Horrible Display of Satanism in Australia Normalised by Media and Artist Community


Google Adsense has prohibited the admins of this page showing the pictures that depict the satanic ritual talked about in this story! Obviously, Google has decided that what these people call ART is not allowed on pages associated with them! This shows the absolutely disgusting behavior that these people are a part of! 
If you want to see these pictures please email [email protected] and write PICS SATANIC RITUAL in the Subject line. Please make sure that these images are spread around. Because it is important that people know what is happening!

By Bernie Smith


A sick and evil ritual was conducted in Hobart this weekend.
Australian “artist” Herman Nitsch showered models in blood and milk, made them drink it and crucified them to crosses. He even had a cow carcass brought out.

The event was promoted as a “bloody sacrificial ritual”. Don’t know what that has to do with art. But I guess the world nowadays is a sick, evil place. What is next from the sick mind of this Australian “artist”…..

According to this newspaper article by Kane Young, the smell made the whole experience even better… And apparently, hundreds of people enjoyed this horrible show of blatant satanic ritual….

Judge for yourself what you think. Is this art? Or is this just an evil, satanic ritual conducted in plain sight under the disguise of art…..


Email [email protected] and make the subject PICS SATANIC RITUAL and we will email them to you! 


The artist responsible, Herman Nitsch seemed very happy and so were the people accompanying him after they left his horrible “art” show.

You can find a video of this sickening event here on our publicly funded ABC website. Normalizing this horrible display of Satanism as acceptable art….


There used to be a time these events were held behind closed doors. Away from the media and the public. Nowadays this kind of ritual is almost normal and the media is quick to normalize this behavior. To put this under the banner of “art” completely smudges the Australian art scene and the people active in it…..

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