The Vaccine Myth – Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

The Vaccine Myth: ‘Correlation Does Not Equal Causation’

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Vaccine pushers who are denying the destruction vaccines have caused on humanity just love the phrase “Correlation does not equal causation.”

Very often when you encounter a parent who has seen their child die or suffer severe regression of some kind after routine vaccination, you will often encounter a physician opening their mouth to say “Correlation does not equal causation”. This statement is usually accompanied with a look of condescension that says…”I’m a doctor and know so much more than you do and because of my years of study and deep understanding of science I can spew words that nullify what just happened without question…because, as I said, I’m a doctor”.

“Correlation does not equal causation” is what millions of parents hear after waking up to dead babies (from vaccine-induced SIDS), watching their children suffer juvenile arthritis so that they cannot even play like children should (associated with the MMR vaccine), crying through the night as their children are screaming and bleeding from itchy eczema (associated with the Hepatitis B vaccine) that won’t let up, or having their children suffer from life-threatening allergies. (And these are just a few of the devastating outcomes of vaccines…there are MANY more.)  Doctors explain that just because your child had a vaccine or series of vaccines just before they fell ill or dead does not mean that vaccines are to blame. Even more frustrating is that those same side-effects are listed on the package inserts… but doctors choose to ignore that in order to be right.

Just because 2 things happen near the same time doesn’t mean one caused the other. I agree. And if we are going to apply that logic we need to apply it in both directions. You can’t have it both ways. Just because vaccines were released around the time a disease declined does not mean the vaccine had anything to do with it. Remember, correlation does not equal causation. ?

From early 1800’s when industrialized and populated cities began to grow until sometime in the 1970’s, there was something in common that contributed to all of these diseases: filth. If you want a great look into just how filthy we were during that era, check out Filthy Cities. Want to know what changed? Adequate plumbing and waste removal. Boom, there it is folks. Also until recently we had limited abilities in regards to diagnosis, it was all clinical. In 1940, there were no high-tech labs. We got really high-tech in the 60’s-70’s when washing our hands properly became in-fashion. If you and/or your babies and toddlers had oozing, itchy bumps, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and/or some limb weakness, guess what? Diagnosis of a contagious viral or bacterial disease is issued. Never mind the fact that your baby had a blow-out and their bedding and their entire bodies, including mouths, were covered in feces and when you found the situation, you too got covered in feces. And back then? You didn’t have handy-dandy hi-tech contraptions like a washer and dryer (with ample soap and bleach at your finger tips) and you certainly didn’t have a shower for emergency, proper washing. The best we could do wasn’t nearly good enough. And disease was rampant. From our famous butt-to-mouth polio, to measles, mumps, rubella, and even tetanus. You know what was different back in those days? Farm animals were everywhere, dropping waste in the streets which people were wading through, even those with deep wounds. And how many men, women, and children got to rush home after being knee-high in human and animal waste to shower all the disease-laden filth off of themselves in a nice, hot shower with uncontaminated bottled soaps, anti-septics, hydrogen peroxide – and of course CLEAN water while bleaching all their clothes from the disease-filled feces splattered on them? None. That’s how many.

Yet, we have the arrogance and audacity to credit vaccines over cleanliness to the decline of disease?!?! Imagine how clean, hot running water, underground waste removal, and the ability to have a constant supply of sanitary clothing impacted wellness. Or go to a populated area that lacks these things and you know what you find? Disease. Despite the fact that their efforts to improve have lessened disease, it is still there. World Vaccination Day still doesn’t eliminate disease where proper sanitization is lacking.

Let’s hold just a few of the points in the above chart under a little scrutiny to uncover a bit more truth…

The scare-tactic/indoctrination chart above states that in 1923, 1560 people contracted tetanus. But according to the pro-vaccine website, “Tetanus first became a reportable disease in the late 1940s. At that time, there were 500–600 cases reported per year.”

In 1941 there were 894,134 cases of measles. That same year there were 1,144 deaths in people with measles. We do not know if there were other underlying conditions that may have contributed to death. That is about .125% death rate in people with the disease. What the chart also does not show is that the disease and death rates declined significantly after 1941, before the vaccine was introduced in 1968. But outside of the extremely low incidence of death, everyone having the typically mild disease lasting about a week had life-long immunity. It actually benefitted people to have wild measles because it offered true immunity, without vaccine side-effects.

The chart says that in 1968 over 50,000 people contracted mumps. What is ironic about this is that thevaccine was introduced the year before, in 1967. This chart is intentionally deceitful, just like the rest of vaccine propaganda. The mumps vaccine is a live-virus vaccine and therefore transmissible by the vaccine. It seems that the widespread use of the vaccine introduction in 1967 caused a greater mumps epidemic than was already here. Furthermore, this mild disease has a death rate of 2/10,000 from 1966-1971 according to the CDC. With an astronomical survival rate, the majority of decline prior to the vaccine introduction, and life-long immunity of survivors to provide true herd-immunity the vaccine did much more harm than good.

Polio. If you want a detailed analysis of why vaccines had nothing to do with the decline of polio, read this.

Well, now that we have that cleared up – who can we thank for vaccines? Nowadays, rather than the mostly harmless and short-lived diseases that came with true immunity we have 1 in 2 with cancer, most children with learning disabilities, allergies, chronic illness and auto-immune diseases, that is, those that don’t succumb to vaccine-induced SIDS.

For some things it would be ridiculous to deny causation. If someone punches me in the eye and it swells up and the next day I awake with a black eye, no jerk would say “Remember, correlation does not equal causation, that bruise was probably caused by some other factor”. And in the case of the hundreds of stories that I have read that someone’s tiny baby died right after or within days of injecting poisons, carcinogens, neurotoxins and toxic waste into their body, it is beyond asinine to say, “Well, it probably wasn’t the poison, line up your other children – we need to inject them, too”.

Pride really does go before a fall. In false pride we continue on a path that is causing almost every person to suffer some kind of disorder or disease because we think injecting poison prevents disease. I’m disgusted and exhausted by the narrowly focused and incorrect view that vaccines have helped humanity accompanied by the unfortunate ignorance of the fact that they contribute to most of our current diseases. What fools we are “who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel”.



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  1. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    According to CDC, zika is rare, microcephaly is rare, therefore zika causes microcephaly. That is their paper. The fact that all 5,000 microcephalic babies in Brazil, were part of a trial for vaccination in pregnancy, seems to have been missed by CDC, however the fact FOUR had zika infection out of the 5,000 damaged from vaccination, of course means fours mossies did this?

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