Police in Australia take child from father without due process



While car camping in Sydney on our way back home to Melbourne from Christmas with our family the Police took my 6 year old Daughter because my car was messy. After investigating that there was no problem with myself or my daughter Faith Sampson the Waverly Police decided to take my daughter and put her in foster care. Now this is highly irregular, illegal and unlawful. And now my daughter has been placed in foster care and according to usual procedure it may take weeks or months for the Government to restore her to my care, even if Child Protection Services recommends to the Judge that she be returned to my care.

This is outrageous. The police have made a decision based on no evidence, no corroboration of my story but simply because they decided to. Those were the exact words.

Now according to common law Faith should never have been taken. I intend to challenge the government under common law jurisdiction in the NSW supreme court.

I know that good people all over are standing up for their inalienable rights under common law. Will you help seek justice? Can you assist in this cause for the sake of not only my daughter Faith and our family but for the rights of good happy families everywhere.

Today we can join to take a stand and restore the inalienable rights and freedom of mankind in Australia. I want my daughter safe and we all want our families to be safe. The police and the government must be reminded that their sole purpose is to ensure those rights within society. And not violate them whenever possible.

Actions by the police and government must be peaceful and positive. Please help me to file this action and pursue justice.

The court filing fee is $1000 and legal fees have been quoted for approximately $5000 for multiple appearances and research.

I need to file this motion ASAP before this is stuck in the system for the duration.

Common law is the basis of our society. I know we can straiten this whole thing out and eas back the ebbing tides of fair rights.


I have good reason to believe that there will need to be additional law suits. I have doubled the original target but I have been advised it may be a lot more than that.

The priority is to get Faith back with People she knows.  That is being worked on currently.

I will explain where the money is spent.

Thanks for your trust.

Contact me if you have something to ask.

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