CHASE FREEDOM – A Live Blog of Monday May 1st – Watch Today’s Events Unfold and Support Chase and His Family

Congratulations to everyone that has helped today by sharing and supporting Chase and his family. We have shown that determined people can take on this massive evil machine. Up to the next step. Finding out who are behind this massive corruption. The Chase for Lady Cilento Hospital is ON!!!

See below the news coverage on Channel 7 – Brisbane

UPDATE 4.18pm – Peter is celebrating this amazing win with the crowd at Lady Cilanto Hospital, Allona, Marc, Cini and Chase!


UPDATE 2.34pm – Cini, Marc and Chase Live from John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. Great news and relief!

UPDATE 1.28pm – Peter is talking to media and giving interviews. Spreading the true story of Chase. Not the crooked lies that the doctors have told and the media have been spreading!

Cini and Chase walking up to John Hunter Hospital with the media present.

UPDATE 1.04pm – Cini, Marc and Chase Live from John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Update 12.43pm – Cini and Marc were late into their appointment in Newcastle. News about the appointment will be shared as soon as they are out of their appointment!

12.40pm – Peter Little and Allona Lahn speak to the mainstream media on camera at the Lady Cilento Hospital.

Across the road from Lady Cilento talking to the media (Photo DDB)

UPDATE 12.27pm – Peter Little to have a chat off camera with staff at Lady Cilento Hospital.
We will hear from Cini, Marc and Chase as soon as they walk out of their appointment in Newcastle!

UPDATE 12.08pm – Peaceful protesters asked to leave Lady Cilento hospital!

UPDATE 11.11am – Peter Little Live from the Lady Cilento Hospital!

Today is the day Chase will be reporting back to the hospital. Today is the day that protesters will gather at the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane. Will today bring more tyrannical medical establishment pushing for their pharmaceutical agenda? Or will today bring out the truth behind the illegal Amber Alert, the orders that don’t exist and the corrupt and lying doctors at the Lady Cilento Hospital?

Watch all of today’s events unfold live here.


5 Responses

  1. myaraine says:

    theres no sound Peter

  2. Lorraine Brand says:

    What is this world coming too… what rights do parents have anymore … They are the best to decide what is best for there child ..

  3. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    Read your own forms, Queensland Health, once you released Chase, to his parents, THERE WAS NO EXISTING ORDER. You can not extend an order no longer in existence. You have to make another one, so what did the parents do wrong this time?
    Also broken, you can not make a holding order AFTER the boy had left the hospital, the whole thing is absurd. As for involving the police, who had better things to do than be told to search for a boy who was never missing, well what a cock up!

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