A Tune Up For Australian Politics

By Bernie Smith

Australia is a sick country. The political system is deeply fraud and needs to get a tune up. In order for the people to not loose complete hope in the democratic process we need to change some key principles of Australian politics.

election_300-200Personally I believe the 2 party system is a inherently biased system. We need to get away from the 2 party principle. The last election has shown that vast amounts of people around Australia are fed up with the 2 major parties. The Greens seem to have shown their real face lately and are starting to loose ground again as well.

What we need is to rethink the multi-party system in Australia. A true multi party system. Where all political parties get the same media attention and publicity. This won’t happen as long as we have a 2 party preferred system with a bunch of micro parties. Especially parties that just have one policy are an absolute waste of time and just play in the hands of the major parties.

In order to change this we need to get a system with around 10 parties. From an extreme right wing “racist” party to an extreme left wing “hippy tree hugger” party. And a few parties in the middle. May be a centre party, liberal on the right and Labour slightly on the left. Then there is room for the necessary parties on either side to fill the spectrum.

This will stop the major parties getting all the media attention and will make voting for something else than Liberal or Labour actually worthwhile, This way the people’s voting might actually transfer into something that can tangible in the Lower House and the Senate.

Now we have a Senate and Lower House that are representing 10 parties, may be 12. Much better then 90 to 95% represented by 2 parties and a few other parties having seat here or there. I think a much better representation of the Australian population. This doesn’t mean though they should be allowed to just make big decisions about our lives behind closed doors and by making secret deals left, right and centre. No the big decisions should still be up to us. And there is an easy way to achieve this.

Referendums. A way for the people to just choose yes or no. Do we like this or not. And democracy is about majority wins. So if the majority says no. it won’t happen. What’s so bad about giving the people a direct vote? What are they afraid of in Canberra? Is it that it will take away from their power. Is it that we might make “the wrong decisions” for Australia? Well, if the majority of Australians at the time don’t want it. It can never be wrong. And that is what democracy is. If they don’t like it there in Canberra may be they should have a think about why they are in politics. Is it because they want to help the people or screw them? People do know what is best for them. They live in it. Don’t patronise them by making them think they can’t make decisions for themselves.

How are we going to hold referendums all the time you might ask. Well that’s easy too. We live in the 21st century. We have the internet and this medium should be used in our democratic process. There are no reasons not too. If the internet is secure enough to do taxes, Centrelink and banking. Voting should not be a problem online.

The last thing that we need to change here is mandatory voting rule. Another rule that just plays into the hand of 2 major parties. Some people just don’t care about voting. And they shouldn’t have to care. It’s the freedom of democracy to be allowed not to vote and not give a fuck.download (1)

We need to start a bit of a discussion around Australia. Because for as long as this system is allowed to continue. Nothing will change. More and more people will loose confidence in our democracy and this will only create more problems. It’s time to move Australia into the 21st Century.

I don’t know if my ideas will be what is needed. They are just ideas. But I would like a discussion to start. I want people to realise what system is keeping Australia stuck in the past. I want people to realise we can change. Get people moving, talking and expressing and things will change. We have the power. Lets start discussing and lets hold the politicians in Canberra accountable for their actions.

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  1. Rixta Reply

    I have said for a long time that Australia needs a system of equal representation. If you get 10% of the votes, you get 10% of the seats. Then people will feel like voting counts and as this kind of system allows for many different parties there will be a lot of choice. And a lot of choice means that parties can be held accountable by the people. You mess up, you lose most of your seats.

    The question is how to change this. The current parties don’t have an interest in a new system, as it will be the end of their parties. So who will force this? I have ideas about this, but I can’t share them on a public forum.

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