Big Bad Putin and his puppet Russia

By Bernie Smith

Vladimir Putin has been made out to be a monster in the Western media. Putin has been the face of evil for years. The media manages to rewrite history and blame things on Putin and Russia that have been started by the Western powers.

Putin has been quite gooimagesd under all this pressure. If he was half as bad as what the media are portraying him like he would have been pushing the button for nuclear war by now. The amount of abuse and unfounded accusations are out of this world. From him being personally responsible for the murder of a spy in London to MH17. Everything that Russia does gets linked straight back to Putin. He is the almighty ruler of Russia according to our mainstream media

Imagine if China or Russia would put everything that the U.S. did. Anything a U.S. citizen did and everything that could be linked to the U.S. would be credited to the U.S. president. Bit ridiculous isn’t it. The president is the face of the country but can he really be held responsible for everything that its citizens and government agencies do.

Despite this the mainstream media has created this consensus in which Putin is the almighty ruler of Russia. He knows about everything that happens and he decides about everything. Do we really think this is a possibility? No doubt he has more control than Obama. But that is because he doesn’t have to deal with a shadow government ran by corporations. Putin dealt with that years ago.

Putin did a lot of good. He kicked out the Rothschild ran central bank. He wants to make Russia a non-GMO country. He is thriving for Russia to become the world’s supplier of organic food. A nobel cause if you ask me. He has come out in the past and questioned the western medicine machine. He has stated that vaccines dumb us down and that the way we grow our food is causing big health issues.

Might this just be the reason he is being ostracised by the Western world. Gaddafi had to go for a lot less. Just getting rid of the western ran central bank has been enough in the past for the U.S. and its allies to start wars. On top of that he is threatening the food and pharmaceutical industry by actively promoting natural remedies and traditional healing.

Putin might not be so bad. I’m not saying he is great. He wouldn’t be in power in Russia if he was aCover11-759x419 nice guy all the time. But I do think he would be a better choice for humanity. He isn’t driven by money and running the world into oblivion like the West has been in the last decades.

Just remember that the next time you read a mainstream media article about Russia and Putin. Watch Russia Today from time to time and get a different perspective on world affairs and politics. And don’t get sucked into the war mongering machine that the Western media has become as of late. The way the U.S. and its allies has been pushing Russia lately can only end badly. And when it comes to these two superpowers clashing. World War 3 becomes a very real possibility.

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