Is A False Flag Attack Imminent? – Will the US find a way to Kick Off World War 3?

By Bernie Smith

“A massive false flag event is imminent. The world will be shocked. it will be something like the 9/11 ‘terror’ attacks.”

The US has been pushing for a conflict with either or both Russia and China. They want a world war. Their ‘elite’ controlled mainstream press is pushing the narrative and everyone is falling for it. Russia is evil. MH17, the Ukraine, Putin. Nothing good will ever be reported. Forgetting to mention that the economy in Russia has been growing immensely since Putin came to power. The wealth of the people has grown and the living standards of ordinary Russians have gone up. But this is not what they report on. The narrative is set. Putin and Russia are evil. They need to be taken care off. And who is best for the job. The police of the world. The US army. With a track record of massacres, sly regime changes and black op wars that have killed millions over the last century. Not to mention their drones, private security firms, and black operatives killing indiscriminately wherever the USA decides they need to go next.

Now the push is on to “preventively” strike North Korea. A country backed by China and although still theoretically at war with the US, a country with no power around the world. So they talk tough, shoot off some rockets and maybe they even have a nuclear weapon. Although I doubt that they have one that they can shoot halfway around the world. The Washington Post seems to know more. Having spoken to ‘anonymous intelligence personnel’. Reporting that North Korea now can shoot nuclear weapons to the US mainland. The White House not confirming anything. And Trump yelling out aggressive, threatening messages. We will end up with a Colin Powel show at the UN again. Convincing the world that North Korea really is dangerous. That we need to attack…

Where have I heard this before, you might say. It is the same rhetoric, delivery, propaganda and mass media event that was used to attack Iraq and Libya. Kill their leaders and get the wealth of those countries shipped to the US and its allies.

The Korean conflict has always been much more than a war between North and South Korea.  The geographic location has put it right in the middle of a cold war hot zone. North Korea has a large border with China and all the way to the east of the country, it has a land border with Russia as well. Both countries trade with North Korea. But more important. They want North Korea there. They need the buffer that it provides. For both Russia and China it would mean that the US will get very close to their border.  This is why we have to presume that both these super powers will support North Korea when a war does break out.

But geopolitics is not the only reason that the US is pushing hard for a war. North Korea has no ‘Rothschild’ central bank. They don’t use the dollar. But for this to happen there needs to be a monetary value. And there is. Minerals, oil, gas, gold, and metals. It’s all there. Trillions worth. According to the South Koreans somewhere between 4 and 10 trillion. The North Koreans even say they have more than 25 trillion. Not to take that seriously, but even 4 trillion worth of precious metals and rare minerals that are needed to build our electronic future. Is more than enough reason for a war in the past. Some more information on the mineral wealth of North Korea here and here.

Are we going to be seeing an event to kick off world war 3? The US can’t be seen as the aggressor. They have to be provoked to show their devilish war face. But North Korea is harmless. They know that attacking is suicide. They want the status quo. An aggressive, potentially dangerous Korea and the US keeping its distance. Just like China and Russia want as well. Russian president Putin has stated recently that the Reporting on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are false and fabricated. The evidence is non-existing and everyone involved is just doing their part in a script to world war 3. Press, the entertainment industry, multinationals, and politicians. Most of them unknowingly sucked into the fake reality that has been created around all of us. When one controls perceptions. One can control reality. And this is our reality. Our perceptions are being created. To fake our reality.

And if history repeats itself. Like it tends to do. World war 3 will start with a shady event that will drag the US into a conflict.  World war 1 started with the sinking of the Lusitania. A ship that was marked by the Germans as a target and the US warned of their intentions of putting ammunition on board a passenger liner. The US loaded the ship with ammunition and passengers without warning anyone of the pending danger. The Lusitania was sunk by a U-boat and the start of the US entering the ‘War of Europe’ was started. See more about the  Lusitania here. World war 2 saw similar questionable event when it became clear that Australia had warned Washington about the Japanese fleet heading for Hawaii. But for some reason, this message was never relayed to the islands and Pearl Harbour was when the US became part of world war 2.

All of these things combined it paints a  scary picture. Geopolitics, banking interests, trillions in unused resources, hungry war mongers in the US and the history all paint a picture. A picture of a false flag event. An event where Korea, Russia or China will be blamed. Maybe all of them… The war will kick off. The US will ‘have to do their duty’ for humanity. A war will start with hotspots all around the world. Places like the Baltic States, the Ukraine and Syria will be immediately in a state of war if Russia and the US get a war going with Russia. The Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the South China Sea will be at war if China is involved.

Know what you are reading. Look for the alternative stories and make up your own mind. The information we are being fed is not what is really happening. Don’t believe the perception…..

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