Vets Say No To Mandatory Horse Vaccination Due to Adverse Reactions

Vets Say No to Mandatory Hendra Vaccine Due To Adverse Reactions


By General Maddox.

( The Hendra virus has been a cause for concern since it was responsible for the death of a dozen or more horses and a trainer in Brisbane in 1994.

The Flying Fox or fruit bat is responsible for passing the virus on to horses. Most likely due to their urine or faeces contaminating a horses water or food supply. Human infection is likely attributed contact of secretions of bodily fluids from horses. The days of kissing your beloved horse on the muzzle may be over.

7news in Townsville recently aired a report (Video below) where they discussed the Hendra Virus Vaccine.

Whether or not the equine vaccine works is not up for debate here. Reading and getting involved in the video comment thread on Facebook will net a host pros and cons for the vaccine.

The most telling and shocking point made in the video is that veterinary doctors have thrown their weight behind the decision NOT to make the vaccine mandatory for all horses.

Why? Because of adverse reactions to the vaccine that’s supposed to protect them!

That’s right folks. Veterinary medical professionals are on the record saying that not only do adverse reactions to this vaccine exist but that it shouldn’t be made mandatory due to so many adverse reactions being recorded.

Looks like Big Pharma misses out on a few million in sales of this vaccine.

The take home from this is that all of those people out there including young children who are now vaccine damaged need to continually push to have their vaccine injuries reported.

The only way to steer us away from mandatory vaccinations is to speak up and speak loudly about the harm they cause so that they’re forced to allow us the choice of vaccinating or not.

Keep in mind folks that mandatory vaccination is the next step in their plan. The adult immunisation register is now in place nationwide and bio-security laws have also been passed allowing government agencies to forcibly vaccinate, quarantine or jail us to “prevent the spread of disease”.

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