A Great Post on the Ridiculous Statistics and Lies of Vaccines and the Real Infant Mortality Rate

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In response to a question on another thread, I threw this together in answer. Then I edited it and added to it as a general post for those who may wonder just how many infants are sacrificed to the Great Cow God, Vaca. It is also somewhat of a response to the political belief that vaccines cause no harm and are extremely important in preventing deaths from horror diseases. These figures are very rough and ready but I believe are also conservative.

Today we live in a world gone mad with medical dictatorship. We have condescending politicians telling us vaccines are so important because it is not right for any child to die from a vaccine preventable disease.

Vaccines kill too but politicians seem to totally miss and intentionally dismiss this fact thus showing their monumental contempt for the victims of their criminal policies. We hear endlessly about how diseases kill and the occasional whooping cough death gets blown totally out of proportion with vaccine dissidents being blamed no matter what the circumstances. The fact in most of these rare deaths is actually medical incompetence. Whooping cough should not be a serious disease today with our living standard and knowledge of disease. Most of these deaths are entirely due to medical incompetence, not whether you are vaccinated or not.

So just what is the toll from vaccines in this country? There does not seem to be any data for this, at least, not readily available.

Last year in Australia we had 180,000 live births.
Also, 1,000 infants died before reaching their first birthday giving an infant mortality rate of 1 in 180.

Now let’s take a look back to get some idea of trends and thus causes.

1850 (England), a period famous for infant mortality from disease had a death rate of 1 in 666. Bit different to what we get told today but these are from official figures in England.

A century of improvements in sanitation, food availability and transport (especially refrigeration) and improvements in living conditions, notable reduction in crowding and by 1965 infant mortality is down to 1 in 2,000 (Australian figures). And then it turns around.

Even in the mid-sixties much of the infant mortality rate was due to vaccines. We occasionally heard of cot death, later to become SIDS as medical terminology took over the older terms. This cot death, now called SIDS and famous for coincidentally occurring after vaccination, did account for a large proportion of these deaths in infants during the sixties. As I have no idea of the vaccinal death rate for this period I will exclude it in my calculations. Back then we had the triple antigen (Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis whole), occasionally polio (oral Sabine) and some people got the smallpox vaccine, especially if you went overseas. That was it, three to five vaccines total and much lower vaccine compliance rate. And then it turns around.

Increasing medical pressure to vaccinate increases vaccine uptake rates and, entirely by coincidence, so to do infant mortality rates so that by 1988 infant mortality had improved to 1 in 1,000 – double what it was only twenty years earlier.

Not only did we see a stronger push to get ever more infants vaccinated for diseases that had almost died out on their own but ever increasing vaccines for new and previously unknown diseases so that now we have a dictionary of obscure diseases of vaccines and infant mortality rates higher than ever before at higher than half a percent.

The tricky bit is working out how many of these deaths are not attributed to vaccines. The only significant change affecting infant survivability since 1965 is modern medicine, notably vaccines. Equivalating the figures we get 11 per 2,000 today compared with 1 per 2,000 then so at the least we have 10 in 2,000 live births being killed in the first year of their life by vaccines. This is 1 in 200 or 0.5%. At current birth rates that gives a minimum of 900 infants sacrificed to the gods of insane medicine, which includes politicians who find it unacceptable for a child to die from a vaccine preventable disease.

When is the last time anyone actually died from one of these supposedly vaccine preventable diseases? Today at least two died from vaccines as the death rate from vaccines averages out at 2.47 deaths per day.

Recently another factor has come into the equation, vaccinating pregnant women. This is in spite of the fact that every vaccine package insert states quite clearly that the vaccine has never been tested for safety or efficacy in pregnant or lactating women. Well, we are now finding out, massive increases in foetal deaths amongst twenty week plus pregnancies. Generally once a foetus reaches twenty weeks it is viable and should be born live except in exceptional circumstances. So far figures indicate an increased death rate in viable foetuses by a factor of 43, or 4300%.

It would seem that politicians are in a state of extreme denial on these facts. They can not possibly be unaware of this situation as is evidenced by the specifically targeted propaganda to deny vaccine harm.

This makes political policy on vaccines a deliberate crime against children and a crime against humanity. There is no statute of limitations for these crimes.

Addendum – I know far too many stories from the source, from parents who have lost a child. I stopped counting at 25, the internet has put me in contact with far too many others who have experienced the delights of taking one for the herd to feasibly keep count. This is a crime of monumental proportions and no one wants to know about it, no one believes it – until too late.
According to vaccine package inserts, death does occur from vaccines but so rarely as to not worry about. Generally, this death rate is quoted as 1 in 1,000,000. Were this true it means that I must know personally every single man, woman and child in Australia with enough spare to include New Zealand. As I don’t I tend to suspect that this figure is dramatically, and fraudulently, understated. The Infanrix Hexa exhibited a death rate of 1 in 264, four times the death rate for the comparison vaccine (no, they are never tested against a genuine placebo) group. Guess what the official death rate wound up as?

Yep, one in a million.

A figure worked out from a vaccine trial group of just over a thousand. Amazing how they do this really.


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