Censorship – Embrace the Enemy – PizzaGate and the Vaccine Conspiracy Are All True – Why Else Would They Want To Silence Us?

Written by Bernie Smith



There are so many ways the censorship is spreading around in this day and age. For most, this is probably a new given, but let me tell you. Censorship is running rampant. Even in free countries like the USA and Australia or the European members of the European Union. Censorship is everywhere.

It goes from large conspiracies that are directed from above to little stories that aren’t allowed to be spread to the public. From international news stories to local fraud and corruption. The mainstream media plays a big role in the censorship. They proclaim to be tellers of al truth. And if they don’t report on it, it must be fake news. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting away with a large chunk of our population by spreading this rhetoric.

We can talk about large conspiracies and stories that have been proven to be true. That the mainstream media had it all wrong, but they remained the tellers of truth. The problem is that if we are lied to, and these large media empires want to spread that message. That message becomes the truth. Any news source proclaiming something else is nowadays labeled as fake news and will be censored and stopped from spreading their message.

The main issue we are dealing with when it comes to our information is that the mainstream media is mostly relying on large press agencies like Reuters and AAP for their news sourcing. So if they say it isn’t true. Most media outlets will follow suit. And the world will never know that there is more to a story.



It was only after the latest US election that mainstream media realized they had lost control of the narrative. People have access to immense amounts of information and this created an election where people made up their own mind. Where people actually saw the lies that the mainstream media was broadcasting and they were pissed.

The media wasn’t ready for what would happen next though. Every mainstream broadcasting station thought Hillary Clinton would be the next president. And when it became clear that Donald Trump had won. They were unable to report unbiased. Their disgust and surprise were clear for everyone to see and they lost a lot of their credibility.

These media conglomerates could have done what would have been right. They could have apologized. Said they didn’t report unbiased. That they didn’t know what was happening in the country and they would start reporting like real journalists once again. But that isn’t what happened. They started attacking “fake news”. Which became every alternative media outlet that didn’t follow the scripts as it was laid out by AAP and Reuters.

But the US election had shown that this wasn’t enough. People still read these stories and they would take them in and start being opinionated about subjects. This isn’t what we are supposed to do. We have this media system that is controlled by a few so that if necessary our information can be controlled. The next step was an easy one for the controlling powers. They needed to reign in the big internet companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It appeared after all that this is where most people were getting their “false” information from.



Within weeks all these companies started attacking all the hard-working people of the alternative media. People like me. Who try and spread information that otherwise might not be spread. And this is when I will explain how the Truth Library was attacked by the new censorship inquisition.

Then they need to debunk the “conspiracy” and after that, they can move on and pretend everything is fine and there is nothing to see here.

My first run-in with the Inquisition was when I started posting about Pizzagate. This story is a great example of how the mainstream media makes stories disappear. First, they write about it a little when they start to realize it will be too hard to contain. Then they need to debunk the “conspiracy” and after that, they can move on and pretend everything is fine and there is nothing to see here.

In the case of Pizza and/or Pedogate. They enlisted a fact-checking website called Snopes. A couple that has a website. And just like the Truth Library, they aren’t much more than that. I don’t tell people to believe everything that I post. I want people to start thinking and I hope that I can open up people’s eyes to the evil and disgusting things that are happening in this world. But we now know that Snopes has been corrupt to the bone and that the people who supposedly debunked these horrible stories of elites and politicians hurting and abusing children were all fake news. And although they “debunked” their own raid in the pastThe latest story into Snopes is true and disturbing, to say the least.

But Snopes in collaboration with the New York Times debunked Pizzagate and that was the end of that. No one cares about the “pizza” references in Podesta’s emails that were never explained. No one cares that it appeared that the ex-president of the USA was part of this scandal. And after the good people of Snopes and the NYT had a look that was the end. Debunked. Nothing to see here. So now it is debunked and if something has been debunked it would disappear. But the questions remain. So the alternative media doesn’t stop trying to get answers to these questions.

        Google being the owner of Youtube also stopped many vloggers that were talking about Pizzagate.

The next step was Facebook, Twitter and Google stepping in. Any posts that were flagged by the algorithms as to do with Pizzagate were marked as spam and removed from timelines. They would still show them on the poster’s timeline but in most cases, no one else was able to see these posts. Twitter did the same and Google started making sure that if you googled a “censored” subject that only the mainstream media’s sources would be in their results. Google being the owner of Youtube also stopped many vloggers that were talking about Pizzagate. And within a few weeks, it was almost impossible to find information on this subject. Unless you knew where to look. My article, for example, lost a lot of content after videos that I linked in the article disappeared from Youtube.











I felt this personally when I received emails from Google stating that I had to remove all the pictures from a post in regard to Pizzagate. The post called: Pizzagate – All the Facts in One Spot (Podesta, Clintons and the DC Pedo Network) was flagged by Google after it starting getting some traffic to the Truth Library and I was told to remove all the pictures.as it was against the Google Adsense Policy. At first, I complied and had a link on the page where people could ask for the pictures to be sent to them. But after Google started telling me I had to remove more and more content it became clear to me that I wasn’t free to post what I wanted. Another post that was flagged was a post about Satanic rituals being conducted in Australia.  Other complaints and flagged content had to do with a kidnapped boy called Chase and the lying, deceiving health minister of Victoria Jill Hennessy. The income from the advertising was just about enough to pay for my website and now I pay for it out of my own pocket. But I won’t be censored. And it was striking to see that the mainstream media was actively censoring these stories. Even after it was brought to their attention by a press release.

Censoring websites is one thing. But Facebook has taken another step towards complete control. They have changed their algorithms to something I describe as “preaching to the choir”. If you are like me, awake to the corruption, fraud, and deceit going on in the medical world you will be labeled an “anti-vaxxer”. This will then group you together with other like-minded people and your posts won’t be shared outside of that group. This stops information from spreading and stops people from learning if they are lied to. Because if you aren’t actively looking for information around vaccines and health corruption. You won’t see it.



People won’t know about the corruption in the CDC and the director having to resign. People won’t know about another study stating that vaccines and autism might be related after all. And people won’t know that they are getting fed a corporate marketing strategy as news. As I outlined in a previous post the mainstream media has become an advertising arm of the pharmaceutical industry. Worse even they aren’t being told that the health system is a large profit-run industry that is making more money than most other industries combined. They aren’t being told that most of this money is public, taxpayer-funded, money that is sucked out of the public system straight into the greedy pockets of the pharmaceutical and health conglomerates executives.

Maybe we should embrace the censorship. Because if we are being censored it must be worth it. The way I see it the more they censor. The more truth is in the message. 

So it is up to us the people that do know what is happening in the world. The people that have their eyes open to keep on speaking the truth. Maybe we should embrace the censorship. Because if we are being censored it must be worth it. The way I see it the more they censor. The more truth is in the message. Share, write, blog, vlog, talk and awaken as many souls as possible. As we all know that the deceit and lies can’t continue. The censorship shows that pedophiles in high places are being protected, it shows that they don’t want people to know vaccines cause harm and it shows that the politicians running these programs are protected from above. We are fighting a massive beast. A beast with tentacles all over the world and in all our information. It won’t let go easily but we will pry it loose and set the world free. It is time to show the truth to the world.

To everyone that talks the truth. Thank you and keep it up! We are winning!



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