Illegal Intelligence Meddling Uncovered in MH17 Investigation

  • A Dutch intelligence official was using his powers to meddle in and stir the independent investigation by the Joint International Team tasked with the investigation into who was responsible for the downing of MH17.
  • This official was later promoted to the head of the Dutch Intelligence Service and was obviously rewarded for something he did well. Even though his meddling into the investigation was completely illegal.
  • Russia denies all involvement in  the downing of the plane but was mentioned to be in secret talks around taking on liability for the crash. This appears to be completely fabricated by the Dutch and Australian governments. With the Russian government stating they wanted to talk about the role the Ukraine played in the disaster.
  • Too many questions around this disaster remain unanswered and it has now been proven that Dutch intelligence operatives took control of the “independent” investigation. Stirring and pointing the investigation in the direction of Russia and away from the Ukraine.

MH17 was a terrible accident or evil act. Either way. 298 people died in the skies above Eastern Ukraine on a sunny afternoon in July 2014. Ever since the plane was shot down many theories around what happened on that afternoon have been  circulated. The narrative upheld by the mainstream media and investigating countries always point the finger at Russia. Even naming Putin as personally responsible for the disaster.

What we know is that a plane was shot down over the Ukraine. What we are told is that this was done by BUK missile. A missile that was according to the media and intelligence reports, brought in from Russia. Many conspiracies have been brought up that counter this narrative. Mainly to do with US and NATO involvement in the Ukraine at the time. Statements from eye witnesses have talked about a military plane being seen near the Malaysian Airlines Boeing and the fact that Ukrainian government had BUK missiles off their own in the area.

The fact is that the there is no evidence that the BUK missile was being operated by personnel that was controlled by the Kremlin. Even if the missile installation was coming from Russia and was operated by Russian sympathisers doesn’t mean that the Kremlin, Russia or Putin is responsible for the death of the 298 passengers. This logic that because the Russians supported the rebels in Eastern Ukraine makes them responsible for their actions shows nothing more than a double standard on behalf of the Joint Investigating Team (JIT) that investigated the crash.

This logic would mean that any country that gave support to Syrian rebels could be held responsible for terrorist attacks carried out in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. This logic would mean that the US’s help off creating ISIS would make the White House directly responsible for attacks in France, Germany and the UK. Obviously this would be ridiculous. And although we know that western powers have supported some terrorist groups in the past. This wouldn’t mean that they are responsible for those group’s actions when committing terrorist attacks.

The reason this information is important as it has come out recently that the investigation into the crash was controlled in some suspicious ways by intelligence operatives. The plane was on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. After it was downed over the Ukraine it became a Dutch lead investigation as most of the passengers on board were Dutch and the plane had started its journey in Amsterdam.

Due to freedom of information requests by Dutch news site Geen Stijl it has come out that the investigation had some abnormalities from the start. Dick Schoof was the head of anti-terrorism in The Netherlands at the time of the crash. According to documents revealed by RTL Nieuws he became heavily involved in the investigation into the culprits behind the MH17 crash. In this article it is said he used high pressure to influence the investigation. Dick Schoof was involved in every aspect of the investigation. From finance to what direction the investigation should take. He was also heavily involved in appointing the people in the commission that was to overseeing the investigation. All of this highly unusual as the whole investigation was supposed to be an independent investigation. Without even government involvement. Let alone intelligence services being directly involved.

What makes this whole story even more interesting is that after Dick Schoof meddled into this investigation and directed its focus. He was promoted. Promoted to the head of the AIVD. The Dutch intelligence service. A service that works closely with other services and agencies as the CIA, NSA and MI-5 and 6. Obviously people in the intelligence world in The Netherlands thought that the meddling of Dick Schoof into this investigation was a job well done. As he was promoted into the leading role in the Dutch intelligence world. A position he is still in when this article was written.

Politicians in The Netherlands have asked questions around the influence of the intelligence services into the independent investigation. An investigation that now is being used to solely blame Russia for this disaster. And has even named and shamed Russian nationals supposedly responsibility for the downing of the plane. All of this information brought forward in the report has been supplied by intelligence officials and is impossible to be checked for its accuracy.

This is even more interesting considering that the first reports that were released some about a CIA-Ukrainian plot to down the plane and blame the Russians. This might seem far-fetched for some but looking at the developments in the Ukraine since then. MH17 has been a disaster that has helped the Western allies in the Ukraine. Giving them more power and much more support to fight the Russian rebels in the east of the country. And it has definitely cemented the Ukraine solely on the side of the West. Making Russian involvement the worst move ever as they have lost control of a significant area and country that has major geo-political consequences. This is obviously is no evidence. However it is striking that the downing of this plane has had no positive effects for the side blamed. But appears to have created mass opportunities for the western backed forces in the Ukraine.

At the time this information came out into the open it was also revealed that by the Dutch foreign minister Blok that the Dutch, together with another partner from JIT, Australia, had initiated talks with Russia. Talks around them accepting liability in the disaster. A claim immediately discredited by the Kremlin. As they stated they wanted to have talks with the JIT around the role of the Ukraine in the disaster. The talks weren’t supposed to be public and to be held in secret. And it striking that this information was released by the Dutch government with the intention to have the media report on the Russians possibly accepting liability in the downing of the Boeing. Revealing this information around the same time the intelligence involvement came to light. The Russians brought up facts like the Ukrainians refusing to hand over raw radar data off the date in question. And the reasoning behind the Ukrainian airspace still being open for commercial flights while a war was raging below. All questions that don’t implement Russia, but Russian and European powers. Questions that appear to have never been investigated or looked at by JIT.

All and all this is a large development in a crash that killed almost 300 people. Many of them children in a disaster that should have been avoided. That maybe could have been avoided. It appears that the Dutch intelligence community might have played a significant role in stirring the investigation towards Russia. A development that creates a lot of questions. Especially as we now see Russia being blamed for everything that isn’t received well by the establishment in the western world. From Trump being elected to Maduro being in power in Venezuela. Anywhere something happens that needs to be blamed on anyone but the establishment the Russians are to blamed.

It is time for a truly independent investigation into the downing of MH17 in 2014. Getting the facts straight and leaving the independent investigators to do their job. Investigating every aspect and angle without being stirred and directed by intelligence operatives who have no reason or authority to be part of the investigation.

Justice and truth is needed for the 298 people that were killed in the downing of this plane.

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