of the vaccine-targeted diseases. On average, between 2006-2015 there has not been one serious case of these diseases (measles, polio, mumps, rubella, tetanus, yellow fever, diphtheria, or Japanese encephalitis) in Australia, in all age groups, except for 8 serious cases of measles each year (measles pneumonia).

    So even if we assume that all 8 serious cases of measles were suffered by children (unlikely), we would calculate 2,100,000 children (aged 0-7), divide by 8….equals,

    1 in 262,500 children aged 0-7 get a serious case of measles each year. Probably less.

    Therefore we see an 11 times higher danger to a child from vaccines than from the targeted diseases. (262,500 / 23,333 = 11.25)

    So let’s look at the expected results of the current NO JAB, NO PLAY, NO PAY legislation in Australia.

    Approximately 93% of 0-7 year olds are already fully vaccinated.
    If we chase this arbitrary ideal of 95% vaccination we have to convince, or force, Aussie parents to jab another 2% of kids aged 0-7. This is another 42,000 children put at unwarranted risk.

    Using the risk comparison above, we would save 0.16 children from a serious case of disease (measles). (42,000 / 262,500) In other words, probably zero children saved.

    But we would cause at least 1 or 2 children to suffer a serious vaccine injury.

    Out of 2,100,000 Aussie children aged 0-7, it appears that 8 get a serious vaccine-targeted disease each year (measles), and 90 get a serious vaccine injury.

    Since parents have a legal Duty of Care to protect their children, are parents risking prosecution when they vaccinate their kids?

    or perhaps “NO JAB, NO INJURY” !!

  4. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    From an on line discussion ………….. re Dr Proffit, and his mate Silly Jilly?
    RE Dr OFFIT< he retracted what he wrote On page 126, he states: "Current data suggest that the theoretical capacity determined by diversity of antibody variable gene regions would allow for as many as 109 (1,000,000,000) to 1011(100,000,000,000) different antibody specificities". And "… then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time" – not antigens. I was speaking very specifically about the infant immune system's ability to respond, in the context of the ridiculous suggestion that the new vaccine combination, containing far fewer antigens than the one it will replace, would overload the immune system. My words were "The immune system of a baby has got huge spare capacity to deal with challenge. If we didn't, the human race wouldn't survive. But let's look specifically at vaccine. This has been studied carefully. A baby's immune system could actually tolerate perfectly well 1,000 vaccines". At no point did I suggest that 1,000 vaccines would not increase the probability of adverse reactions – a quite different matter." (Email August 26, 2004 10.03 am)

    We are, of course, not talking about theoretical vaccines or theoretical infants, nor is there any experimental base that he can cite. We, unfortunately, have the experimental base which is our own children and we are not being listened to – like the imaginary victim in Stanley Milgram’s experiment except that we are not imaginary and neither are our children. Nor, as the present Rotateq vaccine scandal demonstrates do we have remotest idea what is really in the vaccines.
    Unlike · Reply · 3 · 3 hrs
    Kei Be
    Kei Be So he basically downscaled it from 10,000 vaccines to 1000 vaccines? (While Jill went the other way and upscaled to 100,000).
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 17 mins
    Angela Coral Eisenhauer
    Angela Coral Eisenhauer ahaha, yep!

  5. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    Re the whooping cough. 70% are vaccinated, the rest are infants, TOO YOUNG to be vaccinated. The vaccine allows the vaccinated to catch, carry and spread whooping cough, many, many times, until it fails. It fails around 3 years after last jab. On the Australian schedule, this means every Dtap or Tdap, or infanrix, or whatever (aP vannated) child will spread whooping cough for around 12 years. Basically the whole “”theory”” was protect the new babies, by vaccinating the herd, In reality, vaccinating the herd, from a mild illness, means they ALL near constantly, spread whooping cough to babies, and the babies die.

    Whooping cough is ONLY serious in babies, and they all catching it from their vaccinated sibling carriers.

  6. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    Even Offit, only said 10,000 vaccines, which he later DOWNSIZED to could take 1,000 vaccines, while Silly Jilly, upgraded it, (for a reason I dont understand) to saying 100,000 vaccines are safe. What planet is this woman from?

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