Vaccinations Rates and Chronic Illness in Australia


Newsletter 48 Chronic Illness and Vaccination Rates in the Australian Population

Please read this letter that has been sent to the Australian Government, the University of Wollongong academics and Australian journalists

Open Letter

To the Minister for Social Services

The Honourable Christian Porter MP,

Re Financial Incentives for Medical Interventions in Healthy People; a breach of the Nuremberg Code

Silence or no response to these directives is an admission that your policy is invalid.
1. I direct you to provide me with a legitimate public health reason for making the full schedule of vaccines (16 plus) mandatory for social welfare benefits.
2. I direct Alison Jones, toxicologist and executive dean of the UOW Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, to provide her professional opinion that combining the listed ingredients in the schedule of 16 plus vaccines mandated in this policy, in newborn infants/children/adults, is safe and health promoting, in a genetically diverse population. 

Dear Minister Porter MP,

Did you know that a recent study in the Lancet (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) recently ranked the health of 188 countries from 1990-2015 but did not include a measure of themorbidity (chronic illness and disability) in these countries? Quality of life and health depend upon this measure. In 2004 41% of Australian children (0 -14 yrs) had a chronic illness (AIHW).

That is, autism, anaphylaxis, allergies, speech delay/neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, parkinsons, diabetes etc) illness that has escalated since 1990, with the increased use of vaccines at this timea correlation that has never been investigated.

Australia’s public health authorities including Peter McIntyre (NCIRS), Robert Booy (NCIRS), Terry Nolan (ATAGI), Alison Jones (UOW Faculty of Medicine), Heather Yeatman (PHAA) and Jonathon Carapetis (Telethon Institute), and UOW academics – have not provided a reason for making 16 plus vaccines compulsory in social welfare policies for children up to 20 years of age. And I note that you have not provided a reason for making this schedule of vaccines compulsory.

There are no public health authorities that have provided a legitimate reason for making the full schedule of vaccines compulsory in infants or adults. And there is no legislation or regulation in any health act in Australia to legitimise your policy that was introduced on 1 January 2016.

Your No Jab, No Pay policy has made it compulsory for parents to inject Aluminium hydroxide, Aluminium phosphate, Borax (sodium borate – insecticide), Thimerosal (50% Mercury Compound), Formaldehyde, Gelatin, Phenol, Monosodium Glutamate(MSG), Phenoxyethanol, Egg Protein, Yeast, Antibiotics – Neomycin, Polymxin, Gentamicin, Kanamycin and more, into their children to receive a financial incentive – without a legitimate reason to do this. 

I request that Alison Jones, toxicologist and executive dean of the UOW Faculty of Medicine, (copied into this email), provides her professional opinion that this combination of ingredients in vaccines in infants is safe and health promoting.

Your policy, that is not supported by the global scientific community, is being implemented in genetically diverse populations and this could be considered by many as a crime against humanity.

Silence or no response is an admission that this policy is invalid and you and those who are supporting this policy will be liable for any ill health or death that arises from this policy in the population. Here is the 20 min video of the No Jab No Pay protest speech that I gave outside Parliament House in Perth in 2015. This speech explains why this policy breaches the Nuremberg Code. The protest rallies held in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – in 2015 were not reported in the Australian media. These protest rallies were attended by thousands of people around Australia but the public’s voice in this debate has been ignored.

I await your response to the directives I have outlined above and I will take silence or no response as an admission that there is no valid reason for this social services No Jab No Pay policy.

Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Vaccination Policies  

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