BEWARE: They Stopped Hiding Their Lies

By Bernie Smith

It has become very clear that we are living in a time where we really lost all our integrity. At least a few decades ago when politicians lied they had the decency to cover it up and pretend they had a better story. Nowadays they own us all and they have come to the conclusion that they can just lie without even having a story. Without even trying to cover it up. The press won’t report on it. They own them and thus they own our information.

hot-hillary-clinton-devil-satanIt’s  a sad day when the media is told to not report on a major event. An event that could potentially see an Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, indicted and a presidential candidate go to prison. It’s even sadder day when the media just do what they are told and not report on it. It’s pretty clear the story is newsworthy. Politicians, prison and indictment. Makes a pretty good headline, don’t you think?

So what happened in Phoenix? According to Loretta Lynch and the Clinton’s. It was nothing more then a chance encounter of 2 good friends. You know like we all do when we get out of our private jets and see our friend’s jet down the tarmac. We take a little stroll and have chat. What don’t we get about this they ask. We are obviously just stupid peasants that don’t get the way these people go around living their lives.

So they talked about Bill’s golf game. About the grand children and Chelsea. Obviously they wouldn’t have talked about the emails that might get Bill’s wife locked up in prison. That would have been illegal. No it’s just chance that days before the FBI releases their report into the scandal, Bill happens to stroll across the tarmac to walk in to his good friend the Attorney-General….

It’s all just chance and coincidence. Is it coincidence too that when this came out, Loretta Lynch didn’t recuse herself. Loretta Lynch didn’t see any reason to do this as she was just going to blindly follow the report from the FBI. Anyone think this might have been the idea from the start? The FBI report was damming and stated that Hillary had been silly with her emails. However didn’t see any reason for a case against her.

Would the Clinton’s have made some deal with the FBI. May be we will see a massive increase in funding for law enforcement during Hillary’s presidency. Would Bill instead of talking about babies and his swing on the golf course have told Loretta Lynch that she needed to follow the recommendations put forward by the FBI. Would she may be have been promised a very fruitful career if she did. Who will be the next secretary of justice if Hillary gets elected. Would they be so bold jot do that. to make it that open. Well they staged an illegal meeting at the tarmac of an airfield. People coming out of one private jet and meeting on another. The mafia and cartels would be jealous. They aren’t trying to cover up their lies anymore. They know they can shut up the mainstream media . They know they own us all.

The day has come where they lie to us without covering it up. The days has come where wars are started on false pretext. Where people die for the wrong reasons. And the people in power get away with it. What world do we live in when politicians aren’t being held accountable.

People need to wake up.

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