Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided in the Vaccination Debate


In Newsletter 115 I provided corrections to some of the misleading information that John Cunningham has provided to the public about my research. John Cunningham is a leader of the SAVN pro-vaccine lobby group and a medical practitioner. I would also like to provide you with the corrections that Judy Raper, Vice-Chancellor of Research at the University of Wollongong (UOW), has made to address the false information provided by the ABC about my research in November 2014.

In July 2014, John Cunningham, made a complaint to the University of Wollongong about my research on the whooping cough vaccine that was completed in 2006. This research project was a critique of the Australian government’s whooping cough policy and the research was awarded a high distinction by UOW academics in 2006. Yet, in July 2014, John Cunningham, made allegations of academic misconduct about this research project. This was 8 years after the coursework was completed and the degree awarded. An investigation was implemented even though UOW academics found no evidence of academic misconduct and concluded that this was an unwarranted investigation. When university investigation guidelines are not followed unwarranted investigations can occur.

In November 2014, the ABC provided anonymity to ‘two medical experts’ who provided information about UOW’s investigation even though the university’s procedures were confidential and the investigation had not been completed. This information about an investigation into  “allegations of academic misconduct” was published in the ABC on 27 November 2014. Although I received an apology from Judy Raper for this unwarranted investigation, the University of Wollongong would not put out a press release to correct the public record. Judy Raper stated that the university’s processes had been misused and there should never have been an investigation. These were unfounded allegations made by an organised lobby group (SAVN) and they were published in the mainstream Australian media even though there was no evidence to support the allegations and the investigation was incomplete at the time. 

This research project on whooping cough vaccine is still published unchanged on my website ‘An Analysis of the Australian Federal Government’s Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Policy’ and it received a high distinction from UOW academics in 2006.

Professional lobby groups have used the mainstream media and university processes to misinform the public with their personal opinions about my research and my reputation has not been protected. Recently John Dwyer from the Friends of Science in Medicine lobby group, associated my research with an investigation that had nothing to do with my PhD. He made false claims about the aims of my thesis and he falsely claimed that it contained mistakes. If this was the case, then my PhD would have been investigated in the recent review called for by lobby groups after my thesis was published in January 2016. However, my thesis wasn’t included because all the correct procedures were followed and it complies with the university’s standards. John Dwyer, a member of a lobby group, was allowed to present his inaccurate opinions about my research without journalists confirming these opinions with UOW academics before disparaging my research with false information in the media.

Further, the ABC would not remove the misinformation provided by lobby groups about my 2006 research project to clear my name of this smear campaign. Here is the letter I wrote to the ABC and the ABC has added a correction to the article that states:

 In May 2015 an investigation by the University of Wollongong Student Conduct Committee found Dr Wilyman not guilty of academic misconduct. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Judy Raper stated that the investigation should not have happened and that “academic misconduct processes are not a forum for academic debate”.

When universities are not required to correct the public record after false and misleading information is provided in the media, students reputations and research cannot be protected from professional lobby groups who misuse these processes. In addition, universities cannot fulfil their role in maintaining academic integrity in public debates if they are not correcting the public record. Here is a 50 min videotaken from my PhD thesis that summarises the lack of science and the loss of human rights in vaccination policies that the lobby groups do not want the public to see with credibility. This is a danger to human health and a breach of many international human rights covenants.

Here also are the corrections to the opinions that John Cunningham provided in unsolicited emails to members of the public and UOW academics in 2014. Please be aware that the Greens are supporting the two major parties to remove our freedom of choice in medical interventions in Australia and they are doing this by supporting the tactics of SAVN and the Friends of Science in Medicine that are resulting in misinformation in the Australian media. This is contrary to the philosophy of a true “Greens” Party. TheMamamia website is also a medium for these professional lobby groups. If you wish to protect your right to make health choices about your own body in this election, the Health Australia Party is protecting this freedom and our right to choose, without coercion, what we inject into our own bodies.

Judy Wilyman PhD
Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies  Judy Wil

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