Fake News Stories in the Media – Hold the Media Accountable – HERE IS HOW TO REPORT THEM!

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  1. Mardi says:

    Done, I’ve written to them to let them know I’ll be taking action if they breach this act

  2. Lola Kouman says:

    Enough. We have had enough of the media desperate for stories making up lies and manipulating the truth all in an effort to get ratings. Peoples lives should not be risked for ratings. I feel we are living at the time of the Roman Emperors who had Christians fed to the lions in order to distract and entertain the dumb plebs. Stop misrepresenting the truth media television and news reports. There is no longer any truth only the owners agenda. No so called journalist is a journalist. They are paid presenters who do as told. Read the scrip written to appease the bosses. Stop treating us like fools. Many of us know the truth from the original sources. And while at it take Lady Cilento Hospital, and all parties involved to court for endangering the life of an innocent child and defaming a loving family.

  3. Fadya Pitts says:

    False lies, stories not truthful, people deserve truth!!

  4. Susan Rogers says:

    How can these reporters sleep at night? This could be you one day if you too have a child that has a disability, the Department FACS think it is their right to tell the parents what actions to take in regards to feeding their child. They were told to go home and plan for his funeral, instead they chose to cut all synthetic foods and medicine from his diet. To their surprise Chase became healthier, smiling, transformed into a happy child. This proves they are doing the right thing. Allow this family to care for their child, Australian people are with them and support Cini and Marc. The Department and John Hunter Hospital are breeching The UN Conventions of the rights of the child. This must not continue.

  5. monika milka says:

    What you should be airing Sunday night is the facts that Nutricia a company who makes synthetic foods for children being fed by tubes. They have already paid the researcher Prof. Roslyn Boyd $29 million dollars & Lady Cilenta Hospital are part of this funding. This is the pure reason they have Chase & holding him hostage. Their study was killing Chase as he was an experiment. Bloated & having over a 100 seizures a day was going to surely kill him. Cannabis oil legally prescribed was what has saved him & his loving family support. His Grandmother is so very distraught as is his parents & sister’s.
    Chase is non verbal & he should have his loving family around him. Not be a part of these illegal corruption. Karma will get you all. nasty & despicable. Uncouth in every degree. Bunch of parasites.

  6. Rebecca says:

    You cannot complain about Chase’s image being used everywhere- Cini and Marc (and the church of ubuntu) made the photos readily available by posting them on FB – once they are on FB you can’t complain about HOW the photos are being used – THEY PUT THEM OUT THERE!!! No one invaded their privacy – the photos have been shared over and over on PUBLIC PAGES!
    So don’t cry about – having a tantrum and complaining to the ACCC will have no impact – they will say the same thing – the story has been told via social media – so the media can USE ANYTHING – it’s Fair Game!

    • Julia says:

      they have a right to how their OWN COPY RIGHT IS USED.

      • Rebecca says:

        Julia – don’t be an idiot – they released the images themselves and told their followers to make them viral!! So they have – but you can’t pick and choose who gets to SEE AND THEN SHARE – they posted on FB – in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and on PUBLIC PAGES !! There is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY ON FB. Everyone knows that! So they will NEVER win any judgement about people using THEIR photos that THEY WILLINGLY SHARED!!

    • Daniel says:

      Spot on

  7. Sarah Howell says:

    I was really disgusted with this story and how the allocated journalist and Sunday Night Program betrayed and lied to the family to gain their trust then negaitviely portrayed their plight to save their son and ease his suffering. Shame on Channel 7. Journalism is becoming absolutely ridiculous these days. The only respectable program is Four Corners as they investigate thoroughly and report real facts and truths impartially without fear or favour to any party.

  1. 17/04/2018

    […] that might not be “medically approved”, you are labeled a child kidnapper and your face is plastered around the Australian media. It becomes clear that the real reason behind the removal system is money. Sucking the taxes from […]

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