Australian Woman Dies From Flu Despite Being Vaccinated

Australian Woman Dies After Being Flu Vaccinated


Despite being a heavily vaccinated society, Australia’s flu season has been rough, to say the absolute least. There have been 137,000 flu cases reported since the start of September. And it just got rougher.

A flu vaccinated woman named Jennifer Thew succumb to symptoms of the flu after having it for one week. As stated, Thew was vaccinated. She was also the mother of two. Worse more, her seven-year-old daughter has now been diagnosed with the flu.

According to Australia 9 news.

Thew, who moved to Australia from Germany, worked as a receptionist in Canberra, and had been vaccinated.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Thew Family by her daughter Estella’s dance school.

“GDANCE will be covering Estella’s tuition for Term 4 so she can keep dancing if she wishes, as dance is her real passion,” the page reads.

“GDANCE has set up this Go Fund Me account so if you’d like to contribute financially to help the Thew family you can do so.
“All monies raised here will be given directly to the Thew Family.”

There is no information on how close the vaccination occurred in relation to her being diagnosed with the flu. There have already been 95 flu deaths across Australia this year.

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