How propaganda accused Russia of Downing MH17 without proof


July 17th marked the second anniversary of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot down. However, even now there is no concrete information or evidence that explains the tragedy.  

According to political economist Paul Craig Roberts, this event was instantly politicized by Washington and its European vassal politicians.


According to the inconclusive reports issued by the Dutch Safety Board, the heavy anti-Russian propaganda has finally managed to imprint the message on people’s minds. Until then, it didn’t matter what the report concluded as everyone was assured that the Russians had done it.

Roberts reminisces the time when ‘pre-trial media accusations resulted in dismissed cases’. Anyone declared guilty prior to presenting any evidence to the contrary in the court of law would be considered convicted in advance and thus unable to receive fair judgement.


Furthermore, Washington’s story never made sense. There was no reason for Russia or the separatists in the Donetsk region to shoot down a Malaysian plane. On the other hand, Washington would receive huge incentives if only the propaganda would be able to place the entire blame on Russia and use the incident to push the European Governments into accepting the sanctions that Washington placed on Russia.

This plot worked in favour of Washington, as it successfully employed this incident to ruin the economic and political relationships of Europe with Russia.


An open source website Bellingcat, within four months of this anti-Russia propaganda, claimed that ‘the Buk missile was fired by a Russian unit, the 53rd Buk Brigade, based in the Russian city of Kursk’. This allegation went on to expose the propaganda.

Mr Roberts explains that while it is possible that the separatists could shoot down a civilian plane since they were not familiar with the Buk weapon system, it is not possible for the Russian military force to commit such a grave mistake.

Furthermore, it is also not clear why the Ukrainian government or for that matter the separatists find any reason to use the Buk weapon system. Since the Buk missile is a high altitude one, the only way that the separatists could have acquired it would be by capturing and overrunning Ukrainian positions that could deploy Buk missiles for unfathomed reasons.

According to an European air traffic controller, the airliner that was carrying Vladimir Putin, the Russian Present and the MH-17 were initially on the same course. It is a possibility that the vassal thought that MH-17 was the plane in which Putin was travelling and destroyed it by mistake.

Also to avoid any consequences of this provocation, the Russian government always denied that Putin’s plane was put on the same course as MH-17. The Dutch report also does not answer several questions like, ‘Why does Kiev refuse to release the communications between Ukrainian air traffic control and MH-17? Why was a civilian airliner routed over a combat zone?’

As the Romans believe, the benefiter is also the doer in this case.

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