Australian News Media – Advertising Dangerous and Harmful Substances to the Public Disguised as News


Written by Bernie Smith

The latest fear-mongering, hate-inciting trash coming out of the mainstream media in Australia cites that 23 children could have been saved from death if only they would have had vaccines. The articles in different mainstream media outlets all try and frame the “anti-vaccination” movement for these deaths.

These articles are biased work of the pharmaceutical controlled, biased media companies that don’t care about reporting a fair and unbiased story. So let’s have a look at the other side of this study. The side of the severe adverse reactions caused by vaccinations. Some of which, like autism isn’t even considered vaccine-related. Even though a new reputable study has cast some serious doubt over this statement in the last few months.

The articles talk about 23 preventable deaths over a 10 year period. So let’s do some calculations of our own. In the 10 year period between 2007 and 2016 according to the New South Wales government, there were 938,522 babies born in that state. For the sake of this comparison, we will use the vaccines that are administered between birth and 12 months old. Which according to the New South Wales Immunisation schedule are 11 vaccines. Most of these are combinations of different vaccines. A total of 28 different doses are administered to a baby between birth and 12 months old.

According to the CDC. The world’s authority on vaccines and their safety and efficiency. Only 1.3 people in a million are seriously injured by vaccines. In New South Wales over the 10 year period, 10,323,742 (number of births times the 11 vaccines) vaccines were administered. So even if we use the narrative that is being used by the vaccine-pushing governments and industries, according to the CDC’s own admission and the governments own data and information. At least 13.42 (number of vaccines administered and the 1.3 in a million statement) children were severely harmed by vaccines over the same period 23 children died from a vaccine-preventable disease.

But this number is not right. The actual number of vaccines administered is not just over 10 million. The real number is 26,278,616 (number of births times the 28 vaccines) when taken into account all the combined vaccines used. This would mean that according to the CDC’s own data at least 34 children would have been seriously injured by an adverse event. Close to a staggering third more than the 23 quoted in the pharmaceutical commercials written by the mainstream media.

But even these numbers are nothing in comparison to the harm that might be done by vaccinations. With studies into clinical incidence reporting being flawed. And some stating that only between 1 and 10% of vaccine adverse reactions being reported in the appropriate way. This would mean that in New South Wales alone over this 10 year period up to a staggering 3400 children could have been severely injured by vaccines.

You don’t read about that in the mainstream media. You don’t even read that according to their own numbers and calculations over 13 children would have had their lives destroyed by vaccines. Shouldn’t we have a discussion if these 23 deaths are a warrant to maim or kill 13 children? Shouldn’t we look at better ways of preventing disease? Instead of being fine and actively ignoring the harm being done by the vaccines pushed by the mainstream media.

If 23 children dying is enough reason to attack parents and families looking into alternative, natural ways to raise their children. Then 13 deaths because of a pharmaceutical that is now being pushed, mandated and coerced onto children should warrant a discussion. Especially if this number could potentially be as high as 3400.

What all these articles in the mainstream media really highlight is that we are dealing with a bought and biased media system. A system that will use their influence and power to push mandatory vaccination laws even though it is fact that ALL VACCINES ARE UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.

These articles being pushed by every mainstream outlet in Australia show the influence of the pharmaceutical industry within the media. It shows that they are using this influence to push their products upon the population. Pharmaceutical commercials might not be allowed in Australia. But it is clear that they are using the news to do exactly that. A dangerous situation which is far more dangerous than commercials. As most people will recognize that a commercial is just a push to buy a product. Disguising these messages into mainstream news sets a dangerous precedent. Showing that the mainstream media and their news outlets in Australia are all the same. Showing that they are nothing more than an advertising agency for the pharmaceutical companies.


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