Ground Offensive Will Mark Start off WW3

“Grondoffensief in Syrië betekent start van Derde Wereldoorlog”


Translated from Dutch:

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has warned that might cause an escalation of the conflict in Syria to the Third World War. He makes his statements in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt based on the decisions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have both decided to send ground troops to Syria. The Netherlands has decided to interfere illegally with the fight. Is the Russian language muscles, or really threatening to ignite a new world war?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have recently floated the idea of ​​sending ground troops to Syria now are on the losing side “rebels” backed by the kingdom. Here they have asked the United States to take the lead in this offensive. Washington has this “Saudi idea” – that was probably prompted by Washington self- all applauded.

Arab troops
yesterday flew the first Arab fighters into the southern Turkish Incirlik airbase, which is not far from the Syrian border. Turkey for its part denies vehemently to intervene directly in neighboring Syria, but it seems, according to also set up posts from Russia to invade northern Syria.
The Russians will adopt have no problem with a Western intervention aimed at Daesh (IS, Isis).If they turn against the forces of Assad, we have a different story. That would not take the Russians and come to be the major coalitions opposed. How big is the risk is that it comes so far?

The invasion would be scheduled for March or April and will likely take place in Turkey. The Saudi Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Assiri said earlier this week that his country is “ready” to “defeat Daesh” with the US-led coalition. The decision to send troops to Syria would now be ‘definitive’. But the goal of defeating the Arabs Daesh whether it would actually be a step towards the objective of all years, but thanks to the Russians failed goal to drop Assad, yet to achieve? That would never allow the Russians. If this scenario comes true, we come awfully close to a world war. Turkey also is on the side of the Arabs as the US and NATO countries.We want as little country we really have to interfere with this?

Permanent state of war
, the Russian Dmitri Medvedev was from 2008 to 2012 President of Russia, after he became prime minister. Last Wednesday, he was interviewed by the German newspaper Handelsblatt.Medvedev called on the United States and its Arab allies particularly deep thinking :

They want a permanent war? They intend to quickly win such a war?  I n the Arab world this is impossible.  A ground offensive war usually turns into a permanent warLook what happened in Afghanistan and many other countries. The Americans and our Arab partners must think carefully: they want a permanent war “?

He stressed that all parties should be put on the negotiating table, rather than ” to unleash a new world war. ”

Further, the second man in Russia called for an end to the EU and the US to economic sanctions against Russia. Medvedev proposes that sanctions both Russia and the EU have brought nothing good.

Risks Netherlands
The Dutch government has already made ​​the decision to join from the air with these potential world war. The Party for the Animals, SP, GroenLinks and THINK (MPs Kuzu and Öztürk) the only parties who recognized the risks and dangers of bombing and voted against the Dutch bombing. The majority of the Dutch population, however, is still of oblivious. We are a hopeless war dragged along, and this concerns us tons of money. But this is now really want what the Dutch population? Our “elected representatives” have already namely elected, and the people did not hear from him.

Safe Heavens’
CDA MP Raymond Knops want even Dutch ground troops to Syria, there to create so-called ‘safe heavens’. Probably Knops forgotten drama of Srebrenica, where everything went horribly wrong. Moreover, it is impossible to implement in western Syria, where the government army with the Russian air force battles against the opposition, to establish a safe haven for refugees. There you according to experts soon fifty to sixty thousand heavily armed soldiers needed and let’s not get started on the costs.

Netherlands had understanding in the First World War. It remained neutral. That we should do now. We call something about the role of the ICC and we stay out everywhere. In that game is, for example Switzerland also always been strong.
The only criticism we could find were the opinions of Dutch citizens on Facebook.

But when we come to realize that complaining on Facebook has not really useful? When we step out the door to jointly express our concerns in a demonstration? There is today only demonstrated when it comes to refugees, but sees the Dutch citizen out more bombings just provide will be more refugees? Why do we not leave it to the big countries, and we continue not just neutral? Where is the ‘sober’ opinion remained the Dutchman?

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