How Not To Get Fined – Vote for the Health Australia Party

By Bernie Smith

Now that the election for the new Senate in Australia is getting closer, it’s time we have a look at all the people that are not going to vote. The people that are either disullisinised by the political parties and their policies of late. Or they are just not interested as politics aren’t going to be doing anything for them anyway.

I would have probably qualified for both these groups until recently. I thought the only way we are going to change this corrupt system is by a full blown revolution. Probably with guns and rocket launchers. But I became a parent and as a father it’s frowned upon when you want to shoot people and a mellowed down a bit. However my drive to change the system has never changed. Then I learned about a new political alternative. A party that has the potential of becoming the new Greens of Australia. A true centre alternative for anyone that is fed up with the way this country is ran at this point.

The Health Australia Party has some great policies and strategies in mind. They have outlined their  policies and if you are not sure, please check them out here. They have a great set of ideas that will make Australia healthy again.

The 5 main pillars of the HAP are the following:

Healthy People:

Quality medicine for all people, with access to the best of proven natural and pharmaceutical medicine. Remove the influence of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Affordable medicine – using evidence from unbiased real-world clinical studies and targeted spending. Reform the health bureaucracy. Apply research funds wisely.

Build a health-creation system, not a disease-management system.

Healthy Economy:

Ensure that big business, big unions and paperwork burdens do not distort the benefits of free enterprise. Support small business. Involve the Government where necessary for the good of the country. Genuine tax reform based on fairness and truth. No more preferential treatment allowing offshore income diversion.

Fair taxes on the wealthy, encourage the middle to progress, and support the poor and disadvantaged.

Healthy Environment:

Embrace sustainable/renewable energy. Development must respect and protect the environment at all times. Place a premium on Australia being “clean and green”, and support sustainable agriculture. Eco-tourism to become a significant and continuing income earner for Australia. Respect all animals and protect endangered species.

Make our environment a major asset, where Australia is a safe and unpolluted place to live and to visit.

Healthy Democracy:

Expose and reduce the influence on the national media of wealthy vested interests. Strengthen the national broadcaster and formalise fact checks. Make decision-making open and transparent at all levels of government.

Encourage all citizens to participate in the national discussion, and to value their vote.

Healthy Society:

Australians are at heart a caring and compassionate people. High quality, affordable education for all will transform society and eventually eliminate intolerance and racism. Make being “an Australian” valued around the world.

Encourage all citizens to participate in the national discussion, and to value their vote.

And a again if you want to know what their stance is on an important issue for you. Check their policies here. They really have not left many stones unturned. They have written down their beliefs and thoughts on many difficult issues that are playing in Australia at this time.

The Health Australia Party has a brilliant team of people behind them as well. From health professionals who have been asked to advise on health issues in countries around the world, a pharmacists and experts on sustainability and environment. Check their people on the advisory board out here.

The HAP is looking at running 2 candidates in each of the Eastern States. They have managed to find some great people to run for the senate in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Check their candidates out here.

Jason Woodforth has been recently appointed to become their national spokesperson. He is a great choice. He has been a Queensland State Parliament Member in the past for the Liberal party and was vilified in the Murdoch media for fighting fluoride in our drinking water. He has not backed down and fought til the end and will do the same if elected for the HAP. Check out this podcast with him where he outlines his personal drives to take on this position. As well as the video below where he talks to Lee Maddox from Real News Australia.

So please. Give it a thought. Vote for the Health Australia Party and give Australia a fresh start. It won’t happen overnight, But change has to start somewhere. Give them a chance if you are over the lies and deceit of Liberal, Labour and The Greens. Lets give a healthy Australia a chance.

And if you are worried about the fact that you can’t just vote for one part in the corrupt Australian system. Check out this article and see what other parties have promised to make a difference. However none have committed to Australia like the Health Australia Party. None have a wide, well thought out set of policies like the Health Australia Party.

Please make your vote count. If most disillusioned voters in Australia will give the HAP their preference they will probably cause a massive shift in Australian politics. Even a few senators in the Senate will change the power in Canberra.

It’s worth a try. At least it’s better than getting fined.

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